13 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Cat Outside

Why You Shouldnt Let Your Cat Outside
Why You Shouldnt Let Your Cat Outside

In this post, we will be discussing why you shouldn’t let your cat outside as letting your cat go outside comes with lots of troubles which I will be pointing out.

Most indoor cats are constantly interested and want to go outdoors; it is your responsibility to keep them inside since allowing them to go outside has more negative consequences than keeping them inside.

You should not let your cat outside because it is at risk of being hit by a car or a predator, contracting a lethal disease, becoming lost, or being poisoned intentionally or inadvertently.

Keep your cat indoors and save yourself some trouble and if you must let your cat outside it must be under your supervision.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Cat Outside

Keep your cat indoors to prevent the problems that come with having an outdoor cat.

Cats are excellent hunters with strong hunting instincts that drive them to hunt this is why indoor cats run away.

The following are the main reasons why you should not let your cat outside:

Moving Vehicles Have the Potential to Injure or Kill Your Cat

Cats roam a lot, and outside cats already know their way about town, but a new inside cat you just released has no idea about safe zones or playing safe.

Outdoor cats are often wiser than indoor cats; they already know where is safe and where is not safe, and they have had enough practice on their adventures about town.

However, because everything is new, an indoor cat you just let out can easily dash into a moving vehicle and be crushed or harmed.

Accidents be it household or outside are one of the causes of trauma in cats.

Letting your cat go outside without your supervision is a good recipe for sending your cat to get crushed by moving vehicles, especially if you live in a busy area.

Your cat could get lost if he or she wanders too far away

Outdoor cats understand their limitations and boundaries, and they can always find their way home when they want to spend time with their owners.

An indoor cat that has been permitted to go outside may roam and become lost because it is in a new environment that is different from what it was accustomed to.

If you must let your cat go outside, you must microchip it or implant a tracker so that you can always locate and track your cat’s movements.

There are many ways to find a lost cat, even though oftentimes lost cats can still find their way home with the help of their owners.

Infectious diseases could affect your cat

Cats who have grown up to be outdoor cats already have a robust immune system, can deal with weather conditions, and know how to keep safe and away from disease.

If you allow your indoor cat to go outside, he or she is more likely to get infectious illnesses since it is safer indoors than outside.

So, if you want to let your cat out, be prepared to deal with the consequences. You may, however, offer your cat immune boosters to keep it safe.

There are common ways cats can get bacterial infections and infestation, so do your best to protect your cat.

Your cat could be exposed to toxic garden plants or flowers

Cats wander a lot and can cross parts with toxic garden plants and flowers such as lilies or poinsettia and this is a very bad plant that will hurt your cat.

However, outdoor cats already know these plants of the experience and will always navigate their way around and play safe.

Then if you allow your cat to go outside there are high chances that your cat can come in contact with these plants and get hurt.

So play safe and keep your cat indoors, and make sure you don’t have toxic plants around your home. Toxic plants can scare cats.

Your cat might be infected with common parasites

If you allow your cat to go outside then your cat stands a high chance of coming in contact with some common parasites such as ticks, fleas, or even worms.

When your cat comes home with a parasite because you let it go outside, you will end up spending time and money to get rid of the parasites.

However, you can always treat your cat when it gets a parasite, but it doesn’t worth it to allow your cat to go outside because you know you can easily treat your cat.

Apart from going outside, there are many ways indoors to get parasites you should know and avoid.

Your cat might be poisoned on purpose or by accident

Just as you love your cat so do you have cat haters who do not want to stand the sight of a cat.

If you allow your cat to go outside it stands a higher chance of eating poisoned food.

Sometimes people would want to get rid of a rodent that destroys their items like rats, and if by chance your cat runs into such a rat, and use it as food then you have lost your cat.

A neighbor who hates a cat can kill your cat for trespassing or spoiling his or her items. So do your best to keep your cat at home.

