20 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are The Best

Why French Bulldogs Are The Best
Why French Bulldogs Are The Best

Looking for why French Bulldogs are the best? Just in time, welcome to our site, in this post, we will outline all the possible reasons why French Bulldogs are the best breeds of dogs.

In this post, we will be giving you all the reasons why you should get a French Bulldog or add one to the list of your family members.

Frenchie originated from England and is popularly known for their affection and free-thinking abilities.

Frenchies were selectively bred to be companions, and they make affectionate, friendly additions to your household.

They generally get along with other dogs, and may even clown around with them whenever they get the chance.

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Why French Bulldogs Are The Best

Here are all the common reasons we think make Frenchie the best dog for everyone;

Frenchies Are Always Satisfied With What The Have

Frenchie has a high tendency to be satisfied just being with their person wherever they may be than most other pups.

Most breeds of dogs will go on and beg for things while you are away from home, but that is not the case with Frenchie, they always want to stand and live by their owners.

Frenchies Are Suitable For Senior Citizens

Are you a senior citizen looking for a pup that will keep you company after your retirement? Then Frenchie is the perfect answer for you.

Every Senior Citizen needs a dog for countless reasons, and Frenchie will give you as a senior citizen whatever you are looking for in living with a dog.

Frenchies Are Suitable For Kids

Are you looking for a dog that can get along with your kids without any suspected or intended harm? Then Frenchies got you covered.

Most owners of Frenchie sometimes wonder if the French Bulldogs were specifically bred for kids, this is due to the affection towards kids of all ages.

Frenchies Are The Best Family Dogs

Do you have a great family and need a pup that is suitable for your family? Frenchie got you covered as they do well with families with many members.

The American Kennel Club has listed Frenchie as among the top ten best breeds of family dogs, that can serve and adjust to family needs.

Frenchies Are Easygoing And Adaptive

You want a dog that is easygoing and won’t challenge your leadership unlike the Beagle or other dogs who are guided by their own nose or instincts? Then Frenchie got you covered.

Frenchies are known to easily adjust to your lifestyle or style of living.

They are generally one of the best easygoing and adaptable breeds which is great for new families and responds well to training.

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Frenchies Are The Best For City Dwellers

You live in a busy and congested city, and you are looking for a dog that will fit into such city life? Frenchies got you covered always.

While most breeds of dogs do not do well with city dwellers, like Beagle and others, Frenchies are just the best. This is a major reason Frenchies are growing in popularity.

Frenchies Get Along With Other Dogs

Frenchies Get Along With Other Dogs
Frenchies Get Along With Other Dogs

You have other dogs, and you’re looking for a pup that can easily get along with them all the time? Then Frenchie got you covered on that.

Most dogs have a general problem of separation anxiety when they are left alone for too long, get a second dog to keep your dog busy while you are away. Frenchie is the answer.

Frenchies Are Suitable For People Who Hate Dogs Barking

Do you want a breed of dog that is not vocal enough to cause problems in your neighborhood? Then Frenchie got you covered on that.

The barking level of Frenchie is so low that sometimes owners wonder if they are sick, but not when you have a stranger around.

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Frenchies Have Low Energy Level

Do you want a dog that won’t take more of your time requiring much daily exercise? Then Frenchie got you covered on that.

Frenchies are low-energy level dogs that do not require lots of exercise to stay fit and happy, unlike beagles, who can get aggressive because of lack of exercise.

However, Frenchies will require you to give them little exercise, daily which is why you need a second dog.

Playing the fetch game together with your Frenchie solves his exercise needs.

Frenchie Require Little Grooming

Do you need a dog that will not take away much of your time schedule because of grooming their long fur? Then Frenchie got you covered on that.

Frenchie has a short coat that is easy to groom and may not require the services of a professional groomer, all you need is to get a complete pack of good grooming tools and groom your pup yourself.

Frenchies Are Suitable For Singles

Are you single and need a companion dog? Then turn to the Frenchie for all needed love, affection, and cuddles.

Frenchies are growing in popularity because of their affection level towards their owners and family.

If you live alone and need a dog that will keep you company then Frenchie got you covered on that.

Frenchies Are Suitable For Apartment

Do you need a breed of dog that can manage your small space with you? Then Frenchie got you covered on that.

