13 Top Things Guinea Pigs Hate You Should Avoid

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Things Guinea Pigs Hate
Things Guinea Pigs Hate

There are a lot of things guinea pigs hate, some of which can cause stress, anxiety, and depression for guinea pigs.

We will be looking at the most common things that guinea pigs hate, so if that is why you are here keep reading!

Things Guinea Pigs Hate

Guinea pigs generally hate loud sounds, cold weather, staying under high temperatures, dirty accumulation in their cage, having bigger animals around them, and picking them up when they are eating.

Let’s break these things down so that you understand better and avoid them.

Here are some of the most common things guinea pigs hate that you should have:

1. Guinea pigs hate high temperatures

Because guinea pigs have a somewhat body temperature close to humans (99-103F or 37-39 C).

It is important to keep in mind that when you start to feel hot, your guinea pigs are already heated.

High temperatures cause guinea pigs to be restless and stressed, this is not good for your guinea pig.

So, always monitor your guinea pig cage area temperature to avoid unnecessary health challenges associated with high temperatures in guinea pigs.

2. Guinea pigs hate low temperatures

Just as high temperatures affect guinea pigs so do low temperatures affect them too.

Guinea pigs dislike cold weather, and you’ll know if they’re chilly if you’re cold, because they will start looking for a warm spot to hide.

Guinea pigs can endure temperatures up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius), but anything below that is too cold for them, and they will need your aid to remain warm.

3. Guinea pigs hate loud sounds

Guinea pigs hate loud sounds because it causes stress for them and can be scary.

Fireworks, slamming doors, loud music, thunder, gun shots and anything that can cause loud sounds are things guinea pigs hate.

3. Guinea pigs hate open space with nowhere to hide

Guinea pigs are prey animals that hate to be in an open spot with nowhere to hide since they can’t defend themselves.

Hideouts are necessary components in a guinea pig’s cage; they are more than simply places for your guinea pig to cuddle when he is afraid.

So when buying or building a cage consider providing a space for your guinea pig to hide.

4. Guinea pigs hate living alone

Guinea pigs are a social animal that love interacting with other guinea pigs and when in captivity they hate being alone.

Keeping one guinea is good but if you want to have a happy guinea pig then keep them in pairs.

Even in the wild they stay in groups as this helps them stay safe, so getting one guinea pig is not always a smart idea.

Note: A lonely guinea pig can suffer from stress, boredom and depression which can lead to unnecessary behaviors.

5. Guinea pigs hate humans touching their rare end

Most guinea pigs don’t like humans touching their butt as this means they are being submissive and not dominance.

They like having their noses, under their chins, and behind their ears scratched.

They don’t mind if you pat them on the back as long as you keep your hand away from their butt.

6. Guinea pigs hate dirty cages

Guinea pigs are clean pets that hate staying in dirty cages or smelling environment.

Guinea pigs are self-grooming and rather clean animals, even in the wild they build out their home into sections.

Guinea pigs will require your assistance with certain grooming tasks, but they will be able to complete the majority of them on their own.

Cleaning the cage isn’t difficult; it only takes 15-20 minutes once a week for a complete cleaning.

So, with a little more effort and time, you can keep your furry buddies in a tidy and clean environment.

7. Guinea pigs hate bigger animals or pets

Guinea pigs hate socializing with animals that are much bigger than them as they see them as predators.

Guinea pigs are small pets that are scared by the sight of other bigger pets.

However, they still do well with bigger pets if you do a once job socializing them when they are younger.

8. Guinea pigs hate living in a small space

Guinea pigs love living in a cage that is wide enough to give them space to exercise themselves.

They hate small space a lot and this can cause them to be stressed or depressed.

Guinea pigs love running around and giving them a small space will definitely restrict their movement.

9. Guinea pigs hate visitors and strangers

Guinea pigs are prey animals, and they definitely hate having people they don’t know coming around them as they feel unsafe.

Guinea pigs often have hard times trusting people around them except that one person that takes care of them.

So it will be nice to place your guinea pig cage where no one has access to expect you.

10. Guinea pigs hate people chasing them

You may think it is fun but guinea pigs hate their owners chasing or running after them.

Playing a game where you chase your guinea pig is not a smart idea.

Despite the fact that he knows you well and is emotionally attached to you, this type of activity causes him a great deal of stress.

When a guinea pig is threatened in the wild, he flees. He doesn’t have a chance to fight the predator, therefore the only way he can live is to flee.

Consider this: if you pursue him, he will instinctively flee and hide as quickly as possible.

Chasing after your guinea pig might backfire as they may dislike you and think you are hunting them.

11. Guinea pigs hate being held for too long

Do not combine snuggling time in your hand with floor playtime. Because your guinea pigs are free to go at any time, the second one can last up to 30 minutes.

Despite the fact that guinea pigs like being held, everything has its limitations. Maybe you’re having a tough day and need some extra love.

Or you believe that snuggling should endure a long time since guinea pigs like it. They do, but just for around 5-10 minutes.

If you pick up your guinea pig with the aid of a reward, be aware that your guinea pig will begin to pee or defecate after a certain amount of time. It’s best if you don’t do it with your hands.

12. Guinea pigs hate bathing regularly

Guinea pigs hate regular bath on a frequent basis this because they find it hard to regulate their body temperature.

Leaving them wet can cause skin issues, over bathing them can also cause some skin issues.

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13. Guinea pigs hate direct light

Just as much as humans hate direct light so do guinea pigs hate direct light.

This can be very stressful for any guinea pig which is why I recommend not keeping your guinea pig close to your door or window.

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