12 Top Signs Your Guinea Pig Loves You

Signs Your Guinea Pig Loves You

So what are the most common signs your guinea pig loves you and how do you find out, let’s take a look together.

Guinea pigs are prey animals, and sometimes it’s difficult to find out if your guinea pig really loves you.

Let’s quickly go over the most common signs your guinea pig loves you…

Signs Your Guinea Pig Loves You

The following are some typical ways to know if your guinea pig likes you:

1. Licking your hand

Guinea pigs use licking other guinea pigs as a sign of affection which they also use when they love their humans.

So, when you come around your guinea pig area or cage, drop your hand and see if your guinea pig licks them.

Most guinea pigs lick other guinea pig ear as a way of claiming them down and showing affection.

When you place your hands on your guinea pig cage, and they run away it’s not a good sign, look for other signs your guinea pig hates you to be sure.

2. Guinea pigs continue to sleep in your presence

Just like we mentioned before guinea pigs are prey animals that a very careful with their surroundings.

When your guinea pig really loves you they will be comfortable around you.

When you get close to your guinea pig cage and your guinea pig continues sleeping irrespective of your presence then your guinea pig is comfortable with you.

If your guinea pig gets up and runs to hide, there is something wrong somewhere that you need to fix.

3. Guinea Pig shows you a sign of aggression

Showing signs of aggression is one common way guinea pigs pass their dissatisfaction to other pets or humans.

A guinea pig that loves you does not show signs of boredom, unhappiness, concern, or aggression toward you.

Frustration in guinea pigs presents itself in biting, scratching, and excessive chewing, but you won’t notice these behaviors if your guinea pig is satisfied.

Always be on the lookout for these signs, since they may help you figure out if your guinea pig is sad.

4. Grooming themselves in your presence

If you notice your guinea pig grooming themselves freely, it means they’re happy with you and the surroundings you’ve provided.

Guinea pigs who are happy groom themselves frequently and freely to demonstrate that they are at ease and content in their surroundings.

When guinea pigs behave like this, it might be a sign of good things to come and a means of indicating “I’m fine with your presence.”

That’s because they’re secure in their cage and around you, and they do not feel threatened.

You’ll know they’re happy with you if you see them grooming themselves, especially in an open section of their cage.

5. Climbing on your body

When your guinea pig runs up to you and wants to engage with you, you know he or she loves you.

So it’s a good sign if you walk by their cage, and they start racing up to you.

It might indicate that they enjoy your company and want to connect and play with you.

When they come up to the side of their cage you’re on as soon as you walk by, you can know they’re attempting to do this.

So, if your guinea pig approaches you and wants to play with you, give them what they want.

After you drop your hands for them to get on, a happy guinea pig will immediately climb on.

6. Allowing you to pet them anywhere

If a guinea pig loves you enough, it will allow you to pet, cuddle, or simply keep them in general.

If you’re patient enough, picking them up and petting them will be easier. They will make no attempt to stop you.

While most owners don’t have this problem, some guinea pigs do fall asleep when being held.

If they do so, it shows they love you and are at ease in your presence.

However, just because the guinea pig doesn’t like being handled or kept doesn’t imply they don’t like you.

It’s crucial to remember that each guinea pig is unique and has its own personality.

As a result, some people may loathe being held, while others may enjoy it on rare occasions.

7. Taking food from your palm

Once a guinea pig remembers your voice and scent, he or she will grow excited.

When a guinea pig eats food from your hand without resisting, it means they are happy and in love with you.

Fill your hand with food or any other safe guinea pig fruit and carefully place it in the cage.

Before you attempt them, make sure you get rid of any leftover food odors by washing your hands.

Wait in the cell for your guinea pig to approach you; don’t move your fingers or chase them around.

They will interact with you, but that’s if your guinea pig is ready; or else, leave it alone for the meantime.

8. Always excited when you come near their cage

Guinea pigs like to run about, play, stretch and yawn, and groom themselves openly when they love you. 

When they hear you arrive or approach the cage, they become ecstatic and continue to greet you while waiting in the entry cage.

Guinea pigs are lonely creatures by nature, but they like human companionship when they get along with you.

Yes, it may take some time for a guinea pig to warm up to you and form a link with you, but after they’ve become used to rubbing your guinea pig’s fur, they’ll want your undivided attention.

It’s not always easy to tell if your guinea pig is happy or not, but you may get a good idea by checking for these signs.

9. Allowing you to pick them up

Allowing you to pick them up is one of the most common signs your guinea pig loves you because they are prey animals that hide a lot in the wild.

A guinea pig who loves you will feel at ease when you raise them up and stroke them in different ways, depending on their personality.

If you approach them, they may even sit still since they won’t be terrified enough to bite if your hand is near them.

They’ll feel safe enough to continue playing and doing some of their other normal activities while you’re present.

10. Playing with their toys in your presence

Another technique to know if your guinea pig loves you is to observe them regularly playing with their toys while standing nearby.

After you’re nearby, a guinea pig who doesn’t like you won’t come close to its toy; instead, they’ll hide and come out when you’re gone.

If they aren’t playing with their toys as often as they used to or have stopped playing with them altogether, they may be bored.

Guinea pigs are frequently bored, so it’s a good idea to rotate new toys into their cage, so they may play with them.

They’ll always have something fresh and exciting to play with and chew on, keeping them busy and avoiding boredom.

11. They will answer when you call

Like humans, you can read the guinea pig’s body language to determine if they like you or not.

Despite their little features, guinea pigs can communicate by making particular noises.

You may keep a careful watch on them as you approach their cage and call them.

It’s an indication that your guinea pig is preparing to fight if it grimaces, flinches, or raises its hand.

If the guinea pig, on the other hand, approaches the hand, it means they like the person.

If a guinea pig likes you, you’ll notice that they won’t try to avoid you as much as they did when you first brought them home.

12. Always seeking your attention

A guinea pig that loves you and is happy with its environment is always seeking to be at the center of attention.

A guinea pig may demonstrate their affection for you by trying everything possible to get your attention.

It’s because they’re after you if guinea pigs approach you for no apparent reason.

If the guinea pig loves you, he or she will frequently attempt to touch you.

As a consequence, even if you simply walk past their cage, guinea pigs will sprint toward you.

Maybe this guinea pig may like to play with you as well.

With the information provided on this page, I strongly hope your concerns about Signs Your Guinea Pig Loves You were resolved!