Do Hamsters Like To Be Held: 10 Benefits Of Holding Your Hamster

Do Hamsters Like To Be Held

People who want to get a hamster always ask do hamsters like to be held, maybe due to past stories they hear about hamsters.

In this article, we will discuss your question do hamsters like to be held and also teach you how to hold a hamster.

Hamsters are the cutest, most cuddly pets that you could have if you properly socialized or tame them.

They also happen to be one of the easiest pets to care for, making them a great choice for people who want a pet but don’t have a lot of time.

However, there is a question that comes up with hamsters more than any other: do they like being held?

Some people say that hamsters should never be handled because it stresses them out.

Other people say that hamsters should always be handled because it helps to tame them, and they will be much less likely to bite in the future.

Do Hamsters Like To Be Held

Hamsters are solitary creatures who detest being touched and have a hard time building trusting relationships with humans, which might result in an unintentional bite when startled.

Hamsters get more domesticated and easier to handle with regular experience, so you should consider handling them at the same time each day.

Hamster owners will disagree when it comes to the question of whether or not their pet likes being held. You can actually leave any hamster alone.

Some say that their hamster loves the attention and will leap into their owner’s arms in excitement, while others say that their pet is terrified, and they can feel all of its bones through the fur.

So what’s the truth? Well, it depends on the individual hamster and its personality. Some prefer to sit in your lap, while others like to hide under a blanket in their cage.

Benefits of holding a hamster

Benefits of holding a hamster
Benefits of holding a hamster

Here are some common benefits of holding your hamster regularly:

  1. Holding your hamster regularly makes cleaning your hamster cage easy as you can move them.
  2. Holding your hamster improves bonding.
  3. A stressed hamster can be relieved by holding them correctly.
  4. Holding your hamster lets you know when your hamster is getting sick.
  5. Playing and holding your hamster can also help your stress level.
  6. Holding your hamster brings extra joy, and it’s fun.
  7. It makes the vet job easier.
  8. Holding your hamster makes moving your hamster to a new location easy.
  9. Holding your hamster helps with anxiety for both you and your hamster.
  10. Holding your hamster is a fun way to close your day.

What Hamsters Like To Be Held

Syrian hamsters will allow you to hold them close, pat them on the head, and occasionally take them out of their cage to explore your house if they feel comfortable.

There are a few hamsters that like to be held in your hands, however, others prefer to perch on your shoulder or chest.

Syrian hamsters are the best of all when it comes to allowing their owners to hold and play with them.

How do I know if my hamster likes to be held

Any hamster that appreciates being handled will not react aggressively when touched and will not flee when they encounter humans, if a hamster genuinely likes you and enjoys being around you, he or she may even want to approach you first.

Here are some common signs a hamster likes to be held;

  1. Hamster will never show any sign of aggression.
  2. When hamster grooms in your presence.
  3. The hamster will climb on your palm once you place hands on its cage.
  4. The hamster will take food from your hands.
  5. A hamster won’t hide when you come close to its cage.
  6. The hamster will play with its toys in your presence.
  7. The hamster is always excited when you come near their cage.
  8. Hamster will take treats without fear.

These also sign a hamster likes you and wants to play with you.

Do Robo dwarf hamsters like to be held

Robo dwarf hamsters dislike being handled, and they have a difficult time developing trusting connections with people, and they can bite if startled or not properly tamed.

As a result of their flighty and sensitive disposition, Robo dwarf hamsters are not typically advised for homes with children who can’t handle them.

Do teddy bear hamsters like to be held

Teddy bear hamsters are lonely hamsters who loathe being handled or cared for and have a hard time building trusting relationships with humans. However, with continued taming, they may become accustomed to being held.

Do dwarf hamsters like to be held

Dwarf hamsters are lonely hamsters who despise being handled or cared for, therefore taming your dwarf hamster will take time and effort, and holding him for five minutes a couple of times a day makes the taming process a lot less difficult.

Your dwarf hamster will grow more docile and simpler to handle with everyday practice, so it is wise to consider holding him every day at the same time.

Things to do before holding a hamster

Here are a couple of things that are recommended you do before you can holding a hamster:

  1. Let your hamster know it’s you by calling them their name.
  2. When holding your hamster, keep him close to your chest or lap to help him feel protected.
  3. Before handling your hamster, wash your hands well with unscented soap.
  4. Cupping your hands beneath your hamster softly but securely is the proper way to hold him.
  5. Before you handle your hamster, give him a chance to sniff you.
  6. Softly converse with your hamster.

Things to never do before or after holding a hamster

Here are a couple of things you should never do before or after holding a hamster:

  1. If you want to hold your hamster, don’t startle him awake.
  2. Make sure you’re sitting down and holding your hamster near to the ground while handling him.
  3. Avoid making rapid movements, making loud noises, or just picking up your hamster.
  4. Never scold or punish your hamster for biting or urinating on you.
  5. Don’t try to pick up your hamster by chasing him around his cage.
  6. Avoid startling or agitating your hamster by shouting or raising your voice around them.
  7. If your hamster appears uncomfortable or agitated, don’t push him to be held.

When is the best time to hold a hamster

Since hamsters are crepuscular because they are most active at dawn and night, the perfect moment to try to engage them or hold them is when they are awake and ready to be held pr play with you, therefore to avoid bite do not startle or disturb a sleeping hamster. 

How often should I hold my hamster

If hamsters are persistently tamed, they might develop accustomed to being held over time. Holding hamsters requires daily practice, which includes holding them and playing with them for 5 minutes many times a day.

There is no exact number of times you should hold your hamster a day, but you should try to hold your hamster when you are free and when the hamster is not sleeping.

How to pick up your hamster

How to pick up your hamster
How to pick up your hamster

Hamsters are extremely tiny and sensitive animals that can easily be hurt if handled aggressively or mishandled.

It’s critical to understand how to correctly pick up your hamster. They will be less likely to be hurt or scared.

If you try to pick up your hamster during the day, they will almost certainly bite you.

Instead, wait until they wake up and begin to become active in the early evening.

Here are a few tips on how to pick up a hamster:

  1. Before and after touching a hamster, wash your hands.
  2. Allow the hamster to crawl into one hand while the other is cupped around it.
  3. On either side of the hamster, form a cup with both hands.
  4. Securing the hamster in the palms of both hands.
  5. Bring the hamster up to your chest, out of its carrying case.
  6. Make sure the hamster doesn’t jump out from under your fingers.
  7. When you hoist the hamster up, make sure it’s facing you.
  8. If a hamster bites you, never shout or grasp at it.
  9. Picking up the hamster by its tail or lifting it without support is not recommended.

With the information provided on this page, I strongly hope your question Do Hamsters Like To Be Held was answered!