Border Collie Sleeping Too Much? 6 Common Reasons

Border Collie Sleeping

Is your border collie sleeping too much, by the way, what do you even regard as your border sleeping too much, let’s break down these concerns!

I’ll go through several indicators that your border collie is sleeping too much, as well as suggestions to assist your border collie to get adequate sleep.

In addition, I will emphasize the importance of border collies receiving adequate sleep. Keep reading!

Why is my border collie sleeping too much?

Border collies sleep excessively for a range of factors, including getting enough sleep for their bodies and minds to function optimally, a lack of mental stimulation, isolation, boredom, and exhaustion.

Border collies are medium, lively dog breeds that like racing about and being weary, forcing them to sleep more than usual.

Senior border collies require more sleep hours for their physical and mental well-being.

This is why, as they age, older border collies tend to sleep more than usual.

Benefits of border collies getting enough sleep

The following are some of the most prevalent reasons why border collies benefit from sleeping:

  • Sleep is beneficial to Border Collies because it promotes healthy, continuous development.
  • Border Collies with normal sleeping cycles are less likely to develop dementia.
  • Sleep is beneficial to Border Collies because it allows them to create new brain connections.
  • Border collie intelligence is enhanced by obtaining proper sleep and avoiding disruptions.
  • When a border collie receives adequate sleep, his or her capacity to learn improves.
  • During sleep, the border collie’s body conserves and replaces energy.
  • Border collies could benefit from sleeping as a mode of relaxation.

How long should a healthy border collie sleep?

A healthy border collie can sleep for an average of 6 to 8 hours if there are no sleeping problems or disorders, tension, anxiety, noisy environment, or excessive activity.

Even though Border collies were bred as working dogs, if overworked, can develop respiratory difficulties, therefore they should avoid vigorous physical exercise.

Reasons border collies may sleep too much

The following are some of the most prevalent causes of your border collie sleeping more than usual:

1. Some health problems

Your border collie’s lethargy might be a sign of a health condition, which could be minor or significant, or even a sign your border collie is dying.

He might possibly be unusually fatigued owing to a medical condition that prevents him from sleeping well.

If your border collie seems to be sleeping more than normal, he might be suffering from hypothyroidism, diabetes, narcolepsy, or liver disease.

Always see your veterinarian if you suspect a health concern or if your border collie is undergoing treatment.

2. Excessive physical activities

Exhaustion from too much physical exercise in a border collie can lead to lethargy and frequent sleeping.

Border collies who are overworked sleep for longer amounts of time than they should.

If your border collie appears to be sleeping a lot, you should check his or her physical habits.

To avoid unwanted health consequences, you should always keep track of your border collie’s physical activity.

3. Absence of mental stimulation

A lack of mental stimulation activities causes several border collie behavior concerns, such as excessive barking, digging, and so forth.

Keeping your border collie entertained might be as simple as offering the right number of brain stimulation activities.

Due to a lack of mental stimulation activities, your border collie may grow bored and slumber all day.

4. Loneliness and boredom

When a border collie is bored, it does one of two things: first, it participates in destructive behavior.

Second, although your border collie may want to hide and sleep, you should never leave your border collie bored.

Boredom can cause a border collie to sleep for longer than required, especially in elderly dogs.

5. The age of the border collie

Due to the dog’s level of activity, the age of a border collie has a significant impact on how the dog sleeps.

Border collies’ activity level decreases as they become older, necessitating more sleep in order to live a happy life.

As a result, as she gets older, your border will likely slow down and take more naps in a bright area of the house.

In contrast, a newborn dog sleeps more because it needs more sleep to develop properly.

If your border collie is sleeping excessively, consider his or her age as a factor in how long he or she sleeps.

6. Overfeeding

Giving your border collie more food than your veterinarian recommends might result in obesity and lethargy, leading them to sleep more than usual.

Overfeeding your border collie, as humorous as it may sound, may lead them to sleep longer than planned since they are too tired to do anything else.

Make sure you’re not overfeeding your border collie if he’s sleeping for longer amounts of time than usual.

Overfeeding can cause a number of health issues, so consult your veterinarian for a feeding schedule and stick to it.

How to help a border collie sleep better

Here are some typical methods for helping your border collie sleep better:

  • Make your border collie a cozy bed.
  • Make the sleeping accommodations for your border collie as comfortable as possible.
  • Distracting sounds and loud noises should be avoided near your border collie’s sleeping place.
  • Play some soothing music to assist your border collie to sleep better.
  • To burn off extra energy in your border collie, play fetch for a few minutes.
  • Keep the toys that your border collie loves out of reach.
  • In the place where you want your border collie to sleep, avoid strong light.
  • Any sleep disturbances should be taken into account.
  • Foods or snacks with a strong odor should be kept at a safe distance.