Frenchies are small breeds of dogs that do well in apartments because of their size and low exercise needs as well as low energy level.

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Frenchies Are Playful & Smart

Do you want a dog that will play when you want to play and stop when you want them to stop? Frenchie got you covered on that.

Frenchies are smart and love to play with their owners especially if you have kids that will run around with them.

But if you don’t want to play no problem your Frenchie is smart enough to understand.

Frenchies Are Easily Transportable

Do you want a dog that will be easy to take along with you everywhere you go? Then Frenchie got you covered on that.

You can always carry them everywhere with you, no matter whether it’s on the bus, through a crowded city street, or around a shopping mall.

Frenchies are so lively, so they should receive at least an hour’s worth of exercise every day. But, break this up into three shorter walks, so they don’t overheat.

All you need is to get a good Frenchie carrier that will help you move with your pup without stress.

Frenchies Are Generally Low-Maintenance

Low-Maintenance does not only apply to sheds but also the general cost of living with them. Both feeding and health-related issues, as well as training types of equipment.

When compared to other popular breeds of dogs like Golden Retrievers, Poodles, or Beagles, you will see the cost of living with a Frenchie is much lowered.

However, the Frenchie has a much shorter, finer, and smoother coat, which makes it a lot more manageable.

Furthermore, this breed doesn’t malt much at all.

They do shed twice per year but compared to the near-constant shedding of the retriever, this isn’t much at all.

Frenchies Are Easy To Train

Are you looking for a dog that is much easier to train? Then the Frenchie got you covered on that.

Frenchies are so intelligent, and smart, and respond to training very well unlike other breeds of dogs like Beagles.

All you need is to be consistent and patient for a short period of time.

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Frenchies Have Unique & Irresistible Personalities

Frenchie is a breed of dog that is blessed with different characteristics which are as follows;

  • Loyal
  • Playful
  • Affectionate
  • Sociable
  • Lively
  • Alert
  • Easygoing
  • Athletic

Frenchies Are Sensitive & Make Good Watch Dogs

Frenchies Are Sensitive & Make Good Watch Dogs
Frenchies Are Sensitive & Make Good Watch Dogs

Do you need a dog that is very sensitive to his environment and will inform you about a stranger when he approaches? Then Frenchie got you covered on that.

Frenchies are not good guard dogs but are excellent watchdogs that will always bark when a stranger enters the territory.

Even though they might not defend you, they will let you know of danger on time.

Frenchies Make Great Babysitters

Do you need a dog that can babysit your kids and keep them busy while you are doing other things? Then Frenchies got you covered on that.

The Frenchie gets along with babysitting kids a lot that they later have a strong bond with kids as they grow up.

They are sensitive and can keep your kids going for a long time.

Frenchies Are Out Going & Sociable

Looking for a breed of dog that will not reject the offer of hanging out with you on special demands or days? Then Frenchies got you covered on that.

Frenchies are easy to socialize with, and they love hanging out with their owners and lovers, so if you’re the outgoing type then you need a French Bulldog. This is why most Celebrities love Frenchies.

Some Cons of Owning A French Bulldog

For everything that has pros there will always be cons, so here are some cons of having a French Bulldog that for any reason don’t match the Pros;

  1. French bulldogs often also have problems giving birth, so many must undergo a C-section (ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION).
  2. Breeding of Frenchie is very expensive
  3. Frenchies are TALKATIVE that use a complex system of yawns, yips, and gargles, even though they don’t bark a lot.
  4. French bulldogs can’t swim, so pool owners should keep a watchful eye on their pups. Or teach them.
  5. There’s nothing worse than having your Frenchie fart in your face when you’re hanging out on the couch.
  6. Frenchies are prone to separation anxiety or clinginess.
  7. Frenchies are a bit expensive.
  8. Heat and Cold Intolerance: Due to their brachycephalic nature, Frenchies often struggle to regulate their body temperature.
  9. Frenchies will keep snoring, snorting & snarling when tired or sleeping.
  10. Frenchies are notoriously known for pulling on their leashes most of the time until properly trained.
  11. Frenchies are known as toy terminators and enjoy ripping out stuffing and squeakers.
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