Why Do Beagles Bark So Much? 12 Reasons & How To Control Barking

Why Do Beagles Bark So Much

People ask why do beagles bark so much in forums and groups, in this post we will be discussing all the possible reasons why beagles bark so much as well as all the possible solutions to stop these unwanted behavior of barking.

First of it is important to note why beagles were bred, beagles were selectively bred to hunt small birds, foxes, rabbits, and hares as they are scent hounds that track their prey through a picked up scent.

If you use a beagle for hunting you can not stop a beagle from barking or making a series of noise while hunting, but as a pet dog there many ways you can control how often your beagle bark, howl or make other sounds.

Why Do Beagles Bark So Much? Beagles bark so much because they were selectively bred to be loud during hunting so that their owners can identify their exact location and retrieve them after hunting. Now they are used as pets, those genes of loudness have not gone away but can be controlled. They can also bark in fear or out of excitement.

It will be almost impossible to stop a beagle from barking or making other different sounds provided it’s a purebred beagle, the only thing you can do is to control how often your beagle bark at things unnecessarily.

Due to beagle affection towards their owners and family members, beagles are now seen as one of the most popular breeds of dogs used as pets.

Beagles also do well with people who live in an apartment, all they require is a small space to run around for their exercise needs.

So now let’s look at some common reasons why beagles bark a lot.

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Why Do Beagles Bark So Much

Here are all the possible reasons why beagles bark so much which are as follows;

Nature Of Their Breed

Beagles belong to the scent hound group of dogs that were selectively bred to hunt small games by picking up their prey scents and leading the hunter to the prey.

You can’t take away barking from a beagle as long as you are using the beagle for hunting, but you can control it if the beagle is just a pet or family dog. Is on the genes of beagles to bark, because they were bred to bark while hunting.

The main reason why beagles bark during hunting is to make it easier for their owners to locate their positions as the are hunting and these makes it easier for their owners to retrieve them after hunting.

This traits of barking in beagles is not going away any time soon, except through cross breeding, speaking of which here are the best mixed breed of beagles. So even if you get a new beagle puppy will will still need training.

Out of Stress

A stressed beagle will always bark in a way to relieve stress or tell you how much pains they are going through at the moment.

Here are some causes of stress in beagles which are as follows;

  • Trauma
  • Confusion
  • Memory loss associated with aging
  • Large or strange objects
  • New environments
  • Fear
  • Loud noises
  • Feelings of strain
  • Big groups of people

Sign of Separation Anxiety

Even beagle is prone to separation anxiety this is because beagles are an active breed of dogs that needs lots of exercise or something doing all the time.

So if you live your beagle alone for too long they may develop separation anxiety and one very clear sign of this aggression and unnecessary barking as well as unwanted behaviors.

Unnecessary barking is most times attributed to separation anxiety mostly in beagles, so always keep your beagles busy, either by getting a second pet, entertainment or interactive toys.

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Out of Hunger

Beagles are known to eat a lot and are never tired of eating this is because they can’t control their nose scent.

Your beagle can bark unnecessarily because he is perceiving a strong aroma of food coming from your neighborhood.

A beagle can also whin and bark because his hungry and need something to eat. So be sure to feed your beagle at the appropriate time to avoid unnecessary behaviors like whining and barking.

Your beagle may start barking because of its meal time and may whin just to tell you to bring their meal for them.

Sign of Excitement

Beagles are happy dogs who love playing with toys and their owners, a beagle is very likely to bark too much because of excitement. There are many things or activities that get beagles excited which are as follows;

  • Presence of food: A Beagle may start barking just because he saw you trying to bring his food, this is normal in most beagles.
  • As a welcome or greetings: When you are off to work, or you stepped out for some time, once your beagle notices your back the beagle may start to bark as a way of telling you welcome, this is seen in most beagles.
  • Off-Leash: Generally beagles hate to be on a leash because it restricts their activities of playing and jumping up and down, when your beagle notice you want to remove his leash he can start barking out of excitement.
  • Happy To Go Outside: Beagles love going outside and if you always take your beagle to dog parks, when it’s time, and you’re getting ready your beagle may bark out of excitement.
  • Playing his favorite game: it could be time to watch a favorite movie or play a favorite puzzle game or other games, beagles can bark out of the excitement of wanting to play the game.

