How To Entertain A Bored Cat (10 Simple Hacks)

how to entertain a bored cat

Even though cats love sleeping always, they do get bored, which brings the question of how to entertain a bored cat.

I will outline and discuss some of the most common ways to entertain a bored cat at home, so if that interests you continue reading.

Although most cats can sleep for a long time, they still get bored and this can lead to unnecessary behaviors.

So let’s discuss…

How To Entertain A Bored Cat

Hiding treats in paper homemade boxes, setting up a moving toy game, providing fishing rods and strings, and teaching cats new tricks are some of the most common ways to entertain a bored cat.

Just like you think there are far too many ways to entertain a bored cat at home, but we will the most effective ways.

You should be aware of the following popular strategies for entertaining a bored cat:

1. Start teaching your cat new tricks

Cats are intelligent pets who can learn to sit, lie down, rollover, retrieve, and high-five.

To teach your cat to sit, place a pea-sized treat near its face and say “Sit.”

As soon as it sits, assist it into a sitting position and give it the treat.

For 10 to 15 minutes at a time, train your cat, halting if it becomes uninteresting or uncomfortable.

Provide little nibbles throughout training to keep your cat from gaining weight.

The greatest method to keep your cat engaged is to teach him or her a variety of tricks.

2. Switching toys

While this may sound funny, it’s really, cats are curious pets that love seeing or exploring new things.

Switching to different types of toys when they are bored is an amazing way to keep them entertained.

The moment you roll out a new set of toys, your bored cat will become curious and will want to explore.

3. Set up a water fountain

Most cats enjoy water, so if you want to keep them happy and engaged, put a water fountain in their room.

Your cat’s curiosity about what’s happening on within the basin can be piqued by a water fountain.

You can acquire a fantastic water fountain for your bored cat for a moderate price.

Keep clean water in the fountain since your cat will drink from it after he has been accustomed to it.

This is a fantastic water fountain for your bored cat at an affordable price.

4. Educate your cat to watch cartoons on TV

This is one of the finest methods to keep your bored cat occupied throughout the day, as well as to help them learn more readily from a young age.

Your bored cat will be entertained by a range of cat show flicks and animations while you are away.

Simply go online and download as many cat movies as possible, then pick the ones your bored cat enjoys.

Your cat should be taught to sit and watch cartoons. You can also download videos of mice running around to your iPad and let your cat try to catch them.

5. Use of laser lights

This is the finest technique to engage your cat since it helps him deplete his energy faster and induces him to take a nap.

Laser light is a unique technique to communicate with a hyperactive cat.

They are fast-moving creatures that can chase down a flying fly or bug in seconds.

A moving laser pointer may be mistaken for one of those eye-catching objects, leading cats to pursue it for hours.

This conduct is due to their inquisitive and predatory mindset.

A low-power laser pointer may be purchased from a stationery store and pointed in the direction of a cat-friendly place.

Soon enough, it should start following the laser, and you’ll have something to keep your cat busy.

If your cat never caught the light, it’s sometimes frustrating, so be sure to let your cat catch the light and give him something to make him feel he caught his hunt.

6. Provide your bored cat with puzzle feeders

Puzzle feeders are available on the market that allow your cat to earn food by using its wits.

They range in difficulty from basic paw swipe puzzles to more complex puzzles that need more nuanced tasks before food is delivered.

Invest in a toy that will keep your cat guessing, or shake things up and acquire a new toy if your cat has grown accustomed to the previous one.

7. Use fishing rods and strings to play with your bored cat

Toy fishing rods and string toys are both exciting and interesting.

The long-lasting toy was created to appeal to a cat’s natural tendencies for stalking, pursuing, and pouncing on prey.

Your cat will never be bored or idle again if you use these toys.

You could even tie treats to the fishing rod’s tip and have them jump for them.

To avoid choking or strangling concerns, this form of play requires adult supervision.

Interactive toys, especially for indoor cats, are recommended by veterinarians and feline behaviorists to keep them healthy and busy physically and psychologically.

8. Start to play the ball or fetch game

Fetch is an entertaining way for your cat to practice his hunting and pouncing skills.

Toss a toy, a little ball, or a piece of paper that they can easily pick up, then stand and wait while your cat tries to return it.

