Where Do Feral Cats Sleep: 9 Places & More

Where Do Feral Cats Sleep

This question where do feral cats sleep is a question that comes up among cat owners who keep outdoor cats and want to know more about where their cats sleep.

We know most outdoor cats as community cats, this community cats or outdoor cats are grouped into three;

Types of outdoor cats

Feral cats; are wild cats that are born in the woods, forest, small bushes around town and hardly come across a human.

This group of cats is not socialized, they feed and shelter themselves and had never lived with humans.

Stray cats; are outdoor cats that have lived with humans and have been socialized before leaving their homes to live outside. 

This group of cats is not afraid of begging humans for food, water, and sometimes they have a human friend they visit from time to time.

Pet cats; are a group of cats that lives with humans, but their owners allow them to roam around and still come back home.

This group of cats is owned by people who want their cats to have a feel of the outside world. This group of cats is the type you see around with trackers or collar tags.

Now we have explained the type of outdoor cats we have, let’s explain where these cats live. Because pet cats live with humans, they are off our list of outdoor cats.

This is because a pet cat always returns home after roaming for the day, and their owners have a way of recovering them when they are needed at home.

We are now left with stray cats and feral cats. Just like we pointed out the difference between the two, it is important you note stray cats live close to humans while feral lives far from humans.

Where Do Feral Cats Sleep?

Here is the list of places where feral cats sleep:

Feral Cats Sleep Along Abandoned Track Roads

You can find lots of feral cats along abandoned track roads, both during the day and at night.

Most of the feral cats sleep not only along these track roads they also live there, give birth there and train their kittens there.

Feral Cats Sleep In Abandoned buildings

Outdoor cats hang out at abandoned buildings to hunt, rest, or sleep during the day and at night.

These abandoned buildings provide a calm or noise-free environment which is perfect for every outdoor cat.

The abandoned buildings host fewer predators and large prey for cats, that is why cats enjoy visiting old or abandoned buildings.

Feral Cats Sleep In Under fallen Trees Close To The Woods

Under fallen trees are always cool both in the day and at night, these fallen trees have roots that offer shelter to outdoor cats.

Beneath these fallen trees are holes made by mice and outdoor cats love having lunch and taking an afternoon nap under these quiet trees.

Outdoor cats do not go deep into the woods because too many predators will use them as lunch, so they just hang around these trees at the entrance of woods.

Feral Cats Sleep In Old Warehouses Around Town

The old or abandoned warehouses around town offer shelter, food, and hiding place for a host of animals, including the outdoor cats.

This abandoned warehouses is always cool and noise free, which is a perfect place for an outdoor cat to sleep or take an afternoon nap.

Outdoor cats sleep in these abandoned warehouses in the day and also hunt around these warehouses.

Feral Cats Sleep Beneath Trees And Shrubs In Gardens

Gardens are also a perfect place for outdoor cats to sleep or take their afternoon nap.

Most gardens offer food like mice or lizard, shelter, and hiding place to these outdoor cats.

The most important thing is that during the day the garden is cool and noise free which attracts these outdoor cats.

Most gardens have a good number of trees that form shelter for these outdoor cats, what these cats do is just to dig a hole beneath these trees and have pleasant time.

If the owner of the property is not complaining or chasing these outdoor cats over time, they make these gardens their second home.

Feral Cats Sleep On Rooftops And Heights

Rooftops are a quiet place for an outdoor cat to sleep, most outdoor cats live in these rooftops or heights.

Outdoor cats love to take an afternoon nap because they are always busy at night.

So these outdoor cats keep searching for hiding places to have their nap.

During the day these rooftops are always calm and noise free, which makes it a perfect place for an afternoon nap.

Outdoor cats also love climbing heights to take an afternoon nap or sleep when they are done with the business of the day.

Feral Cats Sleep On Old Wicker Chairs In Abandoned Home

Outdoor cats roam a lot and most of them look for places to rest or sleep when they are tired or when they are done with the business of the day.

Backyards are always a cool place and provide hide out for tired outdoor cats. Most of these backyards are also places humans go to rest.

Most backyards may have shelves or wicker chairs humans sit on, these tired outdoor cats enjoy climbing on the shelves or the wicker chairs to take their nap or sleep all night long.

