14 Hacks On How To Make a Guinea Pig Happy

How To Make a Guinea Pig Happy

How to make a guinea pig happy is what most guinea pig owners want to know because sometimes it’s difficult to know if your guinea pig is happy.

I will be making this post a very simple post so keep reading to find out how to make a guinea pig happy with simple things.

How To Make a Guinea Pig Happy

Here are some common ways to make a guinea pig happy:

1. Build more tunnels for your guinea pig

DIY tunnel for guinea pigs
DIY tunnel for guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are tunnel masters they love running through a lot of tunnels and this helps them stay happy all day long.

Do you want your guinea pig to stay happy? Then provide more tunnels that are tactically set up for them to go through.

You must not buy everything you want to use as a tunnel for your guinea pig.

You can look up how to make a tunnel with clothes on YouTube and make your own tunnel yourself.

It’s simple and will make your guinea pigs stay happy.

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2. Provide more soft bedding they can run on

Guinea pigs hate running hard on hard bedding materials which is why most guinea pig owners end up putting cotton materials in their cages.

This could be in form of a soft flatbed or soft clothes you can place in certain areas of their cage to give them a place to run on.

You can get lots of flat soft beds online or make them yourself if you can.

You can keep this soft bed close to their tunnel so that they have quick access to it after playing.

3. Provide guinea pigs levels of layers to explore

Levels of layers for guinea pigs
Levels of layers for guinea pigs

Just like I mentioned with building tunnels, you can add levels or layers to your guinea pig cage.

However, make sure the first layer has enough space before building out the other top layers.

You can DIY these layers, as they add something that your guinea pig will definitely love, and running on these layers makes guinea pigs happy.

Remember you must have a bigger cage for you to be able to build out layers.

4. Give your guinea pig treats regularly

To keep your guinea pig happy, give them snacks two or three times a week. There are several fruits that are safe for guinea pigs.

The guinea pigs’ favorite foods are carrots, cucumbers, apples, bananas, lettuce, celery, kale, collard and dandelion greens, and a range of other vegetables and fruits.

Some of these products can also be included in a guinea pig’s daily diet.

All pet stores have guinea pig treats, fresh hay, and bits of wood for the guinea pig to chew on.

The following fruits and vegetables should not be served to your guinea pigs:

All onions, almonds, seeded fruits, avocados, chives, scallions, spices, leeks, garlic, iceberg lettuce, and citrus fruits are forbidden.

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5. Provide a second guinea pig

Get two guinea pigs
Get two guinea pigs

Just like they say, two is better than one, these also apply to guinea pigs as well.

If you actually want to see what it means for a guinea pig to be happy try to get a second guinea pig.

Although guinea pigs enjoy your company, nothing beats having another guinea pig to play with.

The most difficult part will be finding a cage big enough for two mature guinea pigs.

Unless you want offspring, try to keep the piggies of the same gender or neuter one of them.

6. Provide fresh food daily

Your guinea pigs will enjoy getting or eating fresh food more than anything you can get from the pet shop.

You can source fresh green grass from your garden and make sure you wash and dry them before giving it to them.

You can also provide fresh veggies for your guinea pigs as they will enjoy it.

Hay should make up about 80% of your guinea pig food and make sure this hay is fresh and dried properly.

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6. Make a hide and seek spots for guinea pigs

Guinea pig hiding
Guinea pig hiding

Guinea pigs are prey animals, and they love and enjoy having some hiding spot in their cages so be sure to provide one or two.

Even in the wild guinea pigs build their house in such a way they have layers where they can hide.

This should be a simple task for you, as you don’t need to buy things you can always DIY them with clothes.

Your guinea pig will always be happy and running around knowing they have a place to hide in case of an attack.

Guinea pigs generally feel more safe and secure when you give them somewhere to hide.

7. Providing a large cage

One of the best ways to make or keep a guinea pig happy is to provide a large cage with lots of space.

Large cages give a guinea pig the freedom to explore a whole lot of space to stay happy.

Small cages can cause stress or anxiety for your guinea, small cages won’t allow your guinea pig to have tunnels and lots of hiding space.

You can go online and see lots of large DIY cages you can build for your guinea pigs.

