Why Is My Hamster Not Drinking Water: 8 Common Reasons

Why Is My Hamster Not Drinking Water

Hamster owners ask why is my hamster not drinking water, in this article, we will outline and discuss some reasons why hamster is not drinking water and more!

Hamsters are one of the most popular pets in the world, but many owners don’t know why their hamster isn’t drinking water.

Hamsters need a lot of water to survive, and they can dehydrate quickly.

It’s important to make sure that your hamster has access to fresh water daily, or you might find yourself with a very sick little creature on your hands.

A hamster’s diet should be mostly made up of grains, but they also need water to stay healthy.

Without proper hydration, they can become dehydrated, and their kidneys can be affected.

Why Is My Hamster Not Drinking Water

Some hamsters love to drink water, while others don’t. Hamsters are different when it comes to preferences for drinking water. One reason a hamster may not be drinking water is that it may have a taste aversion to the smell or flavor of the water.

This may be caused by the type of food it’s been eating, its environment, or even how old the hamster is. Some hamsters are naturally pickier about their food than others.

One way to help your hamster get back on track with drinking some fluids is to try changing its diet, which might also make them more thirsty.

Give your hamster a chance and see if that helps! If your hamster is not drinking water or has reduced activity, these could be signs that he/she is ill.

First and foremost, you should consult a veterinarian. But here are some things that can help:

  1. Provide a few water droplets in the morning or evening around the food dish
  2. Offer fresh vegetables in the diet that have high water content, such as celery and cucumber.
  3. Make sure your hamster have access to the water can.

For a variety of reasons, your hamster may not be drinking water.

It’s possible that your hamster is still adjusting to its new surroundings if you recently bought it.

A hamster who abruptly stops drinking water might be agitated.

It’s also possible that your hamster’s water bottle isn’t operating properly. Finally, your hamster may be sick.

Reasons your hamster is not drinking water

Here are some common reasons why your hamster is not drinking water:

Hamsters drink less water as they grow older

The older the hamster, the lesser the active the hamster. As they get older, they tend to slowly drink less and less, though you would still keep an eye on them.

Always keep in mind the age of your hamster when asking why is my hamster not drinking water.

There is a direct correlation between the age of a hamster and the amount of water it takes, this is due to reduced activities.

Constant changing of daily routine

Changing of daily routine can really affect your hamster level of drinking water and also eating as well.

This can cause unnecessary stress or depression, and your hamster can bite you if you try to play with them.

Stop rearranging your hamster cage on a daily basis, stop changing your hamster feeding routine.

Check for obstruction in the water path

This is a common mistake most hamster owners make when setting up their hamster cage.

Before assuming there is a health issue, quickly check to make sure your hamster actually has access to food and water.

Make sure your hamster path to the water is accessible with no obstruction before you start complaining your hamster is not drinking water.

Don’t rule out the possibility of your hamster not being able to access the water bottle or drink bowl.

Malfunctioning apparatus (Water bottle)

Before you assume your hamster has a health problem, double-check that he or she has access to drink from the water bottle.

Are you very sure water is actually coming out of the water bottle your hamster is drinking from? Don’t be too sure until you check.

Don’t conclude until you double-check that water is coming out of the water bottle and that your hamster has access to the water.

Are access to the food tray and drinking bottle being hampered by an obstacle, a faulty device, or a hostile cage mate?

Is your hamster having difficulty moving and hence unable to get food and water?

You are not sensitive to the water level drops

There is a high chance that your hamster is actually drinking water but because you are not sensitive you won’t notice.

Hamsters are not known to drink a lot of water, this makes it difficult to even notice a change in the water level drop.

Hamsters only drink about 25ml of water per day at most, this is a small quantity of water to keep tabs on.

So before you jump to a conclusion, make sure you confirm that the water level of the drink’s bottle is not dropping, and you didn’t just notice.

Your hamster may be sick

Sick hamsters are not always active and this is the major reason why your hamster is not drinking enough water.

Your hamster might be sick. Check for other signs of illness, such as hair loss, wet tail, or nose/eye discharge.

If you have fact-checked everything written in this post then you should go to the vet.

A stressed hamster might not drink enough water

A worried, frustrated, or depressed hamster is unlikely to consume water on a regular basis.

If you recently acquired your hamster, giving it time alone in its cage without handling, unexpected loud noise, or excessive business may help them feel more at ease in its new home.

It’s natural to want to hold and play with a new pet. While hamsters are naturally interested, they may be protective and shy around humans.

Switching food causes hamsters not to drink water

Changes in your Hamster’s diet might be one of the major causes of your Hamster not drinking water.

Diarrhea can be induced by a sudden change in diet, which can result in the body losing essential electrolytes.

Food is an essential component of your Hamster’s life, regardless of age or breed. You must make certain that your Hamster is well fed.

Excessive salt in your Hamster’s diet may induce dehydration.

Salt has the capacity to draw water from cells, causing them to become completely dehydrated.

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Do hamsters drink a lot of water?

Hamsters are known to consume a lot of water. They need to drink a lot of water to keep hydrated as desert animals.

They also drink a lot of water since they have a water-saving “urine recycling” mechanism.

Hamsters need regular access to water, although they don’t always consume a lot of it.

However, if your hamster hasn’t consumed any water for more than 1-2 days, you should see a veterinarian.

How long can hamsters go without water?

To stay alive, hamsters must drink water at least every 48 hours. After 24 hours without water, they might get dehydrated.

A hamster might die after two to three days without water. Your hamster must have access to fresh water at all times.

Is it normal for hamsters to not drink s lot of water?

While hamsters may not receive as much water as other pets, they do consume a consistent amount of water over time.

Although hamsters do not drink entire bottles of water in a single day, the volume of water in your hamster’s bottle should decrease from one day to the next.

Wrapping up

Before you assume your pet has a health problem, double-check that he or she has access to food and water.

Are access to the food tray and drinking bottle being hampered by an obstacle, a faulty device, or a hostile cage mate?

Is your pet having difficulty moving and so unable to reach the food and water bowls?

Is your bottle easily accessible? If your hamster is older, it may be more difficult for him or her to sit up or reach up to drink from the spout if it is too far up, thus lowering it all the way down might be beneficial.

Once you’ve ruled out any of these possibilities, you may determine that the condition is a serious disease that requires emergency veterinarian treatment.