How to Entertain a Bengal Cat: 15 Proven Ways

How to Entertain a Bengal Cat
How to Entertain a Bengal Cat

I have written many articles about Bengal cats, I was asked how to entertain a Bengal cat in a forum, and in this article, I will outline all the possible ways to keep a Bengal cat entertained.

People think Bengal cats are very aggressive and can attack their owners or other animals within their territory. This means Bengal cats are not for everyone.

This is true on one condition, which is that the Bengal cat is not well-trained or properly socialized.

From experience, I can tell you that Bengal cats are very territorial when they are not socialized, which is one of Bengal’s pros and cons.

Bengal cats are prone to separation anxiety because of their energy level, this can cause unnecessary behavior problems in Bengal cats.

Before we go any further, I’d want to point you that Bengal cats have a 75 percent higher risk of becoming violent due to separation anxiety than most other cat breeds.

To correct these behavior issues, you should engage them with lots of activities like mental stimulation and exercises.

That been said, let’s look at all the possible ways to keep your Bengal cat entertained and happy.

How to Entertain a Bengal Cat

Here are some common ways on how to entertain a Bengal cat you should know which are as follows:

Teach your Bengal cat a variety of tricks

Bengals are clever animals that can be taught to perform tasks like sit, lie down, retrieve, and high five.

Hold a pea-sized goodie near your cat’s face and say “Sit” to train your cat to sit.

As soon as it sits, gently assist its body into a sitting position and give it the treat.

Train your cat for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, pausing if it becomes boring or frustrating.

To keep your cat from gaining weight, provide small nibbles throughout training.

Teaching a Bengal cat many tricks to perform is the best way to keep your Bengal cat entertained.

Provide lots of interactive and electronic toys for your Bengal cat

According to the findings of the study, the first-best approach to keep your Bengal cat engaged is to provide them with a variety of interactive toys.

Let’s assume you can’t afford to keep two Bengal cats due to the high expense of food or any other reason you can think of.

Then purchasing a large number of interactive toys from Chewy or Amazon is a good option.

The majority of these Bengal cat owners informed me what kinds of toys they have, which I would gladly offer as a list today.

So, what are the most often suggested toys for Bengal cat owners?

This isn’t to suggest that there aren’t other toys that your Bengal cat will enjoy, but for the sake of this article, we’re focusing on Bengal cat owners.

The top 6 most recommended toys for your Bengal cat are as follows;

  1. PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy.
  2. Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish.
  3. Catit Design Senses Circuit Cat Toy.
  4. Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree Cat Feeder
  5. Interactive Cat Toys Ball, Automatic 360° Self-Rotating Rolling Ball with USB Rechargeable.
  6. Scratching Post Premium Sisal Toll Scratch Posts with Tracking Interactive Toys Vertical Scratcher

Provide an artificial swimming pool for your Bengal cat

Bengal cats enjoy playing with water, and a pool may provide hours of entertainment for your Bengal cat.

If you don’t have a lot of room, an artificial swimming pool can be purchased for your Bengal cat.

When your cat is finished swimming, just empty the water. And also dry your Bengal cat.

Bengal cats are too obsessed with water that they will follow you into the bathroom, therefore provide an artificial swimming pool.

Provide a cat water fountain for your Bengal cat

Bengal cats, as previously said, enjoy the water a lot; thus, if you want to keep them occupied and engaged, you may give them a water fountain.

A water fountain might pique your cat’s interest and make him wonder what’s going on within the fountain basin.

You may purchase an excellent water fountain for your Bengal cat at a reasonable price.

Keep clean water in the fountain since your cat will drink from it after he has been accustomed to it.

Here is a recommended water fountain for your Bengal cat at a good price tag.

Provide cat trees and build shelves for your Bengal cat

Bengal cats are excellent hunters that enjoy climbing. This is one of the best ways to keep your Bengal cat entertained.

If you want to keep a Bengal cat happy and occupied, you should offer cat trees with plenty of scratching posts.

Your Bengal cat can spend the whole day climbing on different sections of your home, they can take an afternoon nap on these cat trees.

Make sure you place a cat tree close to the window with a clear glass view so that your Bengal can have an outside view.

So, what are the finest cat trees you can purchase for your Bengal cat?

Here is the best

Provide playing time for your Bengal cat

Bengal cats are known for being active and feisty, so a fetch game is a great way to keep them occupied.

You may involve them in a lot of exercises and play since they have so much energy.

However, you must exercise caution when playing with your Bengal cat, since Bengal cats are prone to play aggressiveness, which may be a problem for certain owners.

The most suggested games to play with your Bengal cat include fetch, riddles, and hide-and-seek.

Take your Bengal cat for a walk

When properly trained and socialized, Bengal cats love to take a walk with their owners down the street.

