12 Known Chihuahua Behavior Problems & Helpful Fix

Chihuahua Behavior Problems

Some Chihuahua behavior problems drive most Chihuahua owners crazy, which is why we will talk in detail about Chihuahua behavior problems you should know. We’ll go through some of the issues with Chihuahua behavior that you should be aware of before obtaining one. We’ll also go over some of the most frequent approaches to deal … Read more

Are Chihuahuas Aggressive: 9 Causes, Signs & Prevention

Are Chihuahuas Aggressive

Dog aggression is triggered off by a lot of factors, even small dogs show aggression so, are Chihuahuas aggressive that is exactly what we will be discussing! Since Chihuahuas are known as a non-aggressive dog breed, we’ll concentrate on the most common reasons or aggressive triggers in Chihuahuas. Among other things, we’ll go through how to control, prevent, … Read more

12 Common Dachshund Behavior Problems You Should Know

Dachshund Behavior Problems

Every dog has one or two behavior issues that are associated with them, so let’s discuss some common Dachshund behavior problems you should know. We will outline and discuss some of the most common Dachshund behavior problems that every Dachshund owners experience at one point or the other. Most of these Dachshund behavior problems can … Read more