Can Beagles Be Left Alone: Things You Should Know

People ask can beagles be left alone a lot, this question is either coming from a busy beagle owner, or someone who has a 9 to 5 job.

In this post we will answer the question can beagles be left alone and tell you all you need to know about living beagles alone at home.

Read to the end to find out how to train a beagle to stay happy at home alone, while you are off to work.

Can beagles be left alone?

Yes, the beagle can be left alone for not more than 6 hours per day. Leaving a beagle alone at home entails you provide all the necessary things like food and toys to keep the beagle busy while you are gone to avoid separation anxiety. You can also leave the beagle alone since beagles spend more time sleeping during the day.

Leaving a beagle at home alone for more than 6 hours comes with a lot of problems and the most pronounced is the separation anxiety which if not controlled will lead to unnecessary aggressiveness.

Our humble opinion to this issue of leaving beagles alone at home is to get a second pet even if it’s a cat, beagles were selectively bred to hunt in pack, and they enjoy the company of other pets especially the cat.

The American Kennel Club and The Spruce, have identified the beagle as one of the top dogs that do well with cats, so even with toys and other means of keeping a beagle busy at home the most effective is getting a second pet.

There are different mixed breeds of beagles that come with different characteristics which will be different from the purebred beagle. Read more about beagles and cats here.

This affects how your beagle handles staying a lot at home, if we are talking about the purebred beagle, then you can get a very stubborn breed of dog that takes time to train, there are easy ways to identify purebred beagle.

When properly trained the purebred beagle will stay at home alone as long as it has food, toys and a second pet. Also, remember to beagle proof your home if you must leave a purebred beagle at home alone.

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How long can a beagle stay home alone?

The beagle should not be left alone at home untended to for a maximum of 9 hours at a stretch on daily basis, as this can lead to separation anxiety which will gradually end in aggressiveness.

However, trained Beagles can be left alone all day if you work full time. If your Beagle has some behavioral problems, such as: For example, barking and howling, destructive behavior, or running away, you may need to fix them before leaving the Beagle alone for too long.

Many people leave their Beagles at work longer throughout the day, and some do very well. Older beagles who are sedentary and don’t suffer from separation anxiety usually sleep alone.

It’s not ideal, of course, but as long as your dog isn’t showing signs of stress and is leaving him longer than he wants, that’s fine.

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Do beagles tolerate being alone?

Yes, beagles tolerate being alone if they have been properly socialized and trained, or if they have a companion which can be a second dog or a cat. However, constant leaving of beagles alone without any form of entertainment or companion can end up leading to separation anxiety.

Beagles can develop separation anxiety and unnecessary behaviors if you constantly leave them at home without any form of entertainment.

How many hours a day do beagles sleep?

A healthy adult beagle in a quiet environment on average will sleep for about 11 hours per day when undisturbed, while a healthy beagle puppy will sleep for about 15 hours per day on average, this is because they beagle puppy play a lot and requires more rest than the adult beagle.

Factors that influence how long a beagle sleep

Here are some factors that might influence how long a beagle may sleep;

  • Noise
  • Unhealthy Environment
  • Hunger
  • Illness
  • Age
  • Presence of a second pet
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Presence of any Allergies

How to train a Beagle to sleep well and longer

Here is the common ways to train a beagle to sleep well and longer;

  • Create a daily routine for your Beagle.
  • Give your beagle good exercise
  • Maintain the same feeding time
  • Provide a comfortable dog bed
  • Provide a balanced diet dog food
  • Beagle proof your home
  • Provide a quiet environment
  • Provide a separate sleeping room

How often should you walk a beagle?

If you need your beagle to stay healthy then you should consider walking your beagle for at least 15 minutes every day this helps the beagle get some level of required exercise, during which you can add a bit of running. The best form of exercise for a beagle is playing the fetch game with your beagle every day.

Beagles are an active breed of dogs that is prone to many health challenges one of which is obesity, providing enough exercise for your beagle can help burn down fats and prevent obesity as well as promote good health.

Can you leave a beagle alone for 8 hours?

Can you leave a beagle alone for 8 hours
Can you leave a beagle alone for 8 hours

No, beagles should not be left alone for 8 hours at stretch, except for emergency purposes that you have no option than to be away for 8 hours, on the basis that you have a second pet to keep the beagle company while you are away for 8 hours, or on the basis that your Beagle is sleeping.

8 hours is a long time to leave any breed of dog alone, except for hunting dogs who are not fully affectionate towards their owners and as such can find their way around while their owners are away.

Do beagles cry a lot?

Yes, Beagles cry a lot because the were selectively bred as a very vocal breed of dogs who can be unnecessarily vocal or cry for nothing. A beagle can be vocal as a way of excitement or a sign of unseen separation anxiety.

Why Beagles Cry A lot

Here are some reasons why Beagles cry;

  • The nature of their breed
  • Excitement
  • Fear
  • Illness
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Hunger
  • Jealous
  • Visiting Vet

Are beagles prone to separation anxiety?