Outdoor cats enjoy backyards a lot because these backyards offer them peace of mind, shelter and safety.

Sometimes stray cats enter the backyard to get a nap when everywhere is hot and noisy.

Feral Cats Sleep In Abandoned Basements or Garages

Cats love quiet and a little warm environment to sleep, be it afternoon nap or night sleep. Basements and garages offer cats a friendly environment to take the nap.

Most of our basements are not empty, we pack these basements with shelves and many materials that provide hiding places for cats, some basement even offer good cat prey like mice.

Basements and garages are sections of our home we hardly visit except for when the need arises.

Outdoor cats know we hardly enter our basements, and that is why most outdoor cats get trapped in people’s basements.

Outdoor cats roam a lot, and when they are done for the day or tired, they retire to these basements to rest or sleep.

Because we pack these basements with many things we rarely need, this attracts mice, and outdoor cats make these basements their territory and where they sleep.

Feral Cats Sleep In Abandoned Factories

Abandoned factories are the perfect place where both feral and stray cats sleep both day and night.

These abandoned factories are free from noise and predators and form a safe environment for feral cats.

Most feral cats live all their lives in abandoned factories and rise their kittens there.

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Where Do Feral Cats Go To Hunt For Food

Since feral cats have nothing to do with humans, the question is where do they go to get their food.

Here are places where feral cats go to hunt for food:

  • Mountains
  • Hills
  • Valleys
  • Abandoned track roads
  • Woods
  • Forest
  • Abandoned factories
  • Areas with open space like fields
  • Abandoned Warehouses
  • Abandoned buildings
  • Major bushes around town

Where do stray cats sleep at night?

Most stray cats also live where feral cats live, however, most part their paths don’t cross, this is because feral cats are more aggressive and territorial.

Here are the places where stray cats sleep:

  • Abandoned Warehouses
  • Old factories
  • Abandoned buildings
  • Bushy or overgrown gardens
  • Small bushes
  • Close to food industrial area
  • Bushes around waste dumps
  • Abandoned basements
  • Beneath a porch
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Gardens
  • Warehouses
  • Under fallen trees

Where do stray cats live?

  • Abandoned Warehouses
  • Beneath fallen trees
  • Old factories
  • Abandoned buildings
  • Bushy or overgrown gardens
  • Small bushes
  • Close to food industrial area
  • Bushes around waste dumps
  • Abandoned basements

Where Do Outdoor Cats Have Kittens

Outdoor cats have their kittens in hidden places such as abandoned buildings, caves, small bushes around town, under falling trees, and in a basement, warehouses, or garages.

Generally, we can tell you that all cats both indoor and outdoor do not want to have humans or other animals around when they give birth to new kittens.

The difference between indoor cats and outdoor cats having new kittens around humans is that an indoor cat will let you know she had kittens after few days.

One way an indoor cat lets you know is by rubbing her head against your legs, and at the same time wanting you to follow her, especially if she is too attached to you.

As opposed to an outdoor cat who may never want you to know she had kittens until her kittens become of age, and she can no longer take care of them alone.

Here are places where outdoor cats always have their kittens;

Abandoned buildings

40% of outdoor cats end up giving birth in abandoned buildings and they live in this building with their kittens.

We know most of these outdoor cats as community cats and these cats may live abandoned buildings because no one is living there.

There are lots of un-neutered outdoor cats that mate to give kittens, and this is increasing the number of stray cats around.

Some countries now embark on a new trend which is to capture neuter and release this to help reduce the number of stray cats around.

This stray cat forms a colony and takes abandoned buildings as their territory and home, over time the mate and produce kittens in the same abandoned buildings.

So when ever you want to see a colony of outdoor cats or outdoor cats with kittens just look around for abandoned buildings.


Most outdoor cats find their territory in caves because of the abundance of prey, and over time they make this caves their resting place and hide out.

Cats generally love the calm and cool environment which the caves offer, and outdoor cats already know these caves are safe from human reach.

Caves a full of mice which is a primary prey for outdoor cats, and once an outdoor cat discovers a cave with much prey, it will take over the cave.