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To Gain Attention

Beagles are active dogs that always want something or someone to play with, your beagle may bark unnecessarily because he wants to gain your attention.

A beagle can start barking because you don’t want to play with him, or you are doing other things, and he wants you around.

Beagles do bark when they want something from you, maybe your beagle wants to go outside for his business he can start barking in a way to tell you to come and open the door.

A beagle may also bark every time he wants to pee, and you should always leave a door for him to go and pee.

Out of Fear

Beagles bark so much when fear is involved, in fact they change the intensity of bark when it comes to fear.

There are many things that can cause fear in beagles which are as follows;

  • Loud sound or noises
  • Unknown objects
  • Gun shorts
  • Thunderstorms
  • Strangers
  • Fireworks

Poor Socialization

Poor socialization can cause your beagle to always bark at people, cats, other dogs or pets frequently without stopping.

This is a big issue with most beagles owners, therefore you should do your part by socializing your beagle from the puppy stages.

You have to teach your beagle not to see other dogs as threat or perceiving other pets as danger around him or her. Do this right from the puppy stages as it will reduce the chances of your beagle always barking.

Side Effects of Medication

Beagles can bark so much as an effect of a long time medication which is constantly making them unstable. Do not take medication ideas for nonprofessional always stay close to your Vet and ask all your beagle health related questions to your Vet.

A side effect of a medication can make your beagle to be aggressive and can sometimes lead to trauma. So be sure to check out if they are effects on the medication you are giving your beagle.


Beagles are vocal breed of dogs who will not take pains for long and will immediately voice the inner feelings due to the intensity of pain they feel.

A beagle in pain hardly stay calm and would let the whole compound know his in pain.

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Abuse And Neglect

This applies mainly to adopted beagles, most beagles may have been abused or neglected by their owners before they are taking to the shelter.

Beagles see many things as abuse and most times they feel independent because they are great hunters there by running away from abuse.

Ending up in a shelter home is what most beagles hate and could affect them down the road. Abuse or neglected beagles end up barking so much and are always aggressive.

Shouting at your beagle, using an electric collar, beating your beagle, and starving your beagles all lead to bad experiences.

Bad Experiences

This most times results in a traumatic experience which takes longer most times to go away even with proper medical attention.

Again this mostly apply to shelter or adopted beagles and bad experiences can prompt them into barking so much.

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How To Stop Beagle From Barking

How To Stop Beagle From Barking
How To Stop Beagle From Barking

Beagles are a very vocal breed of dogs that were selectively bred to hunt small birds, foxes, rabbits, and hares. However, due to how affectionate they are towards their owners and family members, they are now used as pets.

It is important to note that you can not completely stop a purebred beagle from barking, but you can control how and what they bark after.

Also note that barking in beagles is hereditary and can only change if you continue cross-breeding the same breed down to their 3 or 4 generation.

For example, this means you will have to cross a beagle with a Poodle to get a Poogle, then you will keep crossing the Poogle with other breed down till fourth generation before you can take away 85% of the 1st generation traits.

To control your pups from becoming a nuisance, train them to listen to you and not their own instincts. Since you can only control excessive or unnecessary barking from beagles let’s look at some ways this can be done;

Socialize Your Beagle Puppy Early

Early socialization of a beagle puppy does a lot down the line, you will need to socialize your beagle with other dogs, cats, and humans.

By socializing your beagle puppy as early as you can, your beagle will no longer stand at the window and bark at other dogs walking down the street. Or chase and bark at strangers walking down the street.

Expose you beagle to the outside world to see other dogs and humans as many times as you can, take your beagle to dog parks to see and play with other dogs.