Yes, beagles are very prone to separation anxiety especially when you have not properly socialized the beagle and provide a second pet or entertainment for the beagle. Beagles are an active breed of dogs that do not like to be left alone.

Signs of Separation Anxiety In Beagles

Here are some common signs associated with separation anxiety in beagles;

  • House soiling
  • Whining and pacing as you prepare to leave.
  • Panting and drooling.
  • Howling and barking once you’ve left.
  • Unnecessary barking when you turn your back on him.
  • Destruction of door and window frames.
  • Destruction of furniture, cushions and dog bed.
  • Stealing food items from bins.

Why do Beagles pee in the house?

Here are some reasons why Beagles pee in the house;

  • Urinary tract Infections
  • Illness
  • Lack of proper training
  • Creating a beagle
  • Putting a beagle on a leash for too long
  • Excitement
  • Separation Anxiety
  • You are away for too long and lock everywhere up.

How long can a beagle hold its pee?

A healthy and well-trained beagle can hold its pee for a maximum of 5 hours at a stretch after which the beagle becomes uncomfortable and can pee in its create or on its bed. To avoid this make sure you don’t do the following;

  • Put your dog on leash why going away for too long.
  • Do not create your beagle while going away from too long.
  • Always train your beagle to use outside to pee.
  • Create an exit route for your beagle.
  • Always carry out regular medical check-ups

How often should a beagle pee?

A beagle should pee after eating most times and a beagle should pee after and before going to bed. When a beagle starts unnecessary frequent urination then something is really wrong, therefore, see your vet.

What Will Happen If A Beagle Is Left At Home Alone For Too Long?

  • They will become more destructive. It is important to note that once you leave your beagle at home without proper training, you should also make sure you keep your valuable items away before leaving home.
  • They will feel rejected and develop anxiety. When you leave your beagle alone for long, you should expect your beagle to build up some level of separation anxiety.
  • Aggressiveness will start setting in.
  • They start developing or learning how to bark more.
  • They will damage your properties out of frustration. When beagles are alone, they tend to be frustrated and may start destroying items.
  • If you continue to leave beagle at home, they might lose all the socialization tips you have taught them. If you don’t take your beagle for a walk for too long, then they will forget what happens outside your home.
  • Pooping and peeing where they are not supposed to.

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How To Train A Beagle To Be Left Alone?

How To Train A Beagle To Be Left Alone
How To Train A Beagle To Be Left Alone

Here are a few tips on how to train a beagle to stay at home alone;

Get A Second Pet As The Beagle Companion

This is by far the easiest way of training a beagle to stay happy at home while you are gone for hours.

Is either you get a second dog or you get a cat, these are the most recommended pet for a beagle to keep them busy.

Getting a second pet is also a simple way of keeping your beagle safe from separation anxiety. If you really want to keep your Beagle happy while you are away get a second pet.

Hire Professional Dog Services

There are many services available to care for your dog while you are away. It is ideal when you are going on vacation.

However, if you can’t get help from someone you know, this may be the only way to keep your long daily routine going.

There are professional dog walks and services available, or you can take them to a doggy daycare center.

The downside is that it costs a lot of money and if you are on a budget you will need to evaluate your options with respect to your portfolio.

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Get enough play toys

When you get a new beagle (Puppy) you should try as much as possible to also get play toys so that the puppy can have a favorite toy, as these toys will help during your training to keep them busy while you are away.

Once the beagle at the puppy stage makes their choice, then take the rest of the toys away. When you are busy take the beagle into his crate or living area, then introduce the play toys and continue what you are doing, when you are done release the beagle and play with it for a while.

By doing this, your beagle starts to understand that when you are not around, they should get busy with their toys.

You can also get an automatic treats or food dispenser, set it from time to time, and not to a level your Beagle will finish the food or treat fast.

Create a playpen

A playpen is a section of the compound built for your beagle to play. When you get the beagle also build a playpen where you can keep all sorts of playthings or items for the beagle.

When you are less busy, take your beagle into the playpen, play with it a bit stand up and point at a play item or direct your beagle to a specific play item then leave the playpen, if your beagle tries to leave with you stop and start all over again.

Do this until your beagle responds, after the beagle responds, repeat it repeatedly, till your beagle starts understanding where to be if you are away.

Train your beagle to remain in Crate

Crates make Beagle feel safe but not for long. However, if you will be away for over 2 hours please, and please don’t crate them. A crate is only suitable for a short period, if not your beagle will start feeling rejected or confined which will later lead to aggression.

With good instructions or light commands, you can send your beagle into the crate. Don’t forget to put items that will keep them busy.

In training your beagle to stay in the crate, you can start it when you are at home and less busy. First, call your beagle into the crate use the word sit which you have used during training if your beagle sits don’t close the crate just walk away. And see if it follows you.

If your beagle follows you out of the crate start again until you beagle understand what it means to sit in the crate, only then can you close the crate?

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