10 Common Signs Your Guinea Pig Hates You

Signs Your Guinea Pig Hates You
Signs Your Guinea Pig Hates You

Let’s look at some common signs your guinea pig hates you which you should look out for when living with a guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are happy pets that love to run around in their cage when they are happy which is actually one of the reasons you should get a guinea pig.

There are a series of things you can do to the guinea pig that can make them hate you, and winning them back is not a funny business.

So, let’s look at some of the most common signs your guinea pig hates you.

Signs Your Guinea Pig Hates You

Here are some common signs your guinea pig hates you:

1. Your guinea pig refuses to take treats from you

This is the most common sign that your guinea pig hates you and this could be caused by different reasons.

A guinea pig that loves you will quickly rush to pick a treat from your palms at any point.

For a guinea pig to hate you it must be your actions or your new lifestyle that pissed them off.

However, refusing to take treats might also mean your guinea pig is sick or stressed at the moment, but when this trend continues over time then your guinea pig hates you.

2. The guinea pig often shows signs of aggression

Again guinea pigs are social and happy animals that can still show signs of aggression when depressed or stressed.

Boredom, unhappiness, concern, or aggression against its keepers are not signs of a contented guinea pig.

Biting, scratching, and excessive chewing are all signs of aggression in guinea pigs, but if your guinea pig is happy, you won’t notice.

Always keep a watch out for these signs, as they will help you figure out if your guinea pig is happy with you or hates you completely.

3. A guinea pig that hates you won’t climb onto your palms

You can tell your guinea pig is satisfied and happy when it runs up to you and wants to interact with you.

So if you go past their cage and they begin rushing up to you, that’s a good sign.

It might be a sign that they’re happy with themselves and want to interact and play with you.

So, if your guinea pig comes up to you and wants to play with you, you should give them what they want.

A pleased guinea pig will climb on quickly after you lower your hands for them to climb on, and may even try to climb on you again.

The opposite of not climbing or noticing your presence means your guinea pig dislikes you.

4. A guinea pig that hates you is always disinterested

Disinterest in anything, even vegetables, is one of the most obvious signs that your guinea pig is unhappy.

If your guinea pig used to enjoy playtime but now refuses to join, it might be sad or suffering from a health condition.

There is a concern if this symptom lasts longer than a day. Always take them to the vet for a checkup to be safe.

The sooner you detect the issue and have it looked out, the better off your guinea pig will be in the long run.

5. A guinea pig that hates you won’t allow petting

If a guinea pig likes you enough, it will allow you to pet, cuddle, or simply keep them in general.

If you’re patient enough, picking them up and petting them will be easier. They will not attempt to stop you.

Don’t think that just because the guinea pig doesn’t like being caressed or held implies they don’t like you.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that each guinea pig is unique and has its personality.

As a result, some guinea pigs may despise being carried, while others may enjoy it on rare occasions.

6. A guinea pig that hates you will hide when you are around

So, if you walk past your guinea pig cage and they stay put instead of fleeing and hiding, you know they trust you and are pleased to be near you.

It might suggest that they feel safe and secure in your company and that they enjoy having you nearby.

This is a fantastic sign, since only a contented and happy guinea pig would behave in this manner toward its owners.

If, on the other hand, your guinea pig flees to hide as you approach its cage, your guinea pig does not like you.

7. A guinea pig that hates you act grumpy around you

When a guinea pig develops a hatred for you, they tend to be very grumpy when you are around them.

When you pet them, touch them, call them, and when you give them treats they totally ignore you.

This act is not something that starts overnight it takes time for guinea pigs to become grumpy around you.

This can help if you decide to take away the second guinea pig or toys.

8. A guinea pig that hates you won’t answer if you call them

Just like people, you can read guinea pigs’ body language to determine if they like you or not.

Even though guinea pigs have small faces, they can communicate with you if you pay close attention.

You may keep a careful watch on them as you approach their cage and call them.

It’s an indication that your guinea pig is preparing to fight if it grimaces, flinches, or raises its hand.

If the guinea pig, on the other hand, moves towards the hand, it means the guinea pig likes the person.

Sometimes your guinea pig won’t come out of hiding when you call if he hates you.

9. A guinea pig that hates you only feeds in your absence

One of the best markers of a guinea pig who loves you is that they will eat or drink as you stand there observing them.

An unhappy guinea pig will constantly conceal to feed or play when its owners are not watching or nearby.

So if you find your guinea pig eating with your hands in their cage, it’s a good sign they’re enjoying themselves.

A guinea pig who despises you will not come out of its hiding place to feed until you have left; they will not eat in your presence.

10. A guinea pig that hates you won’t play in your presence

Guinea pigs are small animals that live on not trusting too many animals around them including humans.

You only gain your guinea pig’s trust over time and not overnight and this can affect physical activities.

Another technique to discover if your guinea pig loves or dislikes you is to observe them play with their toys on a daily basis.

After you’re there, a guinea pig who doesn’t like you won’t come close to its toy; instead, they’ll hide and come out when you’re gone.

If they aren’t playing with their toys as often as they used to or have stopped playing with them altogether, they may be bored.

Guinea pigs are easily bored, so it’s a good idea to rotate new toys into their cage so they may play with them.

That way, they’ll never be bored since they’ll always have something fresh and intriguing to engage with and chew on.

I hope this information gives you an insight into how to know if your guinea pig hates you and also what to expect if a guinea pig is happy.

By Samuel Steve

Samuel Steve has more than 12 years of experience with cats and dogs his the founder of Pet Creeks and currently living with 2 different breeds of cats and a dog, Samuel Steve is here to write and share his years of experience with pets.