8. Guinea pigs enjoy cuddles

Guinea pigs are happy with cuddles
Guinea pigs are happy with cuddles

If there is one thing that makes most guinea pigs happy is cuddling with owners.

You will be surprised to see your guinea pig sleep off during cuddling sessions.

Guinea pigs will make some unique sounds when you gently massage and stroke them while they may dose off.

9. Change their cage set up regularly

Guinea pigs are happier when you allow them to explore things themselves in their cage.

Re-arranging their cage setup is a fun way to keep them happy.

This is not to say that you should keep buying new kits for their cage every now and then.

Guinea pigs are happy when they explore new things, you can change the position of their tunnel or hiding spot, or even add fresh hay to a new part of their cage.

10. Spend more time with your guinea pigs

Guinea pigs enjoy having you around as long as you reward them with fresh veggies.

Guinea pigs are social creatures, as previously said, and spending more time with them is one method to keep them happy.

Guinea pigs enjoy being petted and stroked, as long as it is done in moderation.

Spend time with your guinea pigs every day, even if it’s only for 15-20 minutes, to keep them happy.

This helps with bonding, reduces tension, worry, and nervousness, and keeps them happy. It also allows you to keep track of their physical condition.

The greatest thing is that caressing your guinea pigs is also beneficial to your human health, since it may help you cope with work stress or despair.

11. Make sure to keep their cage clean

Because guinea pigs spend most of their time in their cage, you’ll want to make it as pleasant as possible for them.

It’s just a cage to you, but it’s where they sleep, play, eat, go to the restroom, munch on hay, speak with their roommate, sip water, and people-watch wild humans to them.

Guinea pigs are virtually always in their cage, so provide them the nicest guinea pig environment you can.

A wonderful set-up is fine and all, but to keep them happy, you’ll need to clean their cage at least once a week.

Anything less would put your beloved pets in an unsanitary situation, exposing them to harmful living circumstances.

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12. Provide more toys for your guinea pigs

Understand that your guinea pig’s safety should always come first and that many commercial toys can break and leave little fragments that your guinea pig could choke on.

To avoid choking dangers, only place big toys in the cage that your guinea pig cannot swallow.

Because guinea pigs prefer to chew on objects, wooden blocks or dowels are wonderful alternatives.

Ensure whatever wooden toys you buy are untreated and unpainted.

Guinea pigs enjoy racing through tunnels in their cage and napping in them.

A tube or tunnel may be purchased at a pet store, but you can simply create one at home using an empty container.

13. Bring your guinea pigs outside to play

Allow your guinea pig to run about in a tiny room or other contained location to get some extra exercise.

Ensure your guinea pig is only let out in rooms with no minor holes through which it may escape or become lost.

Also, keep your guinea pig away from furniture or equipment that may trap it, such as below sofas, behind stoves or refrigerators, and so on.

When your guinea pig is let out of its cage, make sure any cables are not only disconnected but also inaccessible to them.

Allowing your guinea pig outside, where they might be easily lost or mistaken for prey by larger animals, is not a good idea.

14. Teaching them tricks

Guinea pigs are intelligent creatures who can be taught to stand on their hind legs, spin, run in a circle, stand on a perch, spring, and answer to their name.

Guinea pigs are not quite as easy to train as other rodents, but with a little time and work, you can succeed.

Guinea pigs who have been tamed are more responsive to instruction and learning new tasks.

Taming your guinea pig will develop your relationship with them before you begin training them.

You’ll need to use a strategy known as operant conditioning to teach your guinea pig tricks, which entails rewarding your guinea pig each time they perform a job.

How to know your guinea pig is happy

Here are some common ways to know your guinea pig is happy:

  1. A contented guinea pig will occasionally popcorning.
  2. A satisfied guinea pig accepts goodies without hesitation.
  3. A curious guinea pig is usually delighted.
  4. A happy guinea pig is active and busy all of the time.
  5. A happy guinea pig does not show indications of boredom.
  6. A contented guinea pig has a healthy appetite.
  7. A pleased guinea pig frequently wheeks.
  8. A contented guinea pig will crawl into the palms of its owner.
  9. A cheerful guinea pig is eager to interact with you.
  10. A contented guinea pig is always delighted to meet you.
  11. A happy guinea pig will sleep in any part of the cage.

I hope your concerns about How To Make a Guinea Pig Happy was resolved!