Are Pomeranians Good With Kids: Pros, Cons & 8 Helpful Tips

Are pomeranians good with kids

Pomeranians are small and fragile, which leads to people asking are Pomeranians good with kids, this is exactly what we will be discussing all through this post.

We’ll go through some of the pros and drawbacks of buying Pomeranians for youngsters.

We’ll also go through how to educate kids on how to manage Pomeranians, so they can bond with them.

Before we go any further, let me briefly respond to your question are Pomeranians good with kids in a few paragraphs.

Are Pomeranians Good With Kids

Pomeranians are delicate dogs that can be easily wounded by kids who are rough with them; they are also known to snap at kids under the age of 8 if mistreated, necessitating their supervision around kids below 8 years

Therefore, only kids aged nine and up should be allowed to engage with Pomeranians as long as they are courteous and do not taunt them.

Without proper training and socialization, Pomeranians usually do not get along with kids as they can injure them owing to their size.

They can also become enraged if they are mistreated by kids. However, kids can help Pomeranians avoid separation anxiety.

Why Pomeranians may be good for kids (Pros)

Here are some of the most prominent reasons why you might consider getting a Pomeranian for your children:

1. Pomeranians help kids to socialize

Pomeranians are social with strangers when properly trained, but they have a unique affinity with the youngsters who look after them.

Pomeranians will go to great efforts to find and spend time with their favorite children while they are at home.

Pomeranians are known for following children around the house while they play, which can help children learn how to interact with other dogs or children.

If they’ve been properly trained, it’s not uncommon to see a Pomeranian greeting children at the front entrance.

Pomeranians almost appear to be able to thank the children with whom they play or are fed!

They can also help your kids make new friends and reinforce existing ones.

2. Pomeranians can keep kids occupied

Pomeranians can keep children occupied while you are out or doing other activities.

Children may forget they have other things to accomplish when playing with Pomeranians, such as schoolwork because they are so intriguing and amusing.

It’s terrible if your children get up and go about their business when a Pomeranian sits on a child’s lap and wants to embrace them.

Your children may be late for an activity or take longer than required to accomplish duties if this is the case.

Pomeranians often follow their favorite youngsters around the house excessively. They will produce unwanted noise if children do not pay attention to them.

3. Pomeranians can adapt quickly to kids schedule

The importance of early socialization and obedience training cannot be overstated.

If you start training on time, Pomeranians are one of the greatest dogs since they adapt fast and obey a set of rules.

Pomeranians prefer to do things when the time is appropriate, so you won’t have to do things with them again and over again.

When it’s time to sleep, a well-trained Pomeranian will go to his or her bed as soon as possible but may try to wake you up as soon as possible.

They’ll always remind your kids what’s next on their calendar by involving them in activities that build up to it. Pomeranians are extremely intelligent.

4. Pomeranians help kids develop trust and patience

Pomeranians may boost a child’s self-esteem while simultaneously teaching them responsibility.

Pomeranians also teach your children how to care for them, which fosters trust and patience in them.

Small dogs, such as Pomeranians, have a difficult time accepting youngsters at first, but with time, your children will come to embrace your Pomeranian, leading to real human trust.

Having a Pomeranian or living with one needs patience, which your children will definitely learn from you.

5. Pomeranians teach kids the basics of responsibility

Taking care of Pomeranian’s needs is a huge responsibility that takes time, humility, and effort, this can help kids when they get involved in caring for Poms.

If your kids are taught how to wake up in the morning and care for their Pom, this translates to their personalities as they grow older.

Over time, your kids will learn the act of being responsible for everything around them and their actions just because they started it on time.

6. Pomeranians help kids over stress and depression

Bonding with kids is a great way to help them when they are stressed or depressed and Pomeranians can offer such bonding.

Stressed youngsters can unwind if they have a little dog, such as a Pomeranian, to keep them company.

Pomeranians adore leaping all over youngsters and playing with them, which may be useful to worried children.

Pomeranians may help your child cope with sadness and stress, but they must be socialized with your children.

Depressed kids can develop anxiety, but with their little pup running around them looking for attention they can get relieved.

7. Pomeranians bond well with kids when they grow together

Pomeranians are a high-energy breed that enjoys being in the company of youngsters.

They adore expressing attention to youngsters by sharing a bed and running about with them.

They are kind and affectionate, making them excellent for families with children.

They are devoted to and create intimate ties with their owners. Pomeranians have a reputation for being excessively devoted to their owners.

Pomeranians show their affection for kids by winking discreetly, weaving their tails, purring, bunting, or rubbing their heads and faces against them.

Pomeranians are an excellent choice for you and your children over the age of eight if you want a dog that will shower you with affection and never tire of you.

8. Pomeranians help kids get more exercise

Because Pomeranians enjoy running around with youngsters, your child will be able to receive more exercise with a Pomeranian.

Children need movement to stay healthy and happy, and Pomeranians only need a small amount of exercise to stay happy, so getting a Pomeranian for your kids is a win-win scenario.

Remember to teach your children how to properly handle and play with a Pomeranian to prevent injury to your Pomeranian.

