How to take good care of a Beagle: Best 14 Ways

How To Take Good Care Of A Beagle

People ask how to take good care of a beagle a lot and in this article we will outline all important ways you can care for a beagle and things to keep your beagle safe.

Beagles are actually among the most popular breeds of dogs in the United States and are seen by many as a very good companion for both kids and adults.

Beagles are very affectionate towards their owners, even though they can be very vocal when in need or when lonely, so be sure to get used to its vocal nature.

Beagles are hunting dogs traditionally used to track a game that is as large as a deer or as small as a rabbit.

This sturdy dog ​​is friendly and affectionate and usually gets along well with children and other pets.

The Beagle is a smelly dog that tracks down scents, with 220 million smell receptors – humans only have 5 million – they are capable of capturing and tracking the slightest odor.

How to take good care of a beagle

Here are the common and best ways to take care of a beagle and keep them healthy and happy;

Regular Medical Check-ups

This is the best way to take care of a beagle because beagles come with a variety of genetic diseases, including intervertebral disk disease, hip dysplasia, epilepsy as well as hypothyroidism.

Your beagle health should be paramount to you to avoid unnecessary behaviors and expenses occurring as a result of you ignoring medical attention you should be giving to your beagle.

Regular check-ups will help you figure out an illness before the illness even comes up, and this check will help you beat all genetic diseases and environmental diseases too.

Regular Grooming

Grooming your beagle is one of the best ways to take care of your beagle as it is important to help prevent unnecessary shedding.

Beagles are known to shed, and they have a short coat that requires weekly brushing to keep them healthy and reduce excessive shedding.

Grooming includes brushing your beagle fur as well as trimming your beagle nail and also giving your beagle mouth or teeth cleaning.

To help prevent and control shedding in your beagle here are 13 ways to go about it. Here is also a recommended grooming tool.

Brushing your beagle should take 12 – 15 minutes at least once every week.

The beagle’s heavy ear leather doesn’t allow proper air circulation inside the ear, so it’s easy for inflammation and infections to develop because of trapped moisture and dirt.

Clean your beagle’s ears at least every two weeks with ear cleaner and cotton balls.

Brush his teeth a few times a week to remove tartar, and trim his nails, or have them trimmed, at least once a month

Regular Exercise

Beagles are an active breed of dogs that is packed with high energy and will require a lot of exercises to stay healthy and happy.

Be sure to give your beagle a daily routine exercise to keep your beagle fit and healthy.

You can get this toy and add some treats to it while your beagle stays busy with it.

If you are free take your beagle for a walk if you are busy get interactive toys for your beagle.

Be sure to give your beagle 10 minutes of good exercise daily.

Play the fetch game with your beagle by throwing this toy and telling your beagle to retrieve it as this will help the proper flow and circulation of blood in your beagle.

Feeding your Beagle balanced diet

Giving your beagle a balanced diet is a key to a healthy and happy life in beagles, not all dog food ate balanced, therefore talk to your vet for the right food.

Beagles react to a change of food, be sure to contact your vet before changing food, if you must feed home meals be sure to talk to your vet before giving your beagle homemade food.

Also, look out for food that your beagle is allergic to and avoid them at all costs as this can lead to unnecessary shedding in beagles.

If you must feed your beagle with wet food which is more expensive and more nutritious contact your vet.

Give one and one-half cups of food split into two three-quarter-cup meals daily. Do not free feed — that is, do not leave food in a bowl for your beagle to eat as he likes.

Beagles will eat as long as the food is available, and this will cause them to become obese.

Vaccinate your beagle

They are lots of unnecessary illnesses that can cause your beagle to get sick and may lead to you spending more time and money on your beagle that can be avoided with vaccination.

Be sure to give your beagle all the necessary vaccines that are required yearly as this will help prevent most illnesses.

Always talk to your vet about the vaccines shots needed for your beagle, do not over look all these little things as the can come back and hurt you.

Bathing your beagle

Giving your beagle a bath does not only keep your beagle clean but also helps to lower the body temperature of your beagle which will help reduce shedding.

Most times in beagles shedding is been triggered by a sharp rise in temperature of your beagle which could be because of an internal illness.

Be sure to ask your vet the appropriate shampoo to use for your beagle to avoid skin complications.

Most importantly make sure you dry your beagle’s body properly after bath to avoid unnecessary skin diseases developing due to wet skin.

Control Parasites Attacking Your Beagle

Parasite attacks can hamper the health of your beagle making the sick and unhappy.

Fleas, ticks, lice, worms, and mites are the common parasites that can attack your beagle, be sure to keep all of these parasites far away from your dog.

Here are 11 ways to control fleas from attacking your beagle, here are ways to control or prevent Heartworms from attacking your beagle, read about ticks here, then finally read about preventing worms here.

You should know that Parasites are one of the major causes of unnecessary shedding in beagles.

Remember to also keep your beagle away from bacterial pathogens that can cause unnecessary illness in beagles.

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Reward your beagle with Treats

Beagles love rewards for good behaviors and encouraging them with treats before and after brushing them.

However, too much treats can cause obesity in beagles which will lead to other health challenges.

Be sure to give treats at a minimum level to avoid obesity. There are many treats you can give your beagle that can cause health issues, therefore contact your vet for the right treats.

Get Amazing Toys For Your Beagle

Get Amazing Toys For Your Beagle
Get Amazing Toys For Your Beagle

Beagles love toys, therefore get as many as you can afford for your beagle as this will help your beagle stay happy even when you are away.

Here are some recommended toys for your beagles;

Ensure Home Dental Care

This is important to keep all dental issues associated with beagles away, when beagles eat there are lots of remains in between their tooth just like humans.

Removing these remains is the key to healthy dental practices which is very good for your beagle.

We recommend your brush beagle teeth twice a week, however, talk to your vet for the recommended toothpaste to use that will not harm your beagle.

Supply Clean Water For Your Beagle

Clean water is necessary for your beagle as it will help your beagle stay hydrated all day long.

Make sure your beagle water can is not close to any window or doors that are always open to people or visitors.

Always make sure you regularly change water for your beagle, if possible on daily basis.

Offer Proper training to Your Beagle

Obedience training is very important in a beagle’s life as this will help shape your beagle down the line.

Remember to always reward good behaviors and use positive re-enforcement to correct bad behaviors.

Potty-train your beagle to avoid your beagle messing up your house, remember to reward your beagle during training.

Crate train your beagle from the puppy stages as this will also help you along the line.

Socialize your beagle

Socialize your beagle
Socialize your beagle

Your beagle is a social animal because it was originally bred in groups.

This means you need your dog to communicate with other dogs as well as with other people.

Take your beagle to a dog park or public park, so he can play with other dogs and meet other people.

Socializing your beagle as early as possible is the key to having a well-mannered dog that will help you along the line.

Beagle proof your home

Keeping your home safe for your beagle is also important in taking care of your beagle.

Beagles are hunting dogs that can be driven by their hunting instincts to go outside after a hare and by doing so can get lost.

Be sure to keep your beagle collar tags on your beagle always to help identify your beagle.

Get a good tracking system in place if you allow your beagle outside.

Conclusion On How To Take Good Care Of A Beagle

If you apply everything written down here to your beagle be sure to have a healthy and happy beagle that can live for about 14 years or more.

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