Why Do Pomeranians Dig: 10 Reasons & Control Tips

why do pomeranians dig

Digging their bed or backyard is what most dogs do, but why do Pomeranians dig either their bed or backyard? Join me and let’s find out together!

In this post, we will outline and discuss some common reasons why Pomeranians dig, we will also discuss some common ways to prevent your Pomeranian from digging.

I will try to summarize the whole reason in a paragraph so as to give you a simple answer to your question why do Pomeranians dig.

Why Do Pomeranians Dig

Separation anxiety, curiosity, too much stress, frustration, play aggressiveness, a lot of energy, loneliness, and finding a cool area to relax are all reasons why Pomeranians dig.

You must figure out why your Pomeranian is digging and take action as soon as possible.

The easiest approach to keep your Pomeranian occupied is to never leave him out of your sight for more than a few hours at a time.

Here are the most common reasons why Pomeranians may dig your fence or their sleeping bed, which includes the following:

1. Pomeranians can dig out of curiosity

Dogs have a natural desire to dig, which can be for a variety of reasons, including curiosity.

Pomeranians are inquisitive tiny dog breeds who are always interested in what is going on in their environment.

Your Pomeranian might be digging to see what’s in the hole in your fence or to figure out what the hole means.

Any mouse attempting to enter or leave the region of your Pomeranian will be dug up by your Pomeranian.

Therefore, don’t rule out the curious nature of Pomeranians when thinking of reasons why do Pomeranians dig.

2. Pomeranians dig due to play aggression

Nipping, snarling, snoozing, lunging, and soft biting, as well as excessive digging off the fence or in the backyard, are all indicators of play aggression in Pomeranians.

It’s quite common among Pomeranians since their owners always accept or support it as the proper behavior.

Pomeranian play aggression develops over time and, if not properly controlled, can cause major difficulties with your children and dog.

Due to play aggressiveness that he gained over time, you might witness your Pomeranian digging in his bed or wherever else.

3. Pomeranian dig due to too much stress

Pomeranians are little dogs that might be easily stressed or anxious. This might be owing to their size or the purpose of the breed.

Knowing how to detect whether your dog is scared, stressed, or sad will help you avoid bad behavior and provide a happy, healthy life for your dog.

Although most stress indicators are clear, your dog’s stress communication might be subtle and surprising at times.

When a Pomeranian is upset or stressed, it may dig up your garden or fence to show the owner how unhappy it is. Too much stress can cause unnecessary shaking in Pomeranians.

4. Pomeranians dig out separation anxiety

When Pomeranians are separated from their owners for an extended period of time, or even when they are not left alone unsupervised for an extended amount of time, they develop separation anxiety.

Digging, nipping, barking, self-isolation, and destructive chewing are all signs of separation anxiety in Pomeranians.

Leaving Pomeranians alone at home causes separation anxiety, which may be avoided by giving a buddy or proper crate training.

Don’t ignore your Pomeranian excavating your fence or backyard when you get home; attempt to remedy it.

5. Pomeranians dig when overly ignored by owner

Another compelling incentive for Pomeranians to dig is to gain their owners’ complete attention at any cost.

Your Pomeranian adores you and always wants your entire attention, they never want to feel ignored

Your Pomeranian will engage in a number of actions, such as digging, to get your undivided attention.

By digging its bed, barking, whining, or howling, your Pomeranian may try to obtain your attention.

If a Pomeranian is bored or feels ignored, they may act out to get their owners’ attention.

Pomeranian dogs seek attention more than other dog breeds since they were bred to be human companions.

6. Pomeranian can dig due to excessive energy

Pomeranians are a small, lively dog breed that is always on the lookout for something to do with their excess energy.

If your Pomeranian doesn’t get enough walks, activities, or mental stimulation, he or she may dig up your yard to relieve stress.

To keep your Pomeranian entertained, you’ll need to create and stick to a regular routine that works for both you and your Pomeranian.

If you don’t find a way to entertain or burn off some of your Pomeranian’s energy, he may dig.

7. Pomeranians dig out of frustration

Frustration and melancholy are the most common reasons for undesired behaviors in tiny dogs, such as Pomeranians, which can lead to excessive digging.

Lack of mental stimulation might cause your Pomeranian to get frustrated and depressed, leading to undesirable behaviors.

Changing meal times or diets can cause unwarranted irritation and despair in your Pomeranian, and a dissatisfied and unhappy Pomeranian might bite.

