Are Pomeranians Good With Cats: 11 Pros, Cons & Helpful Tips

are pomeranians good with cats

Most dogs are comfortable having cats around while some are not, so are Pomeranians good with cats? Join me, and let’s find out together!

We will look at some benefits and disadvantages of getting a cat for your Pomeranian. We will also look at how to introduce a new cat to Pomeranians.

Before we proceed to other things I have for you in this post, let me quickly answer your question are Pomeranians good with cats.

Are Pomeranians Good With Cats

Pomeranians get along well with cats since they were designed to be companion dogs, and they always want a companion pet to keep them company. Pomeranians are also quite loving and may readily bond with family members.

They also get along well with other pets if they live under the same roof and have been properly socialized. Pomeranians also get along with other toy dogs.

When Pomeranians are left alone for too long without a friend, they become destructive or develop other Pomeranian behavior issues.

So obtaining a cat for your Pom can help your Pomeranians overcome separation anxiety, which can lead to unwarranted aggression.

Here is the list of cats that gets along with Pomeranians:

  1. Japanese Bobtail
  2. Ragdoll
  3. Abyssinian
  4. American Shorthair
  5. Birman

Having answered your question are Pomeranians good with cats, lets look at some potential benefits of getting a cat for your Pom.

Benefits of getting a cat for Pomeranians

The following are some of the most prevalent advantages of acquiring a cat for your Pomeranian:

  1. Separation anxiety in Pomeranians can be avoided by getting a cat.
  2. A cat may aid in the socialization of Pomeranians.
  3. Getting a cat can assist with some of your Pomeranian’s troubles.
  4. When Pomeranians have a cat, they get more exercise.
  5. Pomeranians’ hostility may be alleviated with the aid of a cat.
  6. Having a cat can help you avoid boredom and loneliness.
  7. Getting a cat is like to taking on a teaching role.
  8. A cat can boost a Pomeranian’s individual companionship.
  9. Your Pomeranian and a cat can play together.
  10. Getting a cat can help you overcome your fears and anxieties.
  11. A cat can help a Pom stay alone for a while without getting bored.

Disadvantages of getting a cat for your Pomeranian

Here are some of the most common reasons not to get a cat for your Pomeranian:

  • It’s difficult to train a Pomeranian and a cat at the same time.
  • It takes a lot of effort to groom a Pomeranian and a cat.
  • A cat may teach a Pomeranian an undesirable behavior.
  • Having a Pomeranian and a cat might lead to jealousy and competition.
  • Adding a cat to your Pomeranian’s life will double the expense of care.
  • Having a cat as a companion for your Pomeranian might increase the likelihood of aggressiveness.
  • Keeping a Pomeranian and a cat will result in extra filth to clean up.
  • Having a cat and a Pomeranian raises your living standards.
  • Walking a Pomeranian and a cat at the same time is a lot of work.

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The best age to get a cat for a Pomeranian

When combining a Pomeranian and a cat, the optimal age is when the Pomeranian is 4 months old and the cat is 4 months old or older.

The Pomeranian is still developing and understanding obedience training orders at the age of four months and is becoming more loving towards any family members.

Before you consider bringing in a cat, you must first complete obedience training with your Pomeranian, and socialization must have been completed.

Introducing a cat to a Pomeranian under the age of four months carries a danger since Pomeranians enjoy pursuing smaller animals when they are younger.

How to prepare a Pomeranian to be ready for a cat

The following are the most fundamental and vital strategies to prepare a Pomeranian for meeting or welcoming a new cat:

  • Starting to socialize your Pom as soon as possible.
  • Your Pom should be properly trained in obedience.
  • Weeks before bringing home the cat, show your Pom photographs or images of the cats.
  • Several times and days before bringing home the cat, show your Pom a video of the cat.
  • Several times and days before bringing home the cat, watch cat and dog-friendly videos with your Pom.
  • Prepare all of your Pom’s supplies in his corner.
  • Always take your Pom for evening or morning walks down your street.
  • Teach your Pom all relevant commands.

Pomeranians are bright and curious, and they enjoy watching movies, which you may take advantage of.

Pomeranians recall a lot, so showing them pictures or videos of the cat before bringing it home will help them get used to it faster than you expect.

How to introduce a cat to a Pomeranian

The essential stages for introducing a cat to a Pomeranian for the first time are as follows:

Step 1

Before you go to get your cat, review the cat movies with your Pomeranian multiple times, treat your Pom for watching the cat films, and show your Pom the cat images before you leave.

Make sure your cat has places to hide in case things go wrong, just get a cat tree or shelves.

Before leaving to get the cat, put away all your Pom’s materials like toys, bed, plates, etc.

Step 2

When you return, put the cat in the car or somewhere outside.

Put your Pom on a leash or in a kennel, then bring the cat inside and walk it about for at least 5 minutes.

Teach your new cat where to hide when he wants to be alone while strolling him about your house.

Your Pom may begin to bark at this time, so give him your directions, praise him, and continue on to the next phase.

Step 3

After taking your new cat around the house, bring him close to your Pom on a leash, reward him if he is calm.

If your Pom is barking remain calm and repeat the process of walking your new cat around the house, this time walk past your Pom on leash or crate.

Repeat it until your Pom is comfortable having the cat walking around.

Step 4

Rubbing your palms on your Pom’s back rewards him for remaining calm while using one hand to gradually pull the cat closer.

Stop and observe your Pom’s reaction; don’t over-excite him with names or treats.

Repeat the procedure, making sure to maintain eye contact with your Pom and calling him by his name, and pet him.

Step 5

Finally, if your Pom is quiet, let him smell the cat as a treat for his calmness.

Remove the leash and put on some pet-friendly movies, then sit and watch with your Pom while keeping a close eye on his or her reaction.

If things go smoothly, you’re done; if your Pom continues to charge at the cat, remove the cat and play the cat movies over and over, you’ll have to try again.

More tips for safe introduction of a cat to a Pomeranian

  • Separate locations should be provided until you’re certain they’ll be able to stay together.
  • Do not force the Pom and the cat to engage or play together.
  • Both should be rewarded for excellent behavior.
  • In the first few weeks, provide an escape path for the cat in case your Pom decides to surprise you.
  • Keep a close eye on the Pom’s connection with the cat.
  • Feeding times should not be varied; they should be the same.

How long will it take a Pomeranian to get use to a new cat

On average, if both the cat and the Pomeranian have good personalities, it should take less than 2 weeks with the consistent practice for the Pomeranian to get along with the cat.

Pomeranians are social breeds and love having companions around, so it will be easy but require consistency.

Wrapping up

Most Pomeranian owners have tried this strategy, and you can use it to convince any dog to stay with a cat.

If you’re not going to be home for the first week, put your Pom in a crate and keep a watch on him.

If they’re pals, get them a lot of toys and they’ll become best friends in no time.

Share quality time with each of them and never ignore either of them; don’t save food for them together for at least a month.

Poms have a strong need for food and seldom share, but with practice, they will learn to share.

It will only take time and patience for your Pom and cat to remain healthy and happy in their relationship.

Don’t shout at your Pom or the new cat when things are not going according to plan, be patient and take your time.

With the information provided on this page, I strongly hope your question are Pomeranians good with cats was answered!