How To Tell If Your Hamster Likes You: 15 Simple Ways To Tell

How To Tell If Your Hamster Likes You

This article is all about how to tell if your hamster likes you and the signs you should see when your hamster is comfortable with you.

It can be hard to tell if a hamster likes you. They don’t show their emotions as humans do, and they also have different personalities.

You’ve just adopted a new hamster and you want to know how to tell if your new friend likes you.

Fair enough! Hamsters are social animals and need company.

They will also show their affection for you by running over to greet you, nuzzling against your hand, or giving you lots of kisses.

In order for your hamster to feel comfortable, they will need a safe place to run around in and an exercise wheel to be happy.

However, there are some ways to tell if your hamster is happy with you. First, how active is your hamster?

Is it running around all over the cage or does it just stay in one place all day? If your hamster is running around, then that means it’s happy.

How to tell if your hamster likes you

Here are the common ways to tell if your hamster likes you, which are as follows:

A hamster that likes you never shows you a sign of aggression

Boredom, dissatisfaction, worry, or aggressiveness toward its caretakers are not indicators of a happy hamster.

Boredom in hamsters manifests itself in biting, scratching, and excessive chewing, but if your hamster is content, you won’t notice these behaviors.

Always keep an eye out for these indications, as they will assist you in determining whether your hamster is unhappy.

A hamster that likes you will groom itself in your presence

If you observe your hamster grooming themselves freely, it’s an indication that they’re satisfied with you and the environment you’ve given.

Happy hamsters groom themselves regularly and freely to show that they are at ease and pleased in their environment.

When hamsters act in this way, it might be a sign of good things to come.

This is because they are comfortable enough in their cage and around you, they don’t feel to be vulnerable.

So if you observe them grooming themselves, especially in an open area of their cage, you’ll know they’re happy with you.

A hamster that likes you will climb on your body or palms fast

You can tell your hamster likes you when he or she rushes up to you and wants to interact with you.

So if you go past their cage and they begin running up to you, that’s a good sign.

It might mean that they’re happy with you and want to interact and play with you.

You can tell they’re trying to accomplish this when they come up to the side of their cage you’re on as soon as you pass by.

So, if your hamster comes up to you and wants to play with you, you should give them what they want.

A pleased hamster will climb on quickly after you lower your hands for them to climb on, and may even try to climb on you again.

A hamster that likes you will always seek your attention

A hamster may show you that they love you by doing everything they can to get your attention.

So if hamsters approach you for no apparent reason, it’s because they’re after you.

If the hamster likes you, he or she will often try to get you to touch them.

As a result, hamsters will run towards you even if you merely stroll past their cage.

Who knows, maybe this hamster will also want to play with you.

A hamster that likes you won’t avoid you

You’ll notice that if a hamster loves you, they won’t attempt to avoid you as much as they did when you first brought them home.

They won’t be as wary of you as they were before, but they will approach you much more frequently.

A hamster that you’ve just brought home for the first time may run and hide.

But if they get to know and like you, you’ll find that they hang around a lot more when you’re around them.

Hamsters instinctively attempt to avoid predators and what they perceive to be predators.

If they don’t aggressively attempt to avoid you, this might be a really good indication.

It might indicate that they like you, trust you, and feel extremely secure in your presence.

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A hamster that likes you allows you to pet them anywhere

If a hamster likes you sufficiently, the hamster will allow you to pet, hug, or just keep them in general.

You’ll find it simpler to pick them up and pet them if you’re patient enough. They will not even try to stop you.

Even while it isn’t something most owners experience, some hamsters may fall asleep when being carried.

If they do that, it shows they respect you and feel comfortable around you.

However, don’t assume that just because the hamster doesn’t appreciate being petted or kept means they don’t like you.

It’s important to remember that each hamster is an individual with their own personality.

As a result, some people may dislike the sensation of being held, while others may love it on occasion.

A hamster that likes you will take food from your hands

Because hamsters have poor eyesight, they must rely on their senses of smell and hearing to acquire confidence.