Visit other dog owners or beagle owners, this is to teach your beagle that other dogs coming around is not always threat or dangerous.

Ignore Unnecessary Barking

Ignore your beagles when they bark either for something or unnecessarily. As much frustrating as it may be, you should never demonstrate any reaction, positive or negative, when your beagle barking begins.

Most of the time your beagle does this to get your attention, so even if you react to the beagle, he is getting what he wants.

It is important to note that no matter how long your beagle keeps barking, you have to be consistent and ignore his cries for attention.

You can only react in some condition like seeing his barking at something you’re seeing to be dangerous.

Introduce Your Beagle To The Cause Of The Barking

The most important thing here is to condition your beagle not to fear the stimulus causing his barking at a time.

Let’s look at a good example, let’s go say your beagle is always barking whenever someone rings the doorbell.

In this type of condition, you need to teach and give your beagle a command like “Quite,” then have someone else ring the doorbell to motivate your beagle to bark.

As your beagle barks offer a treat close to his face and he will stop barking to sniff it, at which point you should give him praise and the treat.

Continue this training until your beagle responds to “Quite” without the outside stimulus then will your beagle learn that barking is an activity best performed on request only.

Constant Exercise

You may be surprised at what good daily exercise can do to the level of barking and health of your beagle. Exercise does not only help beagles stay fit and healthy but also helps them over stress and boredom.

Stress is one of the most common causes of beagles barking unnecessarily and can be controlled with good daily exercise.

Get A Second Pet

Beagles are always relying on their owners for affection and happiness, you can always get your beagle to stop barking by getting a second pet.

Get a second pet for your beagle, this is because beagles were bred to hunt in packs and always want a companion, this will also keep them busy while you are away and can help stop separation anxiety.

Beagles hardly get bored when the have other pets around, and they don’t get stressed up.

How to stop a beagle From howling when you leave

Beagles are an intelligent breed of dogs and will always figure out when their owners want to leave home and can start whining, howling or barking.

There are common ways you can use to keep them busy while you are gone which are as follows;

  • Get a second pet to always keep them, companion, while you are gone, then when you want to go start a game between both of them. Either by throwing the ball outside the backyard and telling them to go get it, then you are off.
  • Never tell your Beagle goodbye when you want to go outside. Never stay at the door to greet your beagle when you come back.
  • Drain your beagle energy before you leave: Beagles are active dogs and always want to play be sure to give them lots of exercises before you leave. By this, they will sleep for long, and you will be gone.
  • Provide an alternative exit door: It’s not always easy for your beagle to watch you leave without reactions, you can provide a second exit door such that they don’t know you are gone.

How to stop beagle from barking at other dogs

Beagles are very vocal and can bark unnecessarily even when nothing is wrong with them. Here are some tips on how to get your beagle to stop barking at other dogs.

Beagles are hunting dogs that were bred to hunt in packs so getting them to stop barking at other dogs may not be difficult, unlike other dogs.

  • Position yourself and your beagle away from another dog.
  • Give your beagle treats when your beagle notices another dog but does not bark or otherwise react.
  • Add in a verbal cue: consider giving your beagle a verbal cue to draw his attention toward you and away from the other dog.
  • Move your beagle closer to the other dog If your beagle starts reacting and barking, move back and work on moving more closely again.
  • Practice every day: Daily practice is essential to getting your beagle to stop barking at other dogs.

How to Stop Beagle From Barking While Walking

Here is how to stop your beagle from barking at other dogs while walking;

  • Walk your Beagle with a sturdy leash or harness.
  • Choose a different location where you can walk your beagle.
  • Walk away from the other dogs or walk in the opposite direction.
  • Distract your beagle and pull your Beagle’s attention away from the other dog.
  • Add challenges to your beagle walk. Challenges can force your beagle to pay more attention to you than other dogs.
  • Be mindful that your dog may still be tempted to bark, even if you can control his body’s movements.
  • Repeat it many times until you are satisfied your beagle can stay calm with other dogs.

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