About us – Pet Creeks is purely and solely an informational and resourceful website where pet owners can find information on most pets, including dogs, cats, birds, and small pets.

In Pet Creeks, we have a group of writers who are all obsessed with pet lovers and owners who love exploring pet, pets owners and teaching them how to take good care and live their pets.

We love pets, and we strongly believe in pet welfare.

We want all pets in the world to live a long, healthy, and happy life along with their parents.

If not all, then at least we want as many as possible.

We want to teach and provide pet owners with information on how to give the best life to their pets, so our team members understand what it takes to live with pets.

We provide information, know-how, and tips about raising pets from the most basic to the most advanced, from the old wisdom that has been proven true over and over again to the latest update in the field of pets.

Learning from our experiences with pets, as well as from materials all over the world, we are a complete information source about pets, easily and neatly compiled in short and easy to read articles.

Note: The information provided on Pet Creeks is intended for purely informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets or animals.

For a full diagnosis of your pet’s condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

We never stop learning and updating our information.

When a piece of information is obsolete and a piece of newer, better information is found, we will share it with our readers, so we can make more pets healthier and happier together.

Our Authors are all around the world and are a mix of pet experts, pet enthusiasts, and pet parents who have been living with pets for years.

Pet parents and pet enthusiasts all over the world visit our site to find answers to their questions regarding their pets, and we are more than happy to provide information.

We believe in the ethical treatment of pets. We don’t support and will never get involved in any form of pet abuse.

Our goal

Our team of experienced writers has decided to share their years of experience and a wealth of information that has been developed for them and which can help many people and other pet owners start their journey.

By providing helpful guides and information about dogs, cats, birds, small pets, different types of pet food, and more information about pets.

Petcreeks.com site was created to connect, share and inspire other pet lovers around the world with our years of experience!!

Pet Creeks Team

Everyone on the team has a story to tell about his experiences with pets.

Our team will be sharing lots of information from experiences and research.

Here is the list of team members of Pet Creeks:

Major Editor, Author, And Site Manager

Aiguo Kai
Aiguo Kai

Aiguo Kai is the major editor, author, and site-wide manager of petcreeks.com.

Aiguo Kai is one of the most experienced writers @ Pet Creeks with 15 years of great dog experience.

Aiguo Kai is here to offer all his experiences with pets for the past 15 years.

Contact me on Facebook or Via my email @ aiguokaipets@gmail.com

Author, Researcher, and Content writer

Samuel Akira
Samuel Akira

Samuel Akira is an obsessed dog owner and lover, who love exploring pets, especially dogs, and teaching dog lovers how to care for their dogs

He is a highly valued team member and also a good researcher. He currently lives with 2 different breeds of dogs.

Samuel Akira is here to share his 10 years of experience with dogs and working with animals.

Content writer

Nelly Cage
Nelly Cage

Nelly Cage grew up with different breeds of cats and understands cats’ behavior, with 16 years of experience.

She is a great source of information on cat behavior.

She will be sharing her wealth of information about cats and more.

Major Editor And Site Manager

Samuel N.O
Samuel N.O

Samuel N.O. is one of the major editors, founder, and authors of Pet Creeks.

He will be sharing his experience and online research about dogs with other pet owners!

You can contact me directly at my email talkwithyouranimal@gmail.com or LinkedIn.


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