Asking Are Beagles Good With Cats: What You Should Know

Are Beagles Good With Cats

People ask are beagles good with cats a lot, may be these kinds of question is coming from people who want a second pet for the cat or a second pet for the beagle.

In these post we will answer the question are beagles good with cats and give you reasons why you should go ahead and get a cat for your beagle or why you should get a beagle for your cat.

When people here beagle, what comes in mind is stubbornness, vocal and destructive. Yes that is true, but it all depends on training, every breed of dog needs training before you can get the best out of it.

Before we continue let’s quickly give the simple answer to the question. Note that Beagles act in different ways.

Are Beagles Good With Cats?

Beagles are good with cats because Beagles were selectively bred to hunt in pack, so beagles always want a companion pet to act as their pack, beagles are also very affectionate and can easily bond towards their family members and get along very well with other pets as long as they live in the same roof.

Beagles are very destructive when they are left alone for too long without a companion, so getting a cat for your beagle help your beagle overcome separation anxiety which in turn leads to unnecessary aggressiveness.

In recent years The American Kennel Club, also confirmed that Beagles are actually among the breeds of dogs that get along with cats.

There are many mixed breeds of beagles and each of the breeds comes with its own personalities which may differ from purebred beagle.

However, there a few ways to identify a purebred beagle that will come with the unique personalities associated with beagles.

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The Best Age to Mix a Beagle and a Cat

The best age to mix a beagle with a cat is when the beagle gets to 18 months old and the cat is 12 weeks old. At the age of 18 months the beagle has stopped growing, mastered the obedience training commands, and become more affectionate towards any family members.

Obedience training is the very first thing you must complete with a beagle before you can think of bringing in a second pet.

Introducing a cat to a beagle that is younger than 18 months comes with its risk because beagles love chasing smaller animals than them when the are much younger.

If you must bring in a cat to a beagle that is much younger than 18 months then you have to always pay close attention to how the beagle react to the cat crossing its path.

If you want to introduce a cat to a new dog then make sure the cat is at least more than 12 weeks old, at this age the cat is less harmless and still learning the basis of his environment.

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List of things you need before Introducing a cat to a Beagle

Here is the list of things you need before bringing a cat home to a beagle;

  • Separate feeding plate for the cat or dog.
  • Separate Retractable Dog Leash.
  • Different types of play toys
  • Dog & Cat Blanket
  • Rectangular Bolster Cat & Dog Bed.
  • Separate water can

Do not make a mistake of thinking your Beagle will share his feeding plates with a new cat or vice versa. It will be easier for a beagle to share things with another beagle than share with a cat in the first few weeks.

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Preparing a Beagle to Meet The New Cat

Preparing a Beagle to Meet The New Cat
Preparing a Beagle to Meet The New Cat

Here are the basic and most important ways of preparing a beagle to meet or welcome a new cat;

  • Socializing your beagle at the earliest stages.
  • Proper obedience training of your beagle.
  • Showing your beagle pictures or images of the cats weeks before bringing in the cat.
  • Playing a video of the cat to your beagle several times and days before bringing in the cat.
  • Watching cat and dog-friendly movies with your Beagle several times and days before bringing home the cat.

Beagles are very intelligent and curious, they love watching movies, so you can use that to your advantage.

Beagles remember a lot, showing images or videos of that cat to your beagles many times before bringing the cat home will make them get use to the cat faster than you think.

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Preparing a Cat to Meet a Beagle

Here is the simple ways of preparing a cat to meet a beagle which is as follows;

  • Proper socialization of the cat
  • Showing images of the beagle to your cat many times before bringing the beagle home.
  • Playing and watching friendly video movies of cat and dog.
  • Visit other beagle owners with your cat.

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Important Tips for safety precautions during introducing a cat to a beagle

Here are the common tips for bringing in a cat to meet a beagle;

  • Provide separate areas until you are sure they can stay together.
  • Do not force interaction or play between both of the Beagle and cat.
  • Always rewards good behaviors for both.
  • Provide an escape route for the cat in the first few weeks, in case your beagle wants to surprise you.
  • Closely monitor the relationship between the beagle and the cat.
  • Get different leash.
  • Get a clicker for your beagle.
  • Do not feed both in different times, feeding time should be the same.
  • Make sure you get a soft claw for your cat.

Introducing the Cat and Dog to Each Other

Here is the basic steps in introducing a cat to a beagle for the first time;

Step 1

In the morning of the day you are going to bring your cat back home, be sure to rewatch the cat videos with your Beagle several times before you leave to get the cat, reward your beagle for watching the cat videos and show your beagle the cat pictures before you leave.

Step 2

Once you are back leave the cat in the car or anywhere outside. Put your Beagle on the leash, then bring the cat inside and take the cat around the house for at least 5 mins.

At this point your beagle may start barking reward him and move to the next step.

Step 3

Keep the cat in his blanket just before the dog using the leash to make sure your beagle can not reach the cat.

Show your beagle the same cat image you have been showing him.

Step 4

Rubbing your palms at your beagle back reward him for staying calm, using one hand to bring the cat closer bit by bit.

Stop and see your beagle reaction, don’t get him over excited, repeat the process and make sure you have an eye contact with your beagle and call him his name and pet him.

Step 5

Finally, if your beagle is very calm then allow him sniff the cat and reward him for being calm.

Remove the leash and put a cat and dog friendly movies then sit and watch with your Beagle while you keep a close watch at your Beagle reaction.

If things go well you are done, if your Beagle keep charging at the cat take the cat away and play the cat videos over and over the keep trying.


This method is been used by most beagle owners, I personally used it to get my Rottweiler to stay with my cat.

Be sure to create your beagle if you’re not around for the first week then keep an eye on him.

At this point, if the are friends get lots of toys for them and they will become best of friends over time.

Share quality time between both and never neglect any of them, do not keep food today for them for at least one month, Beagles love food a lot and can hardly share but over time your Beagle will learn to share.

It will only take you time, devotion and patience to get your beagle and cat stay healthy and happy together.

16 Dogs That Are Good With Cats

Here are other breeds of dogs that do well with cats;

  1. Golden Retriever
  2. Collie
  3. Border Terrier
  4. Labrador
  5. Maltese
  6. Corgi
  7. English Springer Spaniel
  8. Portuguese Water Dog
  9. Poodle
  10. Irish Setter
  11. Basset Hound
  12. Bichon Frise
  13. Shetland Sheepdog
  14. Silky Terrier
  15. Pug
  16. German shepherd