Will Beagles Return Home? Retrieve Your Beagle Anytime

People ask will beagles return home a lot and in this post, we will answer such questions and also point out some measures to put in place to avoid losing your beagle.

At the end of this post we will show you the most powerful tool to have as a beagle owner which gives you peace of mind.

Beagle belongs to the scent hound group of dogs that were selectively bred to hunt small birds, foxes, rabbits, and hares, they are also used to track small games down to their dens.

But today beagles are now one of the most popular breeds of dogs that are considered as good family dogs or pets that get along with other dogs and kids as well.

The question of beagle returning home has no definite answer because beagles are guided by their nose and have little control o over what they sniff.

Will Beagles Return Home?

Beagles are scent hounds that have little or no control over their nose and are guided by their nose, they follow their nose directions therefore there is a high tendency that a beagle will not return home and can get lost because they are an independent dog that can survive on its own while hunting down small birds and hare.

One of the Big Cons of owning a beagle is that no matter the love and affection you show to a beagle they will always want to run away from home. Beagles can even dig through the base of your fence just to run outside.

Beagles will always want to surprise their owners by wanting to run outside at any slight chance they get, however this is more pronounced in an adult beagle not a senior beagle.

However, there are still some basic tips on how to train a beagle so that the beagle will not want to run away from home. To be on the safe side we advise you get a second pet.

Purebred beagles were selectively bred to hunt in packs, and getting a second beagle or dog makes life much easier and better.

Basic tips that will help a Beagle return home

Just like we earlier stated the chances of your beagle returning home is low because they are guided by their nose, however, there are things you should do to ensure you help your beagle come home.

If you don’t go in search of your beagle chances are low that your beagle will come home and this depends on a number of factors which are as follows;

  • Your location
  • The size of your city
  • Distance covered by your beagle
  • Your beagle failing to find food

Here are some tips

  • Take your beagle to dog parks around your neighborhood
  • Walk your beagle to all the cross road in your neighborhood
  • Visit other dog owners around
  • Neuter your Beagle
  • Show your beagle in and out of your neighborhood.
  • Beagle proof your home
  • Get a second pet

How to keep your Beagle safe from running away

You have to do your part to keep your beagle safe, let it be that the fault is not from you. Here are things you should do to ensure your beagle is safe from running away;

Microchipping & Registration of your Beagle

Yes, it is the first thing to do to keep your beagle safe from getting lost. Talk to your vet to give you a recommendation of how and where to register and microchip your beagle.

When beagles get lost is either the get struck in the local animal shelters or the got picked up by the animal control department, once any of these agency pick up your beagle they will scan for microchip.

The microchip should contain your details, and if your beagle have a microchip be sure they will return your beagle or contact you to come and pick up your beagle.

Beagle Proof Your House

If you have a beagle, it is very important you beagle proof your home because beagles will always want to escape following the direction of their nose.

Always bear in mind that beagles dig a lot and make sure your fence is solid and the base of your fence can withstand their digging.

If you have properly beagled proof your home, don’t worry about your pup escaping anytime soon.

Early Socialization of Your Beagle

Proper socialization of beagle does a lot down the line. Taking your beagle to the dog park does a lot of good to your beagle.

Early socialization helps your beagle to see the need of staying close to you because they would want more of your taking them to park.

Do not drive your beagle to the park just walked them down to the park.

Show Your Beagle Around The Neighborhood

Show Your Beagle Around The Neighborhood
Show Your Beagle Around The Neighborhood

As funny as this may sound, but it definitely helps the beagle to know his way around the neighborhood just in case he decided to take a walk on his own when you’re not looking.

Beagles love to explore their environment and by helping them do so you are making life a lot easier for you and your beagle.

Walk your beagle on leash round the neighborhood, to all crossed road or interceptions as often as you can daily.

Visit other dog owners around your neighborhood and be sure you have taken your beagle around your neighborhood because one day it will be useful for your beagle to find its way home.

Get A Good GPS Tracker

There are lots of GPS trackers out there in the market that won’t actually do the work of a GPS, however if you are not going to be around, and you think you want your dog to stay safe then you need a GPS tracker.

A good GPS tracker when connected to your phone will limit your beagle to the desired range. Even as stubborn as beagles are GPS will keep them in range and redirect them back home.

One of the best GPS if not the best GPS in the market, though it’s expensive if you ever train your beagle with it, don’t worry about your beagle running out of sight again is the Halo Collar Smart Dog Collar with Virtual Fence, GPS, Activity Tracking & Training, Graphite, Medium.

How To Recover A Lost Beagle

Let’s say you can’t afford the GPS we mentioned above and your beagle got lost, be calm as there are many ways to go about it which are as follows;

Contact Your Neighbors

What ever be the case you should first contact your neighborhood in case your beagle is hanging out in any of their backyard or the came across your beagle by chance.

Beagles love food a lot and can run off following his nose to your neighborhood and begging for food as if you don’t feed him. So be sure to ask around your neighborhood.

Contact The Nearest Animal Shelter

Most dog that get lost most times are taken to animal shelter, so be sure to check with the local animal shelter in your area. Always keep a recent picture of your beagle, as it will help you.

Create Hand Flyers

Now, things are getting out of hand with your beagle you to need to get out of your home to get back your beagle.

Let’s say your neighbors don’t have any crew on your beagle way about and the animal shelter can’t give you an answer either.

Then it’s time to act by creating a flyer with your beagle recent picture and your details then distribute it around the following places;

  • Dog parks
  • Pet Products stores
  • Groomers
  • Animal Rescues
  • Veterinary Clinics

Join Local Pet Social Media Forums

These days social media forums is everywhere, so you can join as many as you can, but be sure is within your city.

Post a recent picture of your beagle, be sure to work with the group admin. Leave any sort of contact with the admin.

Visit & Publish In Local Newspapers

Contact your local newspaper publishers with your beagle recent picture and your details.

Check the local newspapers from time to time to see if there is a new development.

Hire A Pet Detective

Finally, you can’t find your beagle then it’s time to make the final move, which is employing the services of a pet detective to help out.

Contact your local animal shelters to see if they have the contact of any detective or check online.

Why Your Beagle Never Returned

After all this search and your beagle never returned to you by any chance, then any of the following may have happened;

  • Your beagle was killed by a bigger predator
  • Your Beagle was taken out of your city
  • Your Beagle was killed by a moving truck
  • Your Beagle was killed by any dog hating neighbor
  • Your Beagle died eating poison
  • Your Beagle was taken away by a dog napper

Importance of Tracking Your Beagle

Keep track of your beagle comes with lots of benefits and some of which are as follows;

  • Peace of mind
  • Gives you control over your beagle
  • Keeps your beagle within range
  • Makes bonding with your beagle much easier
  • Keeps your beagle safe

All these troubles can be controlled with the help of a good GPS tracker. So get one and get relaxed.

Halo Collar GPS
Halo Collar GPS

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