Outdoor Cat Missing For a Week: 11 Reasons & What To Do

Outdoor Cat Missing For a Week

Is your outdoor cat missing for a week? In this post, we will look at all the scenarios that could lead to an outdoor cat missing for a week and things you should do to get your cat back.

Outdoor cats go missing for a week when the cat has been trapped in a basement, abducted accidentally, went for a food trip, being chased away by kids or predator’s or taking away by an animal control team for trespassing.

Cat owners who keep outdoor cats are used to the fact that most outdoor cats come home when they are done with their cat activities for the day or when they are hungry.

Some outdoor cats already own a post or a territory which they mark as their second home, hunting ground, resting nest, or a place they run to take an afternoon nap.

Cats leave home for too many reasons and one of the primary reasons is for mating or when they feel they are over abused by their owners and need some rest away from home.

Outdoor Cat Missing For a Week

Here are some reasons why an outdoor cat can go missing for a week:

The Cat Was Accidentally Abducted

An outdoor cat is fun of sneaking around parked cars and homes, especially if the area is calm and has lots of food to offer or is even a place to hide from death threats.

There are high chances that your cat can get carried away outside your location if your cat gets stocked in a parked vehicle and the owner of the cat drives away with the cat.

It will take time for your cat to come back if you make things easy for your cat to come back by attaching your address to your cat collar.

If you ever notice your cat got carried away then always stay close to your radio set and stay active online because there are most times the cat will be advertised for the owner to come and claim it.

The Cat Has Gone On A Short Food Trip

A food trip for cats could be when another cat owner who lives 8 to 10 blocks away from your home offers better food to your cat than what you offer.

The food trip might also be that your cat found a new hunting ground with more fun friends and may decide to relax out for a while.

If you keep an outdoor cat, and you do not feed it well then be sure to live with the fact that your cat will be feeding elsewhere and might stay away for some days even weeks.

The Cat Has Been Taken By Another Cat Lover

There might be another cat lover 6 to 10 blocks away from your home who thinks your cat has been abandoned or neglected and decide to take the cat in and care for it.

When someone else takes care of your cat more than you do there are high chances that the cat will be in his new home oftentimes, and when you don’t still care about your cat.

The cat can decide to take a break.

The Cat Has Been Held In A Local Shelter

When a cat gets lost and found by someone else, the easiest place the cat is talking to is the local shelter, and the local shelter takes care of lost or homeless animals.

The cat may not come home for some time if held in the local shelter, sometimes you will need to trace your cat down to the local shelter to bring back your cat.

The cat may feel a little comfortable in the local shelter because animals in the local shelter are being fed and taking care of.

If you do not properly track your lost cat it may be giving out to a new owner who will adopt it because no one came for it or because you did not attach your address in the collar of your cat.

The Cat Got Trapped Somewhere

There have been stories of a cat that was trapped in a warehouse for weeks and when the warehouse was opened the cat went back to its owner looking slim and walking sluggishly.

If you allow your cat to go outside do not rule out the possibility of your cat getting trapped in a basement, garage, or warehouse and maybe there for weeks.

There was a story of a cat that got trapped in a hunter’s trap because the cat was injured, the hunter took the cat home and cared for it.

The hunter then returned the cat to the same spot the trap caught the cat, the hunter followed the cat home and apologized to the owner after 9 weeks.

The Cat Got Injured And Stocked At The Vet

A cat may be injured and stocked by a vet, and the cat will not be released until the owner comes to calm it, which may take time.

Someone may pick your injured cat and take it to the vet and leave it with the vet keeping tab on the cat.

After a while when the cat is ok the person can return it to the same place where he or she picked the cat knowing the owner of the cat will be looking for it.

The Cat Was Taken Away By An Animal Control Team

If your cat is taken away by the animal control team, your cat may remain there until you come for it and this may take weeks.

The animal control team takes care of roaming animals that may trespass to areas they are not wanted, and they could take away your cat for trespassing.

The Cat Was Chased Away By A Predator

Cats roam about a lot and could cross a predator’s territory, this may force the predator to chase the cat defending its territory.

In the act of running for its life, the cat might find itself in a new environment and this will force the cat to settle down and find its way home which may take days or weeks.

A cat chasing prey might as well lose track of home, and it may take up to a week to trace home.

The Cat Ran Away From Too Much Stress, Noise & Distraction

Cats are generally known as calm pets that do not do well with stress, noise, or distractions.

