11 Tips On How To Train a Beagle Not To Run Away

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How To Train A Beagle Not To Run Away
How To Train A Beagle Not To Run Away From Home

People ask how to train a beagle not to run away from home a lot, in this post you will learn all the common ways and things you need to do to avoid your beagle running away from home.

Beagle is a small hound-dog breed popular as both a pet and a hunter.

It looks like a small foxhound and has large brown eyes, hanging ears, and a short coat, usually a combination of black, tan, and white.

The beagle breed is a stubborn breed of dog that requires early training and patience too, they are very vocal and love hunting a lot, therefore training them to stay home is a function of time, commitment, and patience.

The most important thing about your beagle is that they love adventures and as such you need to put a tracking system in place if you live in an open place or close to the woods.

Why beagles run away from home

Here are reasons your beagle would want to run away from home;

Hunting instincts

One of the major reasons your beagle is always wanting to run away is because your beagles were selectively bred to hunt, and they love working in a pack, these hunting instincts push your beagle to want to run away from home.

Scent hound

The second reason is that beagles have a powerful nose that enhances their tracking abilities, they can follow their nose scent direction and run away.

Lack of proper socialization

The third reason is the lack of socialization from the puppy stages, which is so important going down the road.

Abusing Your Beagle

Abusing your beagle covers a lot of activities you should be doing that you are not, which include;

  • Shouting at your beagle
  • Beating your beagle
  • Rubbing your beagle’s nose against its poop.
  • Feeding your beagle with table scraps.
  • Lack of grooming
  • No toys
  • No playing time with your beagle.
  • No medical attention
  • Feeding stale food
  • Lack of attention

Better Food Source

Beagle track scents a lot and can leave home when untended to, they love eating a lot, if you allow your neighbor who lives down the road to offer more food than you then you may likely lose your beagle.

Here are the best 13 ways to take care of your beagle at home.

How to train a beagle not to run away

Here are the common ways to train your beagle not to run away from home for any reason;

Beagle proof your home

Beagle proof your home
Beagle proof your home

Beagles can only run away from home when they get the chance to do so because you allowed them to.

One of the best ways to beagle-proof your home is by fencing your home with a wire or a wooden fence.

When you put your beagle in a home that has fenced be sure to provide all the necessary equipment to keep them happy behind the fence.

You can always train your Beagle to stay happy behind the fence.

Hide Treats around your house

One of the most popular and simple ways to train your beagle to stay at home and not try to run away from home is simply hiding treats around your house.

Before not place treats where the treats will be contaminated, always keep your home clean and do not offer too many treats to avoid obesity.

If you have some spare cash just get an automatic treats dispenser to dispense treats at a minimum rate over a good calculated time range.

Early Socialization

Early socialization is the best way to train your beagle not to run away from home at any point.

Let your beagle to go, see and feel the outside world, so as to compare inside and outside.

Your beagle has a natural survival instinct that makes her scared, but she can be over that.

The goal of socialization is to teach your beagle to be a good and socialized dog.

That means being comfortable around humans and other dogs.

First, you need to understand your beagle and then understand how to make her comfortable and confident in this setting.

When approaching your beagle, look into its eyes and talk to her or her from a place of confidence, kindness, and comfort.

Make sure you are not near the food or water bowl. Sit down, so she can see you and see that you are calm and that you have patience.

If she’s aggressive, then keep your dog away. If she’s scared, keep her away.

If she’s unsure, stop and ask to please get closer, but hold her back.

This is where a lot of dogs struggle. You don’t want to push her, but you want to encourage her to approach and sniff.

The first step to socialization is giving your beagle space.

The goal of having your dog leave the car is to build up her confidence and self-esteem.

When you approach your beagle, have a low, calm voice and body language.

Don’t make direct eye contact, and don’t make your voice too loud or raise your hands.

You want to speak in a soft tone, use a calm voice and use your hands as a guide, moving them from side to side.

Speak softly and slowly, and you want to be confident when interacting with other dogs.

The goal of socialization is to teach your dog to be a good and socialized dog.

That means being comfortable around humans and other dogs.

Socialization is all about training, so keep up with training.

This is why you are taking your dog to pet school and getting some one-on-one work in.

Beagles need this interaction, and this is where you will meet other people and learn how to make your dog comfortable.

If your dog likes to sniff the other dogs, you can let her sniff, but when the dogs are sniffing, keep your dog away.

The goal is to be calm, with your body language, and get your dog to leave the other dogs alone.

Socialization will help your beagle relax at home and not want to run away since you take her out once in a while.

Give Your Beagle The Basic dog obedience training

Beagles are so distracted as a result of their extraordinary scenting capabilities that you need to do a very basic job with your Beagle, developing a strong bond and basic obedience commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “come down,” and “come” for orders and orders.

It is important to establish commands and on and off-leash behavior with your Beagle as young as possible.

With proper obedience training, you can get your dog to stop, sit, and relax when your dog’s original aim is to run outside.

Make sure you start the obedience training as soon as possible and also remember to reward your beagle for listening and carrying out a command during obedience training.

Off-Leash Training of Your Beagle

It is only a relaxed and established beagle that can stay off the leash without wanting to escape, you can start training your beagle indoors with a leash and see how your beagle reacts.

You can start with a loose leash walking, make sure your beagle understands that you want her to be off the leash, and always rewards with high-quality scent treats.

Before leaving your beagle off the leash make sure you put in place a proper and reliable emergency recall plan, in case your beagle decides to surprise you.

Here is the recommended leash for your beagle.

Train Your Beagle with Interactive Toys

Train your beagle with interactive toys and keep them busy all day, there are lots of toys that can keep your beagle busy and distract them from running away from home.

Get moving toys and ropes to keep your beagle busy while you are busy with other things, if you have spare cash get as many toys as you can get for your beagle.

Never Leave Your Beagle Unattended For Long

Bored beagles get aggressive over time and look for ways to catch some fun outside, therefore, never leave your beagle alone.

Be sure to check on you once in a while if you are busy with other things, separation anxiety will set in if you leave your beagle unattended to for a certain period of time.

Train Your Beagle With Clickers And Whistles

Clickers help reduce the lag time between when your beagle does a command and when the command is being given.

Training your beagle with clickers and whistles helps keep your beagle in check, and also helps tell your beagle what to do at a specific time.

When your beagle hears a whistle or clicker rest assured your beagle will always respond if properly trained.

Keep Challenging Your Dog

Gradually add more distractions and make sure you regularly practice training commands with your dog off-leash in an enclosed area preferably your backyard.

You must practice “looking” off the leash and keep rewarding natural check-ins when necessary.

When you are confident that your beagle is ready, then try letting your beagle off-leash in the safest area possible for short periods of time and see your beagle’s reaction.

Provide Entertainment and treats

Provide Entertainment and treats
Provide Entertainment and treats

Providing entertainment for your beagle will help keep your beagle indoors all day long.

Teach your beagle to sit and watch TV shows and dog cartoon movies, get as many dog movies as you can.

This train is better done at the puppy stages, always find time to sit and watch the TV shows with your beagle as this will help reduce your beagle wanting to go outside.

Always offer your treats to your beagle for watching TV or sitting with you while you watch your favorite TV show.

Add Value to Your Beagle Staying Close

Your beagle must learn that it is highly valuable to stay close to you, whether that’s through praise, exercise, playing puzzle games, or treats.

It is in your beagle’s nature to wander and explore their world and their curious nose can lead to danger.

If your beagle stays close and can be trusted to obey recall commands, you can let it run within your sight.

Always give your beagle the impression that he will gain more by sticking around you than going outside.

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