12 Things That Scare Cats You Should Avoid

Things That Scare Cats
Things That Scare Cats

I get this fantastic question about things that scare cats a lot, so I made my research and of course, I have a cat, so I decided to share all the things that scare cats I found out.

Cats are creatures of habit and they love to do the same thing, in the same place, over and over again.

Unfortunately, they also have a tendency to scare easily.

In this article, we will be discussing all the things that scare cats, as well as a few tips for what you can do to keep your cat from being scared.

It scares cats when they meet objects or things they are not used to seeing every day.

There are lots of things that scare a cat, but this is because we do not register these objects in their brains.

Handling or dealing with a scared cat can be frustrating and needs patience.

Here is how to get a scared cat out of hiding.

Things That Scare Cats

Cats, as a general rule, are not big fans of change. They are creatures of habit and routine.

They don’t like to be startled or startled by changes in their environment.

Here are some things to avoid if you don’t want to scare your feline friend:

1. Cats Are Scared Of Loud Noises

The number one thing that scares cats is loud noises from the neighborhood or within the cat’s territory.

Loud noises cause cats to have a traumatic experience, which is usually not easy to overcome in most cats.

2. Cats Are Scared Of Fireworks

Fireworks are one of the things that scare a cat most, this is basically because of the sudden sounds.

Although fireworks do not go off all the time except at certain times or periods of the year, we advise you to socialize your cat with the sound of fireworks from the kitten stages.

Are cats scared of fireworks?

Yes, cats are scared of fireworks because fireworks make sudden and loud noises that cats are not used to hearing.

Cats are pets that are sensitive to hearing unique sounds, and fireworks are actually one of the loudest sounds that scare cats.

Warning: Do not let your cat be alone or let your cat off your sight during the fireworks season.

How to keep your cat safe during fireworks seasons

Here are some activities or ways to keep your cat safe and not too scared during the fireworks season.

  • Create a safe room for your cat before the fireworks season.
  • Create a soundproof room for your cat to stay in during the fireworks season.
  • You can create a small hideout for your cat in your basement or garage.
  • Teach your cat how to get used to loud noises by playing loud music and cuddling your cat.
  • Create a dark room for your cat with boxes or shelves where your cat can hide during the fireworks season.

It is important to note that if you don’t protect your cat from the loud noises from fireworks, the following can happen:

Why you need to protect your cat in fireworks season

Here are reasons you should protect your cat during fireworks season, you can always find out if your cat is stressed because of fireworks.

  • Your cat deserves to be protected during the fireworks season.
  • Your cat can run away from home.
  • During hiding, because of fireworks and loud noises, your cat can get lost.
  • A moving truck may kill your cat while trying to run away because of the loud noises from fireworks.
  • Your cat can get killed by a predator while hiding from fireworks noises.
  • A cat can get injured while hiding.
  • Your cat can get traumatized by the loud sound of fireworks.

3. Cats Are Scared Of Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms are seasonal and do not happen every day, however, during the thunderstorm season cats are usually very scared.

It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your cat and his movements during the thunderstorm season.

Cats can have traumatic experiences just from an encounter with the sounds of thunderstorms.

Are cats scared of thunderstorms?

Yes, cats are scared of thunderstorms because thunderstorms come with lightning and loud noises that scare them.

Even humans and other powerful animals are afraid of thunderstorms, so why will a mare cat not be scared?

The thunderstorm comes with a lot of loud noises, and sometimes it comes with lightning.

Thunderstorms destroy things, fell buildings, and trees, and therefore can cause a cat to be scared.

Warning: Do not let your cat off your sight during thunderstorm season.

Why are some cats afraid of thunderstorms?

Here are reasons cats fear thunderstorms:

  • Generally, cats hate loud noises, and a thunderstorm comes with loud noises.
  • Thunderstorms appear invincible to cats.
  • Cats are not used to the sound and lighting that comes with a thunderstorm.
  • Terrible experience in the past
  • Your cat fears thunderstorms because you didn’t prove to the cat that you can protect them.

How to help your cat during thunderstorms

Here are things to do with your cat during thunderstorms:

  • Provide a soundproof room for your cat.
  • Provide hiding places for your cat.
  • Do not let your cat out of your sight
  • If your cat wants to hide, let it hide and come out when it’s safe.
  • Make sure your cat is indoors
  • Stay calm because, during scary times, cat reads their owner’s energy levels.

4. Cats Are Scared Of Changes In Routine

Changes in routine can affect cats in so many ways which will make them be scared of you.

Stop changing your daily routine if you don’t want your cat to be scared. The change of routine can also cause anxiety for the cat.

5. Cats Are Scared Of Gunshots

Are Cats Scared of Gunshots? Yes, cats are scared of gunshots because gunshots make sudden loud noises and all cats hate loud noises.

If a cat keeps hearing gunshots over and over the cat will run and hide because of the loud sound of the gunshots.

6. Cats Are Scared Of Heights

Are cats scared of heights? Yes, cats are scared of heights especially tall buildings where the cat did not climb on its own.

Cats are always scared of heights they didn’t climb on their own.

On the other hand, cats are not scared of low heights, they climbed on their own.

Cats love climbing heights, but not heights that are too high.

They avoid high heights a lot and enjoy climbing on cat trees or shelves because it is specifically made for them.

However, not all breeds of cats are scared of heights, for example, the Bengal cat.

7. Cats Are Scared Of Cucumber

Are cats scared of cucumbers? Yes, cats are scared of cucumbers because of the size and shape of cucumbers which appears strange to a cat.

Cats are not scared because cucumbers can hurt them but because it’s totally strange and looks big.

A cucumber looks much like a big snake and these scare the cat so much.

However, if a cat keeps seeing cucumber daily at a certain stage the cat will no longer be scared of the cucumber.

8. Cats Are Scared Of Water

Are Cats Scared of Water? Yes, most breeds of cats are scared of water because water wets their fur and makes it difficult for them to groom themselves, water also makes their fur heavy.

A wet fur takes a long time to dry making the cat uncomfortable all day long.

Cats are scared of water because water makes it easier for predators to catch up with them.

Major Reasons Cats are Scared of Water

  • Water stops cats from grooming themselves.
  • Water makes their fur thick and heavy.
  • It is much easier for predators to catch them when they are wet.
  • Water makes them uncomfortable all day long.

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9. Cats Are Scared Of Big Snakes

Are Cats Scared of Snakes? Yes, cats are scared of snakes because of their size of snakes, and snakes appear strange to cats.

Depending on the age of the cat and the size of the snake, a cat can fight a snake when it comes down to defending itself.

Apart from a full-grown python, a skilled cat can face off against any snake and come out victorious.

Snakes do not cross a cat’s territory, but at first, a cat will always be scared of a snake until when the snake wants a fight.

Outdoor cats are never scared of snakes because they hunt small snakes and use them as food.

Reasons cats are scared of snakes

Here are some reasons cats are scared of snakes.

  • They are not used to seeing snakes
  • The size and appearance of the snake.
  • The breed of cat matters.
  • The Age of the Cat
  • Snakes movement scares a cat
  • Aggressive nature of snakes

How to keep snakes away from cats

  • Clear bushes around your house.
  • Plant snake repellent around your house
  • Snake-proof your house.
  • Show your cat movies of catfighting snakes.

Do Cats keep Snakes away from your property?

Yes, a well-trained cat can keep snakes away from your property, however, it depends on the breed of cat and size of the snakes.

Cats do not want to see any creepy animals around them, and will not hesitate to attack.

Factors that affect how cats keep Snakes away from your property

  • The breed of cat.
  • The age of the cat.
  • The breed and size of the snake
  • The hunting skills of the cat
  • Indoor or outdoor activities of the cat.

10. Cats Are Scared Of Big Dogs

Are cats scared of dogs? Yes, cats are scared of dogs because dogs are bigger than cats and can inflict more damage when they attack cats.

Even though cats fear dogs because of their size, a cat can still fight a dog to protect its kitten or territory.

Depending on the hunting skills, age, and breed of both cat and dog, a full-grown cat can still stand a dog.

Most breeds of cats do well living with dogs, and as they get along they are not scared of the dog.

Cats are only scared of a dog they do not live with.

However, the major reason cats are scared of dogs is just the size of the dog.

Reasons cats are scared of Dogs

Here are the reasons cats are scared of dogs.

  • The size of the dogs
  • Terrible experiences
  • Lack of socialization
  • Aggressive nature of a dog
  • Natural looks of a dog
  • The cat breed

How to help a cat not to be scared of dogs

Here are ways you can help a cat not get scared of dogs.

  • Feeding both cat and dog together
  • Keeping cats away from aggressive dogs.
  • Inviting other dog owners
  • Obedience training
  • Playing with both cat and dog together
  • Taking your cat to a dog park
  • Early socialization

11. Cats Are Scared Of Visitors

When we think about what scares cats, sometimes it’s something no different than what scares people.

While we may be able to tell if a stranger is a threat, there are some signs that can make us suspicious.

Cats are much smaller animals than humans and therefore have reason to tremble.

They bond with their families knowing that we provide them with food, water, shelter, and care, and most importantly, that we will not harm them.

Many cats will not feel the same trust in strangers. They may not run right away, but many will stop out of fear or worry.

Also, some people can seem scarier than others. This could be due to posture, smell, or any number of reasons only cats know.

Like others on this list for scaring cats, some cats are very friendly and will turn to strangers fearlessly. We assume that these cats are in the minority.

Most times a scared cat can run away from home or run and die.

Therefore, it’s important to know the things that scare cats and keep them away from your cats.

12. Cats Are Scared Of Vacuum Cleaners

The sounds coming from the use of a vacuum cleaner can send a cat into shock for the first time and may result in unnecessary anxiety.

If you have a vacuum cleaner you have to introduce it to your cat from the kitten stages so that the cat will get used to the sound.

Are cats scared of the dark?

No, cats are not scared of the dark as cats have a special natural retina that helps them see better in the dark.

Every cat both indoor and outdoor cats see in the dark and that is why the hunt mouse in the dark.

Cats can only be scared if there is a loud sound or noise in the dark.

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Are cats scared of rats?

No, cats are not scared of rats because cats are primary hunters of rat and cats scares rat away from their territory.

However, kittens are scared when they come in contact with large rats.

Some cats are scared the first time they come in contact with a rat, but because of cats’ predatory instincts, they will always attack a rat.

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How to Help a Scared Cat

Here are the ways to help a scared cat:

  • Reduce the things that scare them.
  • Let them have a hiding space.
  • Try to stick to a daily routine.
  • Always stay calm because cats read your energy when scared.
  • Keep a few litter trays inside.
  • Try a pheromone plug-in.
  • Introduce new things or toys slowly.
  • Contact your vet.
  • Contact an accredited cat behaviorist.
  • Introduce cats to unharmful things that scare them.

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Cats are a curious species. They love to get into places that humans can’t reach and explore their surroundings.

But sometimes, these areas can be dangerous. In this article, we have gone over some things that scare cats and how you can keep your cat safe from these things by making your home cat-friendly.

The number one thing that scares cats is loud noises. If you’re planning on doing some construction or just want to play some music, please be mindful of your cat’s safety.

Second, cats don’t like to be touched by strangers or unfamiliar objects. Third, cats are very sensitive to smells.

The thing about cats is that they’re aloof by nature. They have a tendency to give off the vibe that they don’t really care about much of anything.

They’re here, they’re there – they’re just kind of chill, but the truth is that, just like people, cats are scared of some things.

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