How To Entertain a Ragdoll Cat: 19 Simple Ways!

How To Entertain a Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cats are known to be prone to separation anxiety, so how to entertain a ragdoll cat!

In this post, you will learn the common things and ways you can entertain a ragdoll cat to avoid unnecessary behaviors.

The ragdoll cat breed is known for its sociability and energy levels, which means they need plenty of attention to feel satisfied.

Cats are usually known for being independent and not too fond of human interaction.

However, they do like attention, and if you’re looking for a new way to bond with your feline, this is the article for you!

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How To Entertain a Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cats are intelligent animals who love to be entertained.

The key is figuring out what your cat likes to do and using that knowledge to turn your home into a playground.

Ragdolls are one of the most laid-back breeds of cats. They are also fairly inactive when they’re not playing with you!

Here are some ideas for things you can do to entertain a ragdoll cat:

Teach a variety of tricks to your ragdoll cat

Ragdolls are intelligent pets who can be trained to sit, lie down, retrieve, and high five.

To teach your cat to sit, place a pea-sized treat near its face and say “Sit.”

As soon as it sits, help it into a sitting posture and give it the treat.

For 10 to 15 minutes at a time, train your cat, pausing if it becomes dull or annoying.

Provide tiny nibbles throughout training to keep your cat from gaining weight.

The greatest method to keep your ragdoll cat engaged is to teach him or her a variety of tricks.

Provide lots of interactive and electronic toys

Providing your ragdoll cat with a range of interactive toys is the greatest way to keep them entertained.

Let’s pretend you can’t afford to keep two ragdoll cats because of the high cost of food or any other reason.

Then buying a bunch of interactive toys from Chewy or Amazon is a smart idea.

The majority of these ragdoll cat owners told me about their toys, which I’d be happy to provide as a list today.

So, what are the most often recommended ragdoll cat toys?

This isn’t to say that your ragdoll cat won’t love other toys, but for the sake of this post, we’ll concentrate on ragdoll cat owners.

The following are the top six most suggested toys for your ragdoll cat:

  1. PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy.
  2. Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish.
  3. Catit Design Senses Circuit Cat Toy.
  4. Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree Cat Feeder.
  5. PetSafe Bolt – Automatic, Interactive Laser Cat Toy – Adjustable Laser with Random Patterns.
  6. Petstages Scratch & Play Tower Track Cat Scratcher Toy with Catnip.

Provide and hide treats in boxes

There are a variety of entertaining activities you can play with boxes that aren’t limited to letting your cat sit in them.

Try sealing a tiny box and piercing it with a few small holes.

Then put some treats inside and allow your cat to get at them by sticking their paws through the holes.

An egg carton or any closed box may be used in the same way.

This is similar to creating your own puzzle toy, and it will force your cat to think before eating.

Play video games with your ragdoll cat

If you want to play games on your laptop or desktop computer, you may invite your ragdoll cat to sit next to you and watch you.

It’s entertaining for your ragdoll cat, and there are many games that ragdoll cats like watching.

The majority of the games are automobile or bike racing games, as well as Mortal Kombat, so set aside some time to discover what kind of game you and your ragdoll cat will like.

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Provide more cat trees or build shelves for your ragdoll cat climb

You should provide cat trees with plenty of scratching posts if you want to keep a ragdoll cat happy and active.

Your ragdoll cat may spend the entire day climbing on various parts of your house and napping in the afternoon on these cat trees.

Make sure your cat has a clear view of the outside by placing a cat tree near a window with a clean glass view.

So, what are the best ragdoll cat trees you can buy?

Here are some of the best cat trees for your ragdoll cat:

Teach your ragdoll cat to watch cartoons on TV

This is one of the greatest methods to not only keep your ragdoll cat engaged throughout the day but also to help to teach your ragdoll cat simpler from the kitten stage.

There are several cat show flicks and animations that will keep your ragdoll cat entertained while you are away.