Taking over the cave means settling down and having its family in the cave.

Small bushes around town

Outdoor cat that has survived for the time being till it can have its own kids is no longer a stranger in its environment.

Outdoor cats roam a lot, especially at night, they know all the safe bushes around town and can easily give birth in any small bush where she thinks is safe for her kittens.

These bushes around are the perfect hunting grounds for outdoor cats, and we know cats live close to where they see better food offer.

When you see kittens alone the road just know that their birth area is around the small bushes around.

Under fallen trees

Under fallen trees is one of the most popular place cats have their kittens.

These fallen trees are always cool, calm, and away from human reach, which makes it a perfect place for a cat to have kittens.

Most fallen trees have their roots high up to form a shelter for these outdoor cats and have holes that also house prey for cats.

However, sometimes the cat has to fight other small animals to own the territory, and if the cat win the fallen tree becomes its territory where to have kittens.

Abandoned Warehouses

Abandoned warehouses are always seen as home to homeless animals including snakes, mice, foxes, dogs, birds as well as cats.

Most outdoor cats takes abandoned warehouses as hunting ground this is because these abandoned warehouses offers lots of food.

The outdoor cats need a noise-free environment like the abandoned warehouses to have their kittens, and these noise-free environments also offer them hiding places.

People basements or garages

Basements are another perfect place for outdoor cats to have their kittens, this is because the basement is a noise-free environment.

The basement also offers hiding spots for the outdoor cat to have kittens and raise them in a calm and promising environment.

Outdoor cats see the basement as safe heaven because these basements provide food, shelter, and keeps them and their kittens away from predators.

Basements are a section of a building that is not always used most of the time, however, outdoor cats can only have their kittens in basements if they have constant access to such a basement.

Abandoned or bushy gardens

Outdoor cats love to hang out a lot in people garden, this is because these gardens offer food, hiding place and is a noise-free environment.

When outdoor cat come across an over grown garden they make their territory around, and settle down from there, they can now have their kittens.

Cats generally love to have their kittens in hiding places, noise-free environments, and areas away from human reach.

Close to the Woods

Most woods provides shelter, food, and a noise-free environment for outdoor cats and offer definitely attract cats to form a colony.

However, most wood is a home for wild animals which these outdoor cats are aware of, this while most of the outdoor cat have their kittens close to these woods and not inside the woods.

Most outdoor cats that live in the wood will later turn into wild cats and perfect their hunting skills over the years.

The wood is a good place to search for a missing cat because this wood houses lots of interesting prey that keeps the cat busy all night.

Why outdoor cats bring out their kittens from hidden places

Outdoor cats will bring out her kittens under the following conditions;

When Threatened

Outdoor cats always keep her kittens where they are safe but not out of reach, most outdoor cats keep their kittens in small caves.

This small caves belong to another animal, and maybe they animal went on holiday then the cat gave birth in the cave.

Once the animal that owns the cave is back, if stronger than the cat, the cat will have to vacate the cave.

At this point the cat is threatened, the only option is to bring her kittens out and find a new home.

When Attacked by bigger predators

If an outdoor cat for any reason gives birth to her kittens in an area filled with predators, such a cat will try to bring her kittens out.

When attacked by predators, outdoor cats will try to bring out her kittens to a place she feels safe for her kittens.

No place is safe for these kittens because there are lots of predators waiting for them to slip up, so when you see these kittens build a safe heaven around them and provide food for them.

When the mother cat can no longer get enough food

For the first few weeks, the mother cat can take care of her kittens comfortably because they need little food to stay alive.

As time goes on the kittens will need more food as they grow, when their mother feels she can no longer feed them, she will try to teach them how to hunt or bring them to someone who can feed them.

Some outdoor cat sends their kittens away at some stage, and this is when the mother cat feels the kittens can live by themselves or when they are becoming a problem for her.

When she is too attached to someone

Some cat lovers care for cats irrespective of where they come from, and over time these cats get attached to them because they show care.

There have been stories of cats coming to greet the person who cares for them with her kittens, as time goes by the kittens now turned the person’s home to their territory why their mum walked away.

Therefore, when a cat is attached to you, they can allow you to get close to their kittens because they trust you.

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