How Big Do Beagles Grow: Weight, Length & Height

How Big Do Beagles Grow

People ask how big do beagles grow a lot and in this post, we will be discussing how big beagles grow together with things you need to know about the size and growth of a beagle.

Beagles are a very vocal, affectionate, and friendly breed of dog, that was selectively bred to hunt small birds and hare.

Today beagles are used as pets because of how affectionate, cheerful, gentle, feisty, self-assured, alert, and confident they are towards their owners and families.

To get or enjoy the full characteristics of a beagle you have to get a purebred beagle and not a mixed breed, there are a variety of ways to identify a purebred beagle.

How Big Do Beagles Grow

A purebred full-grown male Beagle will grow up to 40.64 centimeters (16 inches) tall and weigh up to 10.8862 kilograms (24 pounds), while a purebred female Beagle will grow up to 38.1centimeters (14 inches) tall and weigh up to 9.52544 kilograms (22 pounds).

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Factors that influence the growth of a beagle

Here are some factors that might influence the growth of a beagle;


Beagles are prone to many genetic diseases that can influence their growth, however, some of these diseases can be taken care of with proper medical attention as early as possible.


The type and quality of food you give to your beagle have a direct impact on the growth of the beagle, therefore if you want a beagle to get to its potential size you have to give the beagle high-quality food.

Exercise Needs

To get a beagle to get to the desired size you have to provide a good source of exercise for the beagle.

Beagles are hyper dogs that need exercise for proper flow of blood which helps them stay healthy.


The environment of a beagle can have a significant impact on the beagle’s growth and development, most environment contributes to illness which in turn lead to a lack of proper growth.

Caring for a beagle can be stressful, but it is worth giving in your best to make your beagle happy, here are 14 best ways to care for a beagle.

What size dog is a beagle?

Are Beagles small or medium-breed dogs?

Beagles are classified under medium-sized dogs due to their final body size and weight which is seen in the medium size range.

Beagles were selectively bred to have the average medium size to enable them to navigate when hunting or chasing prey.

The primary prey for beagles are hares, small birds, foxes, and rabbits. And these preys are very good at navigating their way when in motion, therefore for a beagle to keep up it was selectively bred to have a medium size.

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How much should a beagle weigh?

Here is the average weight a beagle should weigh at every age of growth;

0-2 weeks1 lb (0.45kg) Standing
3 weeks1.5-2 lbs (0.68-0.91kg) Hearing and Making sounds
4 weeks2.5-3 lbs (1.13-1.36kg)Socialization Skills and Barking
6-7 weeks3.5-4 lbs (1.58-1.81)Off Mother’s Milk
8 weeks4-6 lbs (1.81- 2.72kg)Adjusting to commands
16 weeks8-12 lbs (3.62-5.4kg) Potty Trained
6 months10-15 lbs (4.53- 6.80kg) The transition from Puppy Food to Dog Food
1.5 years20-24 lbs (9.07-10.88k)Fully Grown
The chart is from embroapets

How tall is a beagle

How Tall Is A Beagle
How Tall Is A Beagle

A healthy and full-grown purebred male beagle will grow up to exactly 16.14 inches (41 cm). While a purebred female beagle will grow up to 14.96 inches (38 cm). These measurements apply to only a purebred beagle, not a mixed breed.

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How to measure beagle height

Here are the steps involved in measuring the height of a beagle: To measure the height of a purebred beagle you will need; a carpenter’s level, marker or pencil, and measuring tape.

Step 1

Stand your dog against a wall: This will give you a fixed point next to the dog that you will use during measurement.

Step 2

Locate the Beagle withers: The withers on a dog are the highest point of its shoulder blades.

Step 3

Place a carpenter’s level across your Beagle’s withers: Make sure the level is indeed level, then mark the point where the bottom of it is touching the wall.

Step 4

Measure from the ground to your level mark: Once the area is clear, you can easily measure from the ground to the mark that you made.

When are Beagles fully grown?

The skeletal system of a purebred beagle will fully develop at the age of 18 months (1.5 years) at this stage all growth will stop, then you can say a beagle is fully grown.

However, the only change that will occur after this age is gaining or loss of weight, which is solely dependent on feeding.

Factors that influence the final size of a Beagle

Here are the common factors that will affect the final size of a purebred beagle;

  • Illness
  • Diseases
  • Feeding
  • Runt of litter
  • Environment

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Do beagles eat a lot?

Yes, beagles eat a lot due to the fact that they are scent hounds that follow the scent of their nose and cannot control the urge to resist the scent of food.

Beagles are never satisfied and they need all the nutrients they can get for proper growth and development of the body.

A beagle will continue to eat as long as they see food.

How much should a Beagle eat?

An adult Beagle should eat one cup of dry food which should weigh 90 grams (3.17466 ounces) per day and should be split between the morning and early evening time.

While a Beagle puppy should eat two cups of dry food which should weigh 180 grams (6.34931 ounces) per day.

A beagle puppy needs more energy and should be eating 55 calories per pound of body weight, while an adult beagle needs 45 calories per pound of body weight, and seniors need 42 calories per pound of body weight.

Why do beagles eat so much?

Beagles eat so much because they are scent hounds that have little ability to regulate or control their nose and appetite, therefore, as long as their nose keeps getting the aroma or scent of any food they will keep eating since they have no control over their nose.

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