The most essential thing is to educate them how to return the object with a lot of love, praise, and prizes.

Your cat will appreciate the opportunity to use its natural instincts, and playing the game with you will strengthen your relationship.

9. Set up a clear window view of the outside world

Cats like looking out the windows because it excites and fascinates them, as they can be entertained with what they see.

The mosquitoes and flies that have lingered, as well as the birds that soar overhead can keep your bored cat entertained while you do other things.

As a result, obtain a sturdy window perch and secure it to a clear-view window or door.

The K&H Pet Products EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill is ideal for your bored cat while keeping cats engaged.

This site will keep your cat’s attention for hours, helping them to stay focused and active mentally.

10. Hide treats in homemade paper boxes

You must spend money on puzzle feeders since you can produce one your self.

Cats have a keen sense of smell and can detect where odors originate; you may take advantage of this.

Make a little box by sealing it and poking a few small holes in it. This helps cats stay happy.

Then place some food inside and let your cat to access them by sticking his or her paws through the holes.

This is comparable to creating your own puzzle toy, and it will encourage your cat to think before eating.

Make sure your bored cat can place its paw in the box and take the goodies; otherwise, the cat will feel stressed.

This strategy will keep your bored cat occupied for hours as he or she attempts to get the goodies from the box.

Reasons you should entertain your cat

Here are some of the most common reasons why you should keep your cat entertained:

  1. Entertaining your cat helps prevent separation anxiety in cats.
  2. Entertaining your cat helps your cat get more exercise.
  3. Entertaining your cat improves bonding with your cat.
  4. Mental stimulation is improved when you entertain your cat.
  5. Entertaining your cat help prevent or discourage bad behaviors in cats.
  6. Entertaining your cat helps your figure when your cat is losing or gaining weight by playing with your cat.
  7. Entertaining your cat helps signal any sign of illness (when they are inactive to play).
  8. It helps in socialization of your cat.
  9. It keeps your cat busy while you do other things.
  10. Keeping your cat entertained can help stop him from wanting to go outside.
  11. It helps discourage clinging behavior in cats.

How to get your cat to play by itself

Here are some common ways to get your cat to play by itself you should know:

  1. Provide an open environment for your cat to explore.
  2. Provide a moving mouse.
  3. Change the location of moving objects or toys.
  4. Offer toys with movement or noises.
  5. Rotate a certain set of toys regularly.
  6. Provide food puzzles and high quality treats.
  7. Provide a wide screen iPad and down moving mouse while your cat try to catch the mouse.
  8. Offer an open and functional water fountain.
  9. Introduce a hunting game.
  10. Provide an electric moving fish toy.
  11. Provide catnip or honeysuckle bags.
  12. Add some ping pong balls in a bowl of water.
  13. Make existing toys more interesting with new scents.

Activities for indoor cats

Here are some common set of activities for indoor cats you should know:

  1. Provide a standpoint or clear window view for watching birds.
  2. Provide unique puzzle feeders with treats.
  3. Laser pointer play sessions.
  4. Start a belly rubbing sessions.
  5. Provide a wide screen iPad and down moving mouse while your cat try to catch the mouse.
  6. Provide catnip mice toy.
  7. Provide a water fountain.
  8. Use fishing rods and strings to play with your cat.
  9. Start to play the ball or fetch game with your cat.
  10. Give your cat freedom.
  11. Hide treats in homemade paper boxes and let your cat find them.
  12. Provide more varieties of moving toys.
  13. Pet your cat.

Outdoor activities for cats

Here are some outdoor activities for your cats:

  1. Set up a hunting garden in your backyard.
  2. Walk your cat on leash to visit your neighbor.
  3. Build a cat enclosure outside your compound.
  4. Allow your cat to hunt a moving mouse in your backyard.
  5. Provide a water fountain in your backyard.
  6. Take your cat for a walk.
  7. Let your cat hunt birds within your sight.
  8. Go for sightseeing with your cat on leash.
  9. Plant cat-friendly herbs around your house for your cat to play with.
  10. Make or provide an outdoor cat house.

I hope with the information provided on this page, I have answered your question How To Entertain A Bored Cat!