8. Pomeranian may dig to cool off in hot weather

Pomeranians are little dog breeds that suffer from heat exhaustion in hot weather, thus they will seek out a cool location whenever possible.

When it’s hot outside, your Pomeranian may dig a cool and pleasant place to rest, signaling that your backyard isn’t secure.

A Pomeranian digging holes in your fence or yard may be seeking a spot to cool down since it’s too hot outside.

As a result, if it’s hot outdoors and the air is stuffy, make sure they have access to a cool, shady spot.

9. Pomeranian may dig when bored or lonely

Little dog breeds like Pomeranians are no exception when it comes to crying or seeking something to occupy their time when they are lonely, bored, or hungry.

A Pomeranian can become violent and nip or attack its owners when bored, lonely, or hungry.

They may begin digging your fence as a way to escape or to keep themselves busy if no one is available to keep them occupied.

Provide lots of mental activity to keep your Pomeranian from being bored or lonely.

10. Pomeranian may dig as part of fun

Pomeranians do not scratch or destroy things a lot, although they do enjoy digging and, may indulge in nuisance barking.

Excavating the fence or backyard may seem difficult to you, but for your Pomeranian, it is the polar opposite which is having fun.

Pomeranians like digging all day because it is enjoyable for them to dig up and roll about in cool dirt.

If you offer enough instruction and mental stimulation, digging will not be an issue for you and your Pomeranian; simply tell them what to do.

How to control Pomeranian digging behavior

Here are some strategies for preventing or controlling Pomeranians from digging:

1. Eliminate all sort of curiosity

Pomeranians dig to satisfy their curiosity, and rodents may spark a Pomeranian’s curiosity and drive them to start digging up their hole.

Pomeranian dogs adore chasing after things, so if yours detects a mouse in your house, you may anticipate him to dig out of curiosity.

It’s vital to keep rats out of your house since they’ll keep your Pomeranian digging.

2. Make digging areas unattractive

Instead of scolding and screaming at your Pomeranian for excavating the fence, make the area unpleasant for him to do so.

Keep items out of your Pomeranian’s reach so he doesn’t get too close to the digging areas.

You might use pine cones as a deterrent or apply repellant to the area where your Pomeranian is digging.

Distracting your Pomeranian is one of the most common ways to discourage them from digging.

Distract their attention away from digging instead of scolding and beating them.

3. Burn off your Pomeranian excessive energy

The best way to keep your Pomeranian from digging is to walk or exercise him on a daily basis and burn off excessive energy.

A tired dog will not have the energy to indulge in bad behavior.

Lack of exercise is the leading cause of destructive behavior in Pomeranians and other dogs.

Take your Pomeranian outside for a walk or run at least two to three times a day, for 10 to 15 minutes each time.

4. Desensitization and Counter-Conditioning

Teach your Pomeranian that digging is bad behavior, using positive reinforcement at all times.

When it comes to training your Pomeranian, positive reinforcement is more effective than negative reinforcement.

To educate your Pomeranian that digging is not a good habit, you must employ positive reinforcement.

It’s always a good idea to desensitize and counter-condition your Pomeranian.

5. Provide lots of mental stimulation

Pomeranians grow bored since there aren’t enough things to do throughout the day, so they start digging in your garden or basement.

Why not keep your Pomeranian active during the day with a range of brain stimulation exercises.

You may construct a treasure hunt for your Pomeranian by hiding treats, and you can also keep them entertained with a selection of fascinating and entertaining toys.

6. Create and follow a daily regimen

Create and stick to a daily routine that is beneficial to both you and your Pomeranians and keeps them engaged throughout the day.

By sticking to a routine, you can keep your Pomeranian busy and interested throughout the day.

7. Avoid separation anxiety

Getting a second pet will help you deal with the bulk of your Pomeranian’s troubles.

Getting a second pet is never a horrible idea because Pomeranians are prone to separation anxiety and annoyance if their owners are gone for a lengthy amount of time.

8. Provide engaging and interactive toys

Make sure your Pomeranian doesn’t take their toys outdoors if they prefer to bury them.

If you’re playing with them outside with a toy, bring it in when you’re done.

Another way to divert your Pomeranian’s attention away from digging is to give him or her chew toys.

To keep Pomeranians interested, provide a range of fascinating and entertaining toys, such as chewable.

With all the above information, I believe your question of why do Pomeranians dig was answered!