Are Guinea Pigs Good Pets: 15 Reasons To Get One

Are Guinea Pigs Good Pets

Are guinea pigs good pets? This is a common question among pet lovers, and that is exactly what I will be discussing in this post!

Guinea pigs are great pets for a variety of reasons which we will be discussing all through this post, so keep reading.

Are Guinea Pigs Good Pets

Guinea pigs make great pets since they are happy and lively pets, and they’re a lot of fun to play with and keep you entertained.

Guinea pigs also make excellent pets since they may live for several years, giving you more enjoyment than most other rodents.

They have distinct personalities and are quite loud, making it simple to recognize and bond with them.

Why are guinea pigs good pets

Here are some qualities or personalities that make the guinea pig a good pet:

1. Guinea pigs are happy and lively pets

When you get home from work and have a terrible day, your guinea pig will always brighten you up.

Guinea pigs like popping popcorn and zooming about; if you realize why, it’s a fascinating pastime to observe.

Because they are usually joyful and want to show off, their actions will undoubtedly brighten you up.

When you return from work, they are delighted to see you.

Guinea pig ownership is a lot of fun, and if you’ve never had a pet guinea pig before, you’ve probably never understood how much fun it can be to care for them.

2. Guinea pigs don’t need a lot of training

Guinea pigs, unlike cats and dogs, do not require much training.

No need for litter box training or obedience lessons if you own a guinea pig. This is a huge advantage.

However, guinea pigs benefit from continuous touching and socialization as they become acquainted with you.

A guinea pig might be the perfect low-maintenance furry companion for you.

3. Guinea pigs are simple to look after

It becomes easier after the first setup of the cage and making the appropriate arrangements for getting hay and other meals.

They require hay, fresh water, fresh vegetables, and a tiny bit of pelleted guinea pig chow, as well as a daily vitamin C supplement.

They will also require a spacious cage with paper-based bedding.

Daily spot cleaning and weekly full cleaning are required. They’ll be OK if they get some daily care.

Just remember to separate males and females even before they are a month old if you don’t want to wind up with a bunch of extra guinea pigs.

4. Guinea pigs don’t need to be walked every day

Are you seeking for a pet that can regularly exercise itself without your supervision, then guinea pig is the perfect pet for you. 

Though guinea pigs require daily exercise, you may, however, get a huge guinea pig cage with toys for them to play with.

Consider purchasing a guinea pig ball if her cage lacks a wheel for her to run on. Under no circumstances should your guinea pig be left alone in a ball.

Guinea pigs, unlike dogs and cats, do not need to be leashed trained or walked every day for exercise.

5. Guinea pigs are great pets for kids

Guinea pigs are good pets for children since they are not as frail as rabbits and are less fearful than smaller rodents like hamsters and gerbils.

Guinea pigs are wonderful pets for children over the age of six who can be taught to care for them.

However, like with any other pet, smaller children should always be monitored around guinea pigs.

6. Guinea pigs have less health challenges

Guinea pigs are generally healthy animals that do not require medicine if properly cared for and provided a nutritious diet.

They live for four to seven years on average, which is longer than other similar-sized pet rats, and most health issues are caused by drafts or heat.

They don’t enjoy hot and humid conditions, so if you reside in a hotter climate, keep the air conditioner on.

If you believe it would be difficult to maintain a temperature range of 60 to 85 degrees, you should choose an alternative animal.

7. Guinea pigs purr when happy

An intriguing fact about guinea pigs that makes them wonderful pets is that when they are happy, they purr like a kitten.

While this may sound funny but trust me you will definitely love to see your guinea pig purr excited.

It’s much more fun when they do it while your child is holding the animal, providing a bonding experience that will help your youngster appreciate having a pet.

Guinea pigs are entertaining to watch because, especially when they are young, they become excited when they see you approach the cage.

8. Guinea Pigs form bonds with owners

This is an interesting part of owning a guinea pig as they form strong bonds with owners.

Your guinea pig will learn to know you and other members of your family and will become happy when you approach its cage.

Guinea pigs have excellent vision and a long memory, allowing it to distinguish faces and noises from a great distance.

Even if it stops making the popcorn leap as it gets older, it will still rush to the cage’s side to meet you when it sees you approaching.

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9. Guinea pigs don’t need much space

A guinea pig is an excellent pet since it does not require a lot of room.

If you have the space and funds, you may purchase a huge cage for your dogs and add playpens, exercise wheels, and other accessories, but this is not required.

There are several cages for small places available on the market. These are small enough to fit into any room.

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10. Guinea pigs won’t take up your time

Guinea pigs require daily care, which takes little time. You will not be able to keep your dogs and cats healthy in this manner.

Clean their cage on a regular basis, replace the water in their water bottle or bowl on a regular basis, and offer them a diverse yet balanced food.

Of course, if you just have one guinea pig, adopting another of the same sex to keep it company would be ideal.

While you have more than one guinea pig, you will have happy guinea pigs that will keep each other company when you are not around.

11. Guinea pigs live long lives than other rodents

This is an interesting part of owning a guinea pig as they live longer than other rodents you can find around.

While most hamsters, gerbils, and rats live for two to three years on average, guinea pigs survive for five to seven years on average. 

This extended lifetime is vital to consider for families considering adopting a guinea pig, as you must be prepared to care for your pig even after your children have grown up.

12. Guinea pigs don’t require professional groomer

Do you find it difficult to sit down and groom your pet on a daily basis, then guinea pigs are an excellent choice for a pet!

Guinea pigs groom themselves frequently, up to many times each day, but they still want your assistance.

It is not necessary to bathe or comb your guinea pig every day.

Guinea pigs, unlike dogs and cats, do not require professional grooming and may groom themselves with your assistance.

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13. Guinea pigs make great first pets

This is also one of the common reasons the guinea pig is seen as a good pet. Guinea pigs do not need to be walked.

Their low-maintenance care, overall hardiness, great capacity to bond with their owners, and typically long lifespans make them ideal pets.

Guinea pigs are excellent first pets for families that want an animal that is both affectionate and gratifying but cannot give the level of care that a cat or dog takes. 

14. Guinea pigs foods are cheap

Buying food for most other pets at pet stores is almost as expensive as buying food for humans.

Guinea pigs must only be fed natural foods that they would eat in their natural habitat.

All they require is grass hay, fruits and vegetables, as well as clean water.

However, such pellets are reasonably priced. Nonetheless, you may substitute specific fruits for vitamins.

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15. Guinea pigs are fantastic companions

They’re chatty, lively, and friendly, and they form strong bonds with their owners and each other.

As you spend more time with your guinea pigs, you’ll begin to notice their different qualities, and as the bond between owner and pet grows stronger, your guinea pigs will become more interested in you.

As their guinea pigs grow to know them, they start following them around, pacing the edge of their run to get a better look at what they’re doing, whether it’s cleaning the house, working, or pottering in the yard.