Do Persian Cats Shed: 8 Causes & 10 Solutions To Shedding

do Persian cats shed

Persian cat lovers always ask do Persian cats shed a lot, In this article, I will answer it and also outline some common reasons why Persian cats may shed excessively. After outlining the common reasons why Persian cats shed excessively, we will also outline some common ways or practices to reduce or control shedding in … Read more

Maine Coon Grooming: 6 Grooming Tips & Benefits

Maine Coon Grooming

There have been many questions about Maine Coon grooming, which should be a simple process. In this post, you will learn how to groom your Maine Coon cat and much more about Maine Coon grooming!!! Long-haired cats like Maine Coons need the use of specialized grooming equipment. Most groomers advocate using a wire slicker brush, … Read more

How To Entertain a Ragdoll Cat: 19 Simple Ways!

How To Entertain a Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cats are known to be prone to separation anxiety, so how to entertain a ragdoll cat! In this post, you will learn the common things and ways you can entertain a ragdoll cat to avoid unnecessary behaviors. The ragdoll cat breed is known for its sociability and energy levels, which means they need plenty … Read more