It’s possible that your cat will get into a fight with other cats

Allowing your cat to go outside may result in fighting with other cats, which might result in harm or death.

Cats battle for territory, and an indoor cat you let outside knows a thing or two about crossing it. This may kill your cat or send it away for good.

Because your cat entered another cat’s territory, it may be pursued into places where it loses track of where it belongs.

There is no guarantee that your cat will not rush into a moving car and be killed while attempting to flee from other animals or cats.

So, to spare yourself any hassle, keep your cat at home.

Your cat may be taken away by cat nappers

If your cat is ever stolen by a cat napper, there is a good possibility you will never find or see it again.

Cat nappers are persons who go about hunting or stalking cats in the street for a different reason, and if your cat falls into the hands of such a person, you will never see it again.

This is one of the reasons why cats disappear without a trace, so keep your cat indoors and save yourself the stress.

An Animal Control Officer may come to pick up your cat

Some people believe in many myths regarding indoor cats, but I can assure you that there are several advantages to keeping your cat indoors rather than allowing it to go outside.

When a cat is allowed outside, it will inevitably get into difficulty and will be taken by animal control if it gets into trouble or causes problems.

Animal control is present in every community, and its major function is to remove animals that cause problems.

However, there is no guarantee that your cat will not trespass and cause problems.

If your cat is taken away by animal control because you allowed it to go outdoors, you will have to answer certain questions, which will take time and money.

So, to spare yourself the bother, keep your cat inside.

Your cat might come in contact with toxic chemicals

Allowing your cat to go outside comes with a lot of risks, and one of those risks is that your cat may come in contact with toxic substances such as slug pellets, anti-freeze, or rat poison, which are dangerous for your cat.

You never can tell places your cat can reach because you allowed your cat to go outside, one of those places may be contaminated with toxic substances that may hurt your cat.

So save yourself the stress, money, and time and keep your cat indoors.

Dogs or other predators may injure or kill your cat

This is one of the major reasons why you shouldn’t let your cat go outside without your supervision.

There are lots of animals waiting for your to slip out of your home and your cat will become a good meal for them.

Here are animals that will kill a cat outside;

  • Coyotes
  • Porcupines
  • Skunks
  • Raccoons
  • Cougars
  • Scorpions
  • Snakes
  • Hawks
  • Foxes

So, save yourself the steps of going to look for your cat outside and just keep your cats indoors.

Your cat may be involved in accidental abduction

Cats who develop a habit of climbing in open cars, crates, or other containers risk being moved outside their area.

This cat is found in an open construction truck, service vehicle, delivery van, or convertible.

Curious cats are also moved in boxes outside of their area.

Other of these cats were subsequently transported across the city, and in some cases, across the nation.

Your cat might be picked up by another cat lover

If your cat goes missing or is stolen by another cat lover who isn’t a decent citizen, say your goodbyes since the odds of your cat returning are minimal.

If your lost cat is carried away by another adorable cat lover, however, there is a strong possibility it will return after being traced next to you or being publicized in the media.

Always keep in mind that, as much as you like your cat and want to keep it close at all times, there is another cat lover out there who already has cats and wants more.

If your cat has ever been held by such individuals, this is your animal’s final farewell.

What to do to stop your cat from wanting to go outside

Here are some things to do to stop a cat from going outside, for more details click here.

  • Spay or Neuter Your Cat
  • Provide A Cat Environment
  • Get Good Play Toys
  • Get Things to Scratch and Climb on
  • Keep a Clean litter box For Your Cat
  • Create Playing Time With Your Cat
  • Provide Entertainment For Your Cat
  • Cat-Proof Your Home
  • Show Your Cat The Outside World
  • Provide Alternate Entrance and Exit
  • Leash Training
  • Reward Only Desired Behaviors
  • Maintain Cat Daily Routine

By Nelly Cage

Nelly Cage is a pet lover who loves and lives with cats. She will be sharing her experience with cats and other pets.