How Much Does A Beagle Cost: What Affects The Price

How Much Does A Beagle Cost

How much does a beagle cost is exactly what this post is all about, and we will also consider why the prices differ from one breeder to another, so read to the end to find out more information about beagles.

Beagles are among the most popular breeds of dogs that are considered a very good family dog even though they can be very destructive and vocal, but that can be controlled with obedience training.

Beagles were selectively bred to hunt small birds and hare games, this means they are very active and requires lots of exercises to stay healthy.

You have to give a beagle 10 – 20 minutes of exercise every day to help the Beagle stay fit and happy, so getting a beagle comes with lots of things, which we will outline as we go down.

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How much does a beagle cost?

Considering your location, breeder’s price tag, and quality of the beagle a healthy beagle will cost $300-$1500 USD on average. You can also adopt a beagle for around $200-$400 USD.

There are many factors that affect the final price of a beagle which makes it difficult for two people in different locations to get a beagle at the same price.

Even people in the same city might get their beagle at different price tags, and some of these factors we will outline here. Don’t forget that they are many mixed breeds of beagles that come at different price tags.

Factors that influence the price of a Beagle

Here are the common factors that influence the price of a beagle;


They are different breeders all over the city around the world both registered and non-registered breeders, this greatly influences the final price of a beagle.

Even in the same state but different areas you can still find out that different breeders have different price tags on beagles.

In The United States, the price of a beagle is very much dependent on the state you live, therefore, the price in New York City will very much differ from the price in Texas.

The same thing applies to other parts of the world, even though beagles are more popular in The United States.


In areas with seasonal changes in weather (winters, warm springs, hot summers), most people bring new puppies into their homes during June and July.

People who want a beagle began searching in April and May to give them time to find the perfect puppy, choose from the litter, leave a deposit, and prepare a new member of their canine family to come to the house.

Therefore, the price of a beagle might be influenced by the exact season you are bringing in the beagle. The simple takeaway here is that there is high demand in some seasons than other seasons.

Breed of Beagle

There are many mixed breeds of Beagles that are been sold in place of purebred, however, there are still simple ways of Identifying purebred beagles.

Some mixed breeds of beagles are even more expensive than the purebred, however, getting a mixed breed of beagle comes with lots of things.

Quality of the Beagle

Beagles come in different range of quality, such that some qualities are a bit expensive than other quality. Breeders use quality to make more profit that buyers don’t know about.

Of course the show quality of Beagles are more expensive than other quality of beagles.

Runt of litter

In a group of beagle from the same mother, a runt is a member which is significantly smaller or weaker than the others.

Owing to its small size, a runt in a litter face obvious disadvantage, including difficulties in competing with its siblings for survival and possible rejection by its mother.

So, the price of the runt normally differs from the whole litter.

Age of the Beagle

Age is very important to the price of a beagle puppy. There is a very small window of time when the price can be the highest dollar. The breeder with the best reputation can deposit the unborn puppy, but once the cubs reach 8 weeks of age, the price usually drops sharply.

Breeders Status

Take it or leave it, there is always registered breeders and non-registered breeders everywhere, and of course you don’t expect the price to be the same.

In the US, the AKC is the most reputable, trusted canine kennels, setting the standards of purebreds. They strive to oversee breeding programs, making sure that their many rules are followed. This helps ensure the integrity of the breed and keep dogs healthy.

How reputable a breeder is also influencing the price of a beagle, price tags of the breeder also influence the final price of a beagle.

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Color and Markings

Color and Markings of Beagles
Color and Markings of Beagles

Despite recognizing that many coat colors, only 11 colors are “standard” colors for these dogs. That just means they’ll need to be one of the 11 colors to participate in official AKC competitions and shows.

However, some color combinations are “unofficially” preferred, such as the black, tan & white (tri-color). A Beagle with a more desirable coloring will generally be more expensive thanks to the principles of supply and demand.

The Cost Of Leaving With a Beagle

Leaving with a beagle comes with lots of cost, which may include vet expenses, feeding, and training equipments and many more. So let’s look at them bit by bit.

Vet Expenses for Beagles

Beagles like other dogs comes with health challenges associated with them, treatment of these health challenges comes with a cost, which vary from one health challenge to another.

Let’s look at some health challenges associated with beagles and cost of treatments, however, some of these illness may be controlled by regular medical check-ups.

  • Meningitis is a common condition that beagles have. And treatment cost around $1,300 – $3,500.
  • Hip Dysplasia is also common to beagles and the cost of treating this is between $2000 – $5000.
  • Patellar Luxation is a common condition in beagles that affects the knee cap and may make it harder for your Beagle to walk. The cost of treating this is between $1,700 – $3,500.

How Much do Beagles Cost from Shelters?

You can’t buy a dog from a rescue shelter. But you can make a donation to go toward the center’s daily expenses.

Pet adoption usually ranges from $350 to $550. It’s worth noting that the adoption fee also includes registrations, vaccinations, a health check, and de-worming treatment.

Beagle Training and Supplies 

Training a beagle comes with lots of things like consistency, time, money, and patience, therefore you will need some pet supplies to keep your beagle happy.

  • Leashes and collars 
  • Bedding 
  • Clicker
  • Treats
  • Toys 
  • Water and food bowls 
  • Brushes
  • Dog Crate

You can get any of them from Amazon.

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