A hamster that likes you will become eager once he or she recognizes your voice and smell.

When a hamster accepts food from your hand without fighting it, it indicates that they are content with you and like you.

Fill your palm with food or any safe hamster fruit and delicately put it into the cage.

Before trying these be sure o get rid of any residual food scents, make sure you wash your hands first.

Wait for your hamster to come to you in the cell; don’t move your fingers or chase them around.

If your hamster is ready, they will interact; otherwise, let it alone for now.

A hamster that likes you will answer when you call

You can read the hamster’s body language to figure out if they like you or not, just like humans.

Even though hamsters have tiny faces, they can express themselves.

As you approach their cage and call them, you can keep a close eye on them.

When your hamster grimaces, flinches or raises its hand, it’s a sign that they’re about to fight.

If, on the other hand, the hamster goes towards the hand, it indicates that they like the human.

A hamster that likes you won’t hide when you come close to its cage

So, if you go by your hamster’s cage and they don’t run away or hide from you, you may assume they trust you and are pleased to be near you.

It might suggest that they feel safe and secure in your company and that they enjoy having you nearby.

This is a good sign since only a contented and happy hamster would behave in this manner toward its owners.

A hamster that likes you will play with its toys in your presence

Another way to tell if your hamster likes you is to see them playing with their toys on a regular basis as you stand and watch.

A hamster that doesn’t like you will not go close to its toy when you are around, they will hide and come out when you are gone.

They may be bored if they aren’t playing with their toys as much as they used to or have stopped playing with them entirely.

Hamsters become bored easily, so rotating fresh toys into their cage so they may play with them is a smart idea.

That way, they’ll always have something new and fascinating to interact with and chew on, which will keep them entertained and prevent boredom.

A hamster that likes you will eat and drink even when you are watching them

Because they will eat or drink as you stand there watching at them, this is one of the finest indicators of a hamster that likes you.

When its owners are not looking or nearby, an unhappy hamster will always hide to feed or play.

So if you discover your hamster eating with your hands in their cage, it’s a positive indicator they’re happy to have you there.

A hamster that likes you will yawn in your presence

Yawning? It shows that they are relaxed and at peace.

However, this is only one of the numerous things a hamster may do that could have a variety of meanings.

They yawn when they are happy, but they also yawn when they are worried or angry about something.

Knowing whether or not a hamster is nervous will help you distinguish between the two.

To detect whether your hamster is yawning because they are happy, look to see if they are stretching as well.

Because a happy hamster would usually do both at the same time and show no signs of being too stressed.

A hamster that likes you will allow you to pick them up 70% of the time you try

A hamster who likes you will feel comfortable you are lifting them up and stroking them in various ways, depending on their personality.

They may even sit still if you approach them since they won’t feel scared enough to bite if your hand is near them.

While you’re around them, they’ll be comfortable enough to continue playing and performing some of their other usual activities.

A hamster that likes you is always open to engaging and interacting

A happy hamster would appreciate the chance to interact with its owner if they like you.

Because it takes time for a hamster to become accustomed to you, this is more common in hamsters that have developed a bond with their owners and are more at ease in their environment.

Whether you’ve had your hamster for a time or not, if they readily climb into your hand and start crawling all over you, that’s a good sign they’re happy and the like you.

Because hamsters are prey animals, it takes a lot of boldness and comfort for them to do this, therefore it’s a great way to determine whether they’re like you or not.

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A hamster that likes you is always excited when you come near their cage

When you’re out with your hamster, they want to run about, play, stretch and yawn, and groom themselves.

They grow delighted when they hear you arrive or approach the cage and continue to welcome you while waiting for you in the entry cage.

Hamsters are solitary creatures by nature, yet they like human company, this is only the case when they like you.

Yes, it may take some time for a hamster to feel comfortable and bond with you, but after they’ve become used to caressing your hamster’s fur, they’ll want all of your attention.

It’s