How to Get a Scared Cat Out Of Hidings: 6 Tricks That Works

How to Get a Scared Cat Out Of Hidings

How to get a scared cat out of hidings is a question most cat owners ask a lot, and in this article, we will outline all the peaceful ways to get a scared cat out of hiding.

Dealing with a scared cat can be frustrating most times as these cats keep hiding from you all day long.

There are many reasons a cat can fear its environment; abuse, trauma, new to the environment, loud noise or presence of a second pet.

Hiding is one of the symptoms of a traumatized cat. However, cats can still hide when they are sick or injured.

How to Get a Scared Cat Out Of Hidings

Here are the simple ways to get a scared cat out of its hiding places which are as follows;

Use of treats

Using of treats is the easiest way of bringing a cat out of its hiding places.

Every pet love treats and it is much easier to use treats to lure them out of hiding.

Treats are also used to appreciate a cat for doing the right thing doing training, that is why most cats are used to getting treats from their owners.

When a cat is scared the fastest thing the cat does is to hide, if you keep calling the cat when it’s scared you are making things go bad the more.

Once you find out the exact location of the cat, the best thing is to place treats in places that will attract the cat.

You can also use treats to keep a cat busy indoor by hiding treats in the house or getting automatic treat dispensers.

There are many ways to help a cat to adjust to new environment which you should know.

Use of cat favorite toys

Every cat has a toy that makes them go crazy and finding the favorite toys for your cat can be frustrating most times.

However, getting and interactive toys for your cat and teaching them how to use it can help you bring out a cat from its hiding place.

Let’s assume you get a moving mouse for your cat, and something scared your cat that it is hiding.

It will be easier to bring the cat out of its hiding place with the moving mouse.

Get lots of interesting and interactive toys for your cat and keep introducing your cat to each toy and see which one your cat prefer.

Use high flavored food

No matter how you see it, a cat is always a cat and can be reached by the use of high flavored food.

A good example is microwaving a fresh tuna and placing it in a feeding place.

Once you notice the exact location of your cat, place the irresistible microwaved tuna close to the entrance.

Once your cat hears the smell of the microwaved tuna, your cat can only resist the smell for some seconds before coming out.

Do not rush your cat when it comes out, drop more tuna outside and create a cat enabling environment around.

Give your cat a small quantity of microwaved tuna at a time just to attract your cat, keep dropping the tuna until your cat completely comes out.

There many high flavored food that can bring out your cat from its hiding places. The idea here is just to use the food to lure your cat.

Removing the scary object

A cat can not be scared for nothing, something is really causing the cat to be scared.

So helping the scared cat come out of its hiding places is just to remove or take away every object that causes the cat to be scared.

It could be the presence of a dog or other pets that scares the cat, and once a cat is scared, hiding is the next option.

So you have to be smart and look out for things that gets the cat scared and remove them.

If your cat feel threatened he will try to hide so always find out why your cat is hiding.

If its an object, noise or event keep it away from your cat.

Switching to a better cat environment

When a cat goes to an unfamiliar environment, it’s right for the cat to be scared, but once you notice your cat is scared you should consider switching to a better cat environment.

Cats love a quiet environment a lot, so when a cat is scared, be sure to check if the cat is scared because of the loud environment.

Once you notice the environment is too loud for your cat, consider switching to a quiet environment by shutting down every noise that affects the cat.

You can lock your cat down in the basement where there is less noise, and the cat will get over the noisy condition faster.

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Sit close to your cat hiding spot and talk to it

Scared cat will always want to hide, by hiding if you cannot talk to the cat, it might consider running away.

Your presence will play an important role in helping a cat to get through when scared.

Talk to your cat and show concern about your cat scared condition.

If you fail to stay close or pay close attention to a scared cat, the cat condition can not get better therefore, always check on your cat.

How to know a cat is scared

Here are the best ways to find out if your cat is scared.

  • Excessive Vocalization
  • Running Away
  • Hiding
  • Losing control of bladder
  • Freezing at a point
  • Increased aggression
  • Refusing to use the litter box.
  • Refusing food or toys

How long will a scared cat hide outside

A scared cat can hide outside for one week or more, as long as what scares the cat is still within the house.

Cats love calm environments, and when their current environment is not calm, they can look for where to hide.

There are few things that can make a cat scared and would force the cat to hide outside its home;

  • Loud noises
  • New family member
  • Abuse
  • Hunger

How to get a sick cat out of hiding

Cats are wonderful in concealing sickness, but most times you can find out your cat is sick when it hides unnecessarily.

Here are the ways to get a sick cat out of hiding;

  • Call the cat out by its name
  • Use treats to lure the cat out
  • Use a thick blanket to prevent the cat from biting your hands, gradually pull the cat out.
  • Leave the door to its room open and keep food in an open pathway.

There are many ways to help a frightened cat. But the most important thing is to find out what causes the cat to be scared.

Whatever causes a cat to be so scared that it goes into hiding can also force the cat to run away.

So keep close watch at your cat and keep scary things away.

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