Why Is My Hamster Drinking So Much Water: 7 Common Causes

Why Is My Hamster Drinking So Much Water

Hamster first-time owners always ask why is my hamster drinking so much water, we will discuss below why hamsters drink much water.

Did you know that a hamster will drink up to 25ml water a day? That’s a lot for such a small creature!

Whilst hamsters need to be hydrated to stay healthy, what if your hamsters suddenly start drinking a lot of water!!!

It is not uncommon for hamsters to drink a lot of water, but it could be a sign of illness.

It’s important to try and keep your hamster as healthy as possible: this includes their diet, exercise, and water intake.

Why is my hamster drinking so much water

The reason for excessive drinking is because hamsters are prone to urinary tract infections. These could be due to stress, changes in diet or environment, or certain types of medications.

If your hamster is drinking a lot of water and urinating very little, then there’s a good chance it could have an infection.

A vet visit is recommended if you notice these symptoms.

Here are some signs that drinking too much water may be an indication of an underlying issue.

  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss

Hamsters are often found to drink a lot of water. As desert animals, they need to consume lots of fluids in order to stay hydrated.

They also drink a lot of water because they possess a “urine recycling” system that conserves water.

The urine is stored in the bladder and recycled back to the body by way of the kidneys.

It is very important for a hamster’s health that it drinks enough water, as dehydration can lead to death.

Drinking too much water can also be fatal for a hamster, as this will cause them to have an electrolyte imbalance (too many or too few of certain chemicals in the blood).

Reasons hamsters drinks so much water

Here are some common reasons why hamsters drink so much water:

Overheating causes hamsters to drink much water

Hamsters like temperatures between 68 °F and 74 °F (22 °C and 24 °C).

If you reside in an area with harsh weather, you may need to look into a source or any alternate technique to keep the temperature surrounding their cage stable.

Hamsters can’t stand the heat in the summer. To live a healthy life, they require a steady environment.

As a result, the summer heat can easily overheat your Hamsters, especially because they have a thick fur coat.

They can regulate their body temperature with the aid of cool water. It assists them in lowering their internal body temperature.

Because overheating can be fatal, you must offer some cooling for your Hamsters.

Urinary tract infection causes hamsters to drink much water

One of the most prevalent causes of excessive drinking in Hamsters is a urinary tract infection.

Urine leakage is common as a result of these issues. Urine is acidic, and prolonged exposure to it can cause urine burn in the skin around certain areas of the body.

Urinary tract infection, bladder stone, sludge, and other issues with the urinary tract are some of the others.

Despite excessive thirst is not a clear sign of urinary tract disorders, if your Hamster is experiencing these issues, he or she may drink extra water to alleviate the discomfort and effects.

Dehydration causes hamsters to drink so much water

Hamsters’ dehydration is frequently neglected by their owners.

Maybe your Hamster is thirsty, which is why they are drinking so much water.

Hamsters may quickly get dehydrated for a variety of reasons, and it is not uncommon for them to consume excessive amounts of water in these situations.

Diabetes could cause hamsters to drink so much water

Obese Hamsters are more likely to get diabetes.

Most Hamster owners are oblivious to their hamsters’ nutritional requirements.

They occasionally overfeed goodies, causing their Hamsters to become fat and diabetic.

Although it is extremely unusual, some Hamsters are born diabetic. Diabetes in Hamsters is caused by an imbalanced diet.

Excessive thirst, an increase in hunger, frequent urination, and other symptoms of diabetes are typical.

If your Hamster has diabetes, get medical help right away.

Switching food causes hamsters to drink lots of water

Changes in your Hamsters’ food might be one of the primary causes of polydipsia in them.

Diarrhea can be caused by a drastic change in nutrition, which can result in the loss of vital electrolytes from the body.

Regardless of age or breed, food is an important part of your Hamster’s existence. You must ensure that your Hamster receives adequate nourishment.

Excess salt in your Hamster’s food might cause them to become dehydrated.

Salt has the ability to take water from cells, rendering them totally dehydrated.

As a result, your hamster consumes an excessive amount of water.

Digestive issues cause hamsters to drink so much water

Dehydration is a common occurrence in Hamsters due to digestive issues.

Water consumption of your Hamsters is directly affected by digestive problems such as diarrhea and bloating.

If your Hamster has any of the aforementioned issues, they will quickly lose electrolytes and will need to drink extra water.

Digestive problems are usually minor and may be managed with a little additional attention and a healthy diet.

On the other hand, some intestinal problems are potentially deadly and require rapid medical treatment.

Depression or stress can cause a hamster to drink so much water

Hamsters are energetic pets who require mental stimulation to be healthy.

In Hamsters, a lack of activity and mental stimulation can lead to depression.

Excessive thirst in your Hamsters might also be the result of depression.

Unfortunately, there is a chance that your Hamster has acquired an excessive drinking habit as a result of boredom or a lack of cerebral stimulation.

When does a hamster usually drink water

Following an exercise, hamsters will consume a lot of water. Aside from that, they will drink water after consuming very dry food and tiny sips of water as needed.

Because hamsters are mainly nocturnal, they are most active at night. So that’ll be the time when they’ll be consuming the most water.

How much water does a hamster drink in a day?

Following lots of exercises, hamsters are involved in and consuming very dry food, on average a healthy hamster should consume about 15 to 25ml of water per day.

Anything more than this, you should per close attention or see a veterinarian.

How often should you give your hamster water?

In general, hamsters require water as frequently as they require activity and food. Water for your hamsters should be served 2-3 times per day at a rate of 10 mL for 100 grams of hamster.

You can get a water bottle and hang it for your hamster.

Can a hamster drink out of a bowl?

Yes, hamsters have the ability to drink from a bowl. However, because they are so busy, the water bowl becomes filthy quickly, therefore bottles are the favored method of water delivery.

If you want to use a bowl, you must clean and replace it every day. Some hamsters have even been seen to urinate in the water.

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Wrapping up why is my hamster drinking so much water

In order to stay cool during the heat, Hamsters consume extra water.

A sudden change in their diet might also be causing them to become more thirsty.

Aside from that, health problems including diabetes, urinary tract infections, and dental problems might cause hamsters to drink too much water.

When your hamster starts to drink more than 25ml of water per day on average, you need to see a veterinarian.