Simply go to Amazon and download as many cat movies as you can, select the ones that your ragdoll likes, and use them as entertainment.

Take your ragdoll cat for a walk

Ragdoll cats, when properly taught and socialized, like taking walks down the street with their owners.

Simply purchase a leash and harness, attach it to your ragdoll cat, and hit the road.

However, practice with your ragdoll cat in a comparable but smaller area before bringing him on a stroll.

You may take your ragdoll cat outside to play and climb trees in your garden, but make sure there are no cat-repellent plants.

Provide a clear window view for your ragdoll cat

Cats like staring out the windows because the movement triggers and captivates them.

The insects and flies that linger about, as well as the birds that soar across.

As a result, acquire a sturdy window perch and install it to a clear-view window or door.

The K&H Pet Products EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill is ideal for sightseeing while keeping cats amused.

This sight will captivate your cat’s attention for hours, keeping them focused and intellectually oriented.

Provide another companion cat

Ragdoll cats make ideal family pets since they require a lot of activity; yet, having a second cat helps them avoid separation anxiety.

Ragdoll cats who live in pairs or with other cats are much happier and less likely to suffer from separation anxiety than those who live alone.

There are several reasons why you should buy a second pet for your ragdoll cat, including:

  • Separation anxiety can be alleviated by getting a second cat.
  • Getting another cat will help you deal with your unhappy ragdoll cat.
  • Introducing a second cat to your home may assist your ragdoll cat in being a better family cat.
  • Adding a second cat to the mix might provide them with more activity.
  • Your ragdoll cat will feel less lonely if you get a second one.
  • Introducing a second cat into your ragdoll cat’s life might help them socialize.

Teach and play the fetch game with your ragdoll

Fetch is a fun method for your cat to practice his or her hunting and pouncing skills.

Toss a toy or a ball of paper that they can pick up comfortably.

The key is to educate them on how to return the thing, which should be done with a lot of love, praise, and prizes.

Your cat will appreciate the opportunity to exercise its instincts, and playing the game will strengthen your relationship.

Play the hunting game with your ragdoll cat

Hunting games may be simulated for the Ragdoll cat since it is an excellent form of exercise for the Ragdoll cat.

As a result of these activities, you may notice jerky movements, fluttering, flailing, or dancing motions.

For hunting games, a mechanically powered mouse is usually the best option. They’ll view the mouse as moving prey and go all out to grab it.

It’s a great option for the cat’s amusement, and you can watch it prancing around all day.

Turn grooming time to be a fun game

When it comes to grooming, Ragdoll cats are high-maintenance pets that just require weekly brushing to remove dead fur.

Grooming your cat will improve your bond as well as keep its coat in good shape.

Examine your cat’s eyes, nose, and ears for redness or discharges, feel for strange lumps on its body, and comb its fur for fleas and ticks when brushing it.

Grooming should be introduced as early as the kitten stage, and you should always praise your ragdoll for allowing you to groom them.

Because they earn rewards, your ragdoll cat will connect grooming with amusement over time.

Brushing on a regular basis will also reduce shedding and hairballs. Therefore, make grooming to be a sort of entertainment.

Provide fishing rods and strings

Toy Fishing rods and string toys are both exciting and entertaining.

The long-lasting toy was created to suit a cat’s natural prey stalking, pursuing, and pouncing tendencies.

Your ragdoll will never be bored or inactive again if you use these types of toys.

You may even tie snacks to the fishing rod’s tip and have them jump for them.

It’s a fantastic method to encourage kids to stretch while having fun.

To avoid choking or strangling dangers, this sort of play needs adult supervision.

Interactive toys are highly recommended by veterinarians and feline behaviorists, especially for indoor cats, to keep them healthy and occupied physically and intellectually.

Provide more puzzle feeders for your ragdoll cat

There are several puzzle feeders on the market that will allow your cat to earn food by using their wits.

They range in difficulty from basic puzzles that simply demand a swipe of the paw to more sophisticated puzzles that require more complex actions before food is distributed.

Try a toy that will keep your cat guessing, or vary it up and purchase a new toy once your cat has grown accustomed to the previous one.

Spend time cuddling with your ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cats demand attention and can misbehave if you do not connect with them.

Show your cat how much you love it by spending a lot of time with it, from playing to regular snuggling sessions.

Ragdoll cats, being mischievous and intelligent, may figure out how to open drawers, deconstruct items, and hide diamonds and other valuables.

Giving your cat plenty of attention and keeping it occupied may save you a lot of time and aggravation.

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Go hiking, camping or visit friends with your ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cats are lively, active, and passionate, and they like participating in all of their owners’ activities.

Ragdolls are considered to be highly gregarious when properly trained and socialized, so take it camping with you to keep it amused.

Remember to have your ragdoll cat’s leash and harness, as well as a suitable carrier. You may also go trekking with your ragdoll cat.

Because of their untamed roots, ragdolls like outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and going for a walk in the woods.

Make meal time a treasure hunt for your ragdoll

Mealtime does not have to be monotonous or boring as usual, try new things.

Instead of just placing your cat’s food dish on the table, consider hiding it in a new location, or perhaps a few different locations.

This will allow your cat to track down their prey using their natural hunting instincts, providing a fascinating challenge and keeping those instincts strong and active.

Provide more scratch post for your ragdoll

Other than providing fun for cats, scratching posts offer other advantages. Cats, in general, prefer scratching posts to satisfy their inexplicable drive to scratch surfaces.

If your cat is scratching the wall or furniture, you can buy a scratching post. Scratching posts, while beneficial in certain situations, are not a good substitute for regular activity.

If you get a long and high scratching post for your cat, it will stretch out on it.

Try the use of laser lights

Laser light is a novel method to communicate with a hyperactive cat.

They are incredibly active critters that will follow a moving fly or bug in a second.

A moving laser pointer might be mistaken for one of those eye-catching items by cats, who will chase it for hours.

This type of conduct is caused by their curious and predatory mindset.

You may get a low-power laser pointer from a stationery store and point it towards a cat-friendly place.

Soon enough, it should begin following the laser, and you’ll have something to keep your Ragdoll cat amused for hours.

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Advantages of entertaining your ragdoll cat

Here are some advantages of entertaining your ragdoll cat:

Entertaining your ragdoll cat improves bonding with your cat

Spending time with your Ragdoll cat, like any other relationship, is beneficial to the particular bond you share and will continue to develop.

One of the finest ways to spend quality time with your family is to play together.

Playing with your pet develops a stronger bond between you and your pet, in addition to the other advantages.

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Entertaining your ragdoll cat provides mental stimulation for your cat

Your Ragdoll cat just like any other pet can be depressed due to lack of activities and can become bored.

Games are a fantastic method to keep ragdolls engaged while also improving their brain ability.

This also deters them from being loud or causing damage to the house or furniture in your home.

Entertaining your ragdoll cat relief stress and anxiety

Your ragdoll if left alone will be bored and may be stressed, this is bad for you and your cat.

High-stress levels in ragdoll cats might result in undesirable behavior like biting, nipping, and rejection of the litter boxes.

Urination outside the litter box, as well as increased aggressiveness and irritability, are all signs of this.

Playing is a fantastic method for them to relieve tension in a natural way.

Entertaining your ragdoll cat promote fitness and growth

Entertaining your ragdoll cat always encourages the growth, development, and fitness of your cat.

Playing frequently necessitates both mental and physical efforts and abilities of your cat.

Playing physically aids the cat’s development and strength.

It aids in the development of the cat’s personality, making them more sociable and friendly.

Playing with your ragdoll cat also helps to improve blood flow and circulation.

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I hope you have learned how to entertain a ragdoll cat!

Go give your ragdoll lots of entertainment!!