About us – Pet Creeks is a resource blog and, an integral part of Creeks World, where you can find information on most pets, including dogs, cats, birds, small pets, various types of pet food, and much more information about pets.

In Pet Creeks we have a group of obsessed animal lovers who love exploring pets, pet owners and teaching them how to take good care of their pets.

We love pets, and we strongly believe in pet welfare. We want all pets in the world to live a long, healthy, and happy life along with their parents. If not all, then at least we want as many as possible.

We want to teach and provide you with information on how to give the best to your pets, so we understand your need to do the same to your pet.

This site is the actualization of our wish.

We provide information, know-how, and tips about raising pets from the most basic to the most advanced, from the old wisdom that has been proven true over and over again to the latest update in the field of pets.

Learning from experience, as well as from materials all over the world, we are a complete information source about pets, easily and neatly compiled in short and easy to read articles.

Pet Creeks does not intend to provide veterinary advice or services.

Note: The advice provided in this site is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets or animals.

For an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

We never stop to learn and update our information.

When a piece of information is obsolete and a piece of newer, better information is found, we will share it with our readers, so we can make more pets healthier and happier together.

Our Authors all around the world are a mix of pet experts, pet enthusiasts, and pet parents who have been living with pets for years.

The site contains information about most kinds of pets in general. Some of our main categories are:

  • Products for Pets
  • Training for Pets
  • Taking Care of Pets
  • Pet’s Health
  • Pet’s questions and answers
  • Pros and cons of having pets
  • Small animals and pets

Pet parents and pet enthusiast all over the world visit our site to find answers for their questions regarding their pet and we are more than happy to provide information.

You can also give each other support in raising your little companion since we’re all in this together, and we would like you never to feel alone.

Pet has given us their warm companion and unwavering loyalty for years. Pet teaches us to be strong yet gentle, strict yet kind.

Pet makes us learning about responsibility and caring all over again. For that, the least we can do for them is to take care of them well.

For us, the least we can do is to share information on how to do that with you.

We believe in the ethical treatment of pets. We don’t support and will never get involved in any form of pet abuse.

Whether you are new pet parents gathering materials for your first pet adoption next month or a pet-enthusiast looking for the newest innovation in pet products, you’ll find this site useful.

With the right information, your pet can live longer, healthier, and happier and in turn, it will increase the quality of your bond with your pet.

Our Mission

The team has decided to share their years of experience and a wealth of information that has been developed for them and which can help many people and other pet owners start their journey.

By providing helpful guides and information about dogs, cats, birds, small pets, different types of pet food, and more information about pets.

Pet Creeks was created to connect, share and inspire other pet lovers around the world with our years of experience!!

Pet Creeks Team

Here are the team members and writers of Pet Creeks.

Everyone on the team has a story to tell about his experiences with pets. Our team will be sharing lots of information from experiences and researches.

Author and Content writer

Tina Duke have 10 years of experience and still counting with dogs and one of the major author and content writer in Pet Creeks and currently living and taking care of 3 different breeds of dogs.

Tina Duke grew up with her grandpa who is an obsessed dog love and she is here to write and share her years of experience with dogs.

Author and Content writer

Mr. Sammy is one of the authors of petcreeks.com, Mr. Sammy is one of the most experienced writers @ Pet Creeks with 12 years of great dogs experiences.

Mr. Sammy is here to offer all his experiences with pets for the past 12 years.

Author, Researcher and Content writer

Jack Creeks studied animal science with 8 years of experience.

His love for animals from his childhood stages pushed him to study animal science at the University.

He is a highly valued team member and also a good researcher. He currently lives with 3 different breeds of dogs.

Jack Creeks is here to share his 8 years of experience with dogs and working with animals.

Researcher and Content writer

Nelly Cage grew up with different breeds of cats and understands cats behavior, with 16 years of experience.

She is a great source of information on cat behavior. She studied zoology and is currently working at a zoo.

She will be sharing her wealth of information about cats and more.

Author and Content writer

Braelynn Aurélie is an experienced pet lover who grew up with pets, she currently owners two cats.

She loves researching and teaching people about the pros and cons of different types of pets, especially cats.

She grew up with lots of cats.

Author and Content writer

Alisa Dionne is a pet lover who grew up with pets mostly cats, she is a big fan of cats and currently owners two cats.

She loves writing, exploring, researching and teaching other cat owners about living and caring for cats.

Content writer

Steve Wheels is an experienced pet owner and lover with 12 years of experience living with small pets.

He is here to share his years of experience with small pets on how to care, feed, train, and live with small pets!!!

Author and Content writer

Am Barbara Williams a dog lover and owner, I enjoy talking and writing about dogs.

Barbara Williams have been living with dogs since I was a kid. Am here to share my experiences with dogs over the years!!!

Barbara Williams currently own a Rottweiler and a German Shepherd, she will share my experiences with both dogs.


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