All you need to do is to get a leash and harness, fix it on your Bengal cat, and hit the road. Here are some reasons you shouldn’t let your Bengal cat go outside without your supervision.

However, before taking your Bengal cat on a walk be sure to practice with your cat in a similar but smaller area.

You can take your Bengal cat into your garden to play and climb on trees, but make sure you don’t have cat-repellent plants.

Provide a lot of mental stimulation for your Bengal cat

One of the best ways to provide mental stimulation for your Bengal cat is to play a puzzle game with your Bengal cat.

There are lots of puzzle games you can set up for your Bengal cats to get them occupied and mental enrichment.

You can also hide treats around the house, play a fetch game as this will help keep your cat healthy and happy.

Read more about cat mental stimulation here at cattime.

Provide another companion cat for your Bengal cat

Bengal cats are excellent family pets with plenty of activity; nevertheless, having a second cat gives them an advantage over separation anxiety.

Bengal cats who live in pairs or with other cats are considerably happier and less prone to separation anxiety than Bengal cats who live alone, according to studies and experience.

Read this article if you are thinking of getting a second cat for your Bengal cat or a second dog for your Bengal cat, you can see the best cat or dog to get.

There are many reasons why you need to get a second pet for your Bengal cat, which is as follows:

  1. Getting a second cat can assist with separation anxiety.
  2. Getting another cat will aid in the treatment of your Bengal cat’s sadness.
  3. Adding a second cat to your household might help your Bengal cat become a better family cat.
  4. Adding a second cat to the mix might help them get extra exercise.
  5. Getting a second Bengal cat will make your Bengal cat feel less lonely.
  6. Adding a second cat to your Bengal cat’s life can help them improve their social skills.

Spend as much time as you can with your Bengal cat

Bengal cats require attention, and if you do not connect with them, they will misbehave.

Spend plenty of time together, from playing to frequent cuddling sessions, to show your cat how much you like it.

Mischievous Bengal cats, as bright as they are, may figure out how to unlock drawers, disassemble objects, and hide jewels and other valuables.

Giving your cat good attention and keeping it entertained may save you a lot of trouble.

Making grooming a fun game

Bengals are low-maintenance pets that just require weekly brushing to remove dead fur.

Brushing on a regular basis will also reduce shedding and hairballs.

Grooming your cat will strengthen your relationship as well as maintain its coat healthily.

When brushing your cat, examine for redness or discharges in its eyes, nose, and ears, feel for odd lumps on its body, and search through its fur for fleas and ticks.

For grooming to be a fun game, you have to start it as early as possible from the kitten stages, always reward your Bengal for allowing you to groom them.

Over time, your Bengal cat will associate grooming with a form of entertainment since they get treats.

Provide a cat wheel for your Bengal cat

The cat wheel is a sort of training and exercise for Bengal cats which they step on and continue running while the wheel keep rolling.

This is also a form of exercise for your Bengal cat, however, you should monitor your Bengal not to overdo it.

Play video games with your Bengal cat

Are you the type that plays a game on your laptop or desktop computer, you can invite your Bengal to sit and watch you.

It’s fun and a good way to entertain your Bengal cat, there are lots of games Bengal cats love watching.

Mostly car or bike racing games, as well as Mortal Kombat, so find time to see what type of game you and your Bengal will enjoy.

Teach your Bengal cat to watch cartoons on TV

This is one of the best ways to keep your Bengal cat entertained all day long, but to make it easier teach your Bengal from kitten stages.

There are lots of cat show movies and cartoons that will capture your Bengal cat’s attention such that your Bengal won’t know you are not around.

Just go on Amazon and get as many cat movies as you can, pick out those that your Bengal love, and use them as a sort of entertainment.

Go hiking or camping with your Bengal cat

Bengal cats are very energetic, active, and spirited, they love to take part in every activity with their owners.

Bengals are known to be very sociable when properly trained and socialized, so to keep a Bengal entertained just go camping with it.

Remember to take your leash and harness with a good carrier for your Bengal cat, you can also go hiking with your Bengal.

Because Bengals have wild origins, they love outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, or walking in the woods.

Conclusion on how to entertain a Bengal cat

Bengal cats are beautiful, lively cats that make excellent companions.

They require a lot of attention because they are so active and clever.

Spend lots of quality time with your Bengal cat companion to keep it happy.

Play and cuddle with it, and improve its habitat with toys, perches, and scratching posts.

A happy Bengal cat is a healthy Bengal cat, so take it to the vet once every 4 months, feed it a balanced diet, and keep it clean and groomed.

There are many ways you can care for a Bengal cat and avoid unnecessary health challenges associated with Bengal cats.

By Samuel Steve

Samuel Steve has more than 12 years of experience with cats and dogs his the founder of Pet Creeks and currently living with 2 different breeds of cats and a dog, Samuel Steve is here to write and share his years of experience with pets.