Why Are Border Collies Good Dogs: 9 Reasons To Get One

Are Border Collies Good Dogs

Why are border collies good dogs, and who do border collies best fit, who should get a border collie? Let’s find out together.

In this post, I will be sharing some of the most common reasons why you should consider getting a border collie.

Are Border Collies Good Dogs

Border collies are eager to please and are recognized for being fantastic companions and family dogs. They also exhibit tremendous devotion to their owners and are kid-friendly.

Border collies are popular in the western world because they demonstrate considerable devotion to their owners.

Border collie personalities

Here are some border collies unique personalities that make them a good dog.

  • Border collies are keen.
  • Border collies are a responsive breed of dog.
  • Border collies are highly energetic.
  • They are one of the smartest breed of dog.
  • Border collies are naturally tenacious.
  • Border collies are one of the most intelligent breed of dog.
  • They are very loyal and alert.
  • Border collies are very active and athletic.

Who should get a border collie

Here is the list of things you should look into before considering a border collie:

  • Border collies can’t stay alone for too long, if you are always busy at work stay off.
  • Border collies are not for introverts.
  • Border collies are not for lazy people.
  • If you can walk a dog for 20 to 50 minutes per day then border collie is for you.
  • If you can’t devote time to proper dog training then border collie is not for you.
  • Socialization is mandatory for border collies if you can’t offer that, stay off.
  • If you have kids under 2 years stay off.
  • If you can offer lots of mental stimulation activities then border collies are good for you.
  • Border collies are not your typical lapdog.
  • If you want a low-energy dog, then border collies are not for you.
  • If you love exercise and need a dog that can keep up, then border collies are for you.
  • If you live in a busy area and want a dog that won’t nip, chase or herd things, then stay off.

All that being said let’s look at some common reasons why you should get a border collie.

Why border collies are good dogs

The following are some of the most prevalent reasons for considering a border collie as a good dog:

1. Border collies are social breeds of dogs

Border collies like spending time with their owners at dog parks or taking a stroll down the street in the evening.

If you want a dog that can rapidly adjust to other people’s lifestyles or help you make new friends, Border collies are an ideal alternative.

Border Collies like going to parks, agility training, and recreational places, so they’re ideal for anyone who prefer to spend a lot of time outside.

However, you should always have something to interest your border collie when you’re out in public.

Remember that border collies might bark excessively for a variety of reasons, therefore socializing is essential.

2. Border collies get along with other family pets

Border collies were bred to be herding dogs but are now used as companion dogs, and through selective breeding, the breed has kept this feature.

Because of their buddy nature, border collies are one of, if not the greatest, dog breeds for getting along with other energetic pets or canines.

Border collies appreciate playing, and having another energetic pet or dog around makes life much simpler for them.

Border collies are not good for lazy or inactive pets or dogs due to their size, but they are better suited to other energetic pets or canines.

Early socialization is a necessity.

3. Border collies are good family watchdogs

Border collies have excellent hearing and eyesight, and having one around the house provides protection.

If a stranger enters the house or trespasses, your border collie will alert you with incessant barking.

They’re thought to be great watchdogs.

You’ll be less concerned about burglars and crooks breaking in unobserved with these canines around.

Border collies are superb watchdogs who will always bark when a stranger enters the domain.

4. Border collies make good companion dogs

One of the many reasons border collies are regarded as wonderful dogs is their ability to be nice companion dogs because they are intelligent.

Border collies are often companion animals who provide affection and friendship to those in need, as they can be trained to do tasks.

Even under intense circumstances, this breed may be able to communicate peace and tranquility when properly socialized.

This breed is popular among young people and families with older children, making them excellent companion dogs.

5. Border collies are affectionate towards their owners

Border collies frequently exhibit affection by licking your face and cuddling up to you as you sleep.

They also like greeting their loved ones at the door when they arrive home from work or wherever else.

Cuddling is a common method for border collies to display their love for their owners; if a border collie loves you, it will want to spend all of its time with you.

Border collies become nervous when their owner goes to work and begin barking loudly to attract your attention.

This breed understands your grief and desires to help you feel better especially if you properly socialize and train them. 

6. Border collies are suitable for singles

Are you single and looking for a canine companion?

Border collies will give you all the love, attention, and cuddles you’ll ever need.

Border collies are becoming increasingly popular due to their great commitment to their owners and families.

If you live alone and need a dog to keep you company, border collies are the breed for you.

7. Border Collies are kid-friendly

Border collies are a rambunctious breed that likes playing with children but needs training, which is why they are introduced together.

A healthy border collie can stay all day in the garden with children over the age of four.

When you go home, you could find your children sleeping in the same bed as your border collie.

They can spend time together playing video games since they have spent so much time together.

Youngsters who play with border collies on a regular basis form stronger bonds with them than children who do not.

8. Border collies are easy to groom

Do you desire a dog whose long fur will not require you to spend a lot of time grooming? The border collie will then offer that to you.

Border collies have easy-to-groom inner and exterior coats and may not require expert grooming.

All you need is a full set of excellent grooming products and the will to groom your dog yourself.

9. Border collies are good for active families

Do you need an active dog that can fit in to your family lifestyle then the border collie will fit into your house!

Border collies are high energy dogs that don’t need a dull home.

If you need a dog that can help you stay fit on exercise level, then border collie is the perfect dog for you.

I hope with the information provided on this page your question are border collies good dogs was answered!