And when you place them in such an environment they may want to go on a cooling break.

Most times this cooling break may last more than expected, maybe they are welcomed or comfortable with their new environment.

In some cases the owner of the cat has to search and recover the cat before the cat comes home, then some other times the cat will miss home and will come home to check on its owner.

Sometimes a cat might leave home because of noise coming from a birthday party in the next-door neighbor or in your house.

Welcoming new pets or family members might also force a cat to take a break, and come back after a while so be sure to check with your cat once you have a new face in the house.

The Cat Went For Mating Purposes

Experiences have shown that a male cat could leave for days just in search of a female cat, and when found one can also hang around hunting for food and staying with the female cat.

In most experiences, the owner of the female cat has to chase the male cat away to go back to its owner, in the end, the male cat will still stick around because of the female cat.

In most cases when the owner of the female cat is tired of always chasing the male cat, humanity may start to feed and care for the cat and this may extend your cat mating trip to more than a week.

The Cat Lost Track Of Home During Hunting

Cats roam a lot especially cats that live close to the woods or forest, and in the course of their roaming, they might lose track of home.

Every outdoor cat has hunting experience and when they lose track of home they will keep hunting to stay full while they keep tracking their way home.

So if you must allow your cat to go outside then make sure your cat has a good tracking system in place to help you spot the current location of your cat.

You can also make out time to take your cat around your neighborhood and every junction around just in case your cat loses track of home.

Steps To Find A Cat That Goes Missing For Weeks

Here are the steps to take to find a lost cat:

  • Ask around your neighborhood
  • Search all possible cat hiding places
  • Check with every Vet around
  • Talk to local animal shelters
  • Talk to local animal rescue organizations
  • Talk to local animal control officers
  • Make flyers and posters with pictures of your cat
  • Try to post on local social media pages
  • Advertise in Local newspapers
  • Talk to a pet detective

Things That Can Force A Cat To Go Missing For Weeks

Cats will be forced to go missing for weeks because of the following reasons;

  • Changing cat routine
  • Unnecessarily beating up your cat
  • Always rubbing your cat face on poop or pee
  • Steady depriving your cat of good playtime
  • Always Staving your cat
  • Always shouting at your cat unnecessarily
  • Not having clean water for your cat
  • Too much stress
  • A death threat from a higher animal
  • Better food option

My cat ran away will he come back

There is a high chance that a lost cat will come home depending on why the cat is missing, provided that the cat didn’t roam beyond 4 miles away from home the cat will come back.

A lost cat will only come home under the following conditions:

  • The cat wasn’t trapped
  • The cat wasn’t killed by a predator
  • A cat napper didn’t take the cat away
  • The cat wasn’t involved in a car accident
  • The cat didn’t roam beyond 4 miles away from home
  • Cat hating neighbor didn’t kill the cat
  • The cat wasn’t stressed out
  • Cat didn’t go on a food trip

Therefore, if your cat is still alive there is a 50% chance the cat will come home.

Cat missing for 6 days

Even though cats roam around a lot, but still come home every day or at most 2 days, it is not normal for a cat to go missing for 6 days in a row.

Here are some common reasons why a cat may go missing for 6 days in a row.

  • The cat was trapped by a human trap.
  • The cat was locked up in a basement.
  • Cat went on hunting and lost its way
  • The cat has been taken by the animal control officers
  • Someone else is feeding and caring for the cat.
  • The cat went for mating
  • The cat is running away from home due to stress.
  • Someone in the neighborhood chased the cat away.
  • The cat feels home is no longer safe
  • The cat went on a food trip
  • Too much noise at home
  • The presence of a visitor.

My cat has gone missing will he come back

The chances of your cat coming back after missing solely depend on why the cat went missing, if the cat is still alive and the cat didn’t roam beyond 4 miles from home, then there is a high chance your cat will come home.

There are different ways you can help a cat to find its way home, one thing you should do is to get a cat tracker.

My cat has been missing for 2 weeks

If your cat is missing for 2 weeks here are the steps to take to find your cat provided your cat is still alive:

  • Ask around your neighborhood
  • Search all possible cat hiding places
  • Check with every Vet around
  • Talk to local animal shelters
  • Talk to local animal rescue organizations
  • Talk to local animal control officers
  • Make flyers and posters with pictures of your cat
  • Try to post on local social media pages
  • Advertise in Local newspapers
  • Talk to a pet detective

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