9. Pomeranians allow kids to pick them up easily

Picking up is one of the obstacles that little dogs experience; nevertheless, properly taught and socialized Pomeranians do not have this issue.

This is a major advantage of getting a Pomeranian for your kids, as they will never have any problems playing with them when they bond well.

Before permitting them to be around your children, make sure they’ve been properly socialized.

Pomeranians, on the other hand, need to be socialized from the time they are pups in order to be at ease among children and other animals.

Why you shouldn’t get Pomeranian for kids (Cons)

There are a few things to consider before getting a Pomeranian for your children:

  • Pomeranians are far too delicate for children to handle.
  • For a variety of reasons, Pomeranians bark a lot.
  • Pomeranians sleep beneath blankets, and your children may accidentally sit on them and injure them.
  • Strangers that come to see your kids may frighten or intimidate them.
  • Because of their small size, Pomeranians are sometimes misunderstood by children as being strong.
  • Pomeranians are known for their persistence, which may make training for children challenging.
  • Pomeranians may acquire play hostility and inadvertently injure children when playing.
  • Pomeranians can be startled by loud noises, and your youngsters may enjoy yelling or creating loud noises.
  • Pomeranians grow infatuated with the ball very quickly, and if they don’t obtain it, they will nip or attack your children.
  • Pomeranians require regular brushing, and long-haired Pomeranians require particular care because smaller children may not be able to keep up.
  • Pomeranians are prone to heat fatigue, and children may overplay with them, causing respiratory problems in the future.
  • Pomeranians are too little for children who like rough play.
  • Pomeranians can become violent and attack children for a variety of reasons, for example, poor socialization etc.

Ways to help kids get along with Pomeranians

Here are some general Pomeranian educational norms or recommendations:

1. Teach your kids when to leave Poms alone

Teach your children to leave your Pom alone when it is feeding, sleeping, or otherwise need alone.

Your puppy will need space to develop, and your Pom will need to eat and relax, so teach your kids when to let go.

If your kids are always crowded and keen on being around your Poms, this could be a good rule to follow to assist your puppy to have some natural pauses and relaxation.

2. Teach your kids not to scream at Pomeranians

Because Pomeranians are often amiable dogs, loud sounds and yelling may be scary to them.

As a result, instill in your youngsters the importance of never screaming or yelling at their Pomeranians.

Yelling or screaming at Pomeranians might result in the following: Non-essential barking, biting, and nipping

3. Teach your kids not to give Poms human foods

Garlic and onions are two of the most poisonous foods for dogs, and they may be found in a variety of dishes.

In Pomeranians, a tiny quantity can induce stomach distress, but it has no impact on humans.

Allowing a Pomeranian to nibble on your child’s food might lead to begging a behavior issue, which can be difficult to avoid even with extensive training.

As a result, your children should be taught not to feed the Pomeranians their own food.

4. Teach your kids the right way to pick up your Pom

Teach your kids how to pick up a Pomeranian dog until they are confident in their abilities.

Squat down and gently but firmly cradle the puppy from the side, one hand on the rump and the other on the tummy/chest area.

Make it a point to practice with your children at the same time.

Teach your children not to run, spin, leap or swing their Pomeranians about when they are holding them.

5. Educate your kids right ways to show affection to Poms

As a Pomeranian owner, it is your responsibility to teach children, whether your own or visitors, how to properly pet your Pomeranian.

Begin by lightly massaging the dog’s chin or chest. Scratching is also OK but keeps your hands away from the dog’s face or head.

Demonstrate to the youngster that the neck and back may be lightly petted or scratched, if modest petting/scratching of the chin/chest is OK. Turn around in the direction of the fur.

Stop petting the dog if he backs away, snaps growls, or exhibits appeasement gestures or fearful body language.

6. Educate your kids how to handle Poms

Your youngsters will want to squeeze a Pom since they are little and soft, but Pomeranians are not toys, this can lead to Pomeranians aggression.

Teach your children how to properly care for and treat their Pomeranians, as well as how to value them as living beings.

Pomeranians, like people, have desires, feelings, and pain, which your children should be aware of.

Your children should be able to play with dogs without being pushed or restricted.

7. Allow kids to join grooming sessions

Grooming is a terrific way for Pomeranian pups and adults to bond.

Depending on their age and your lifestyle or daily routine, you should teach your children the essentials of brushing.

There’s no reason why your children can’t assist you with grooming your dog, particularly when it comes to cleaning and combing his coat.

When your child is older, you’ll have a helper who can take up these responsibilities.

8. Lay down rules for both the kids and your Pom

Make sure you establish and adhere to specific house rules. It is not a good idea to let your Pomeranian eat from your child’s plate (or vice-versa).

Ensure that the Pom toys are kept out of reach of youngsters until they reach the age of eight.

Pet toys are not subject to the same safety rules as children’s toys, and in the hands of youngsters, they might be deadly.

Make sure you obey your house rules faithfully and without exceptions, no matter what they are.

I hope I have answered your question, Are Pomeranians Good With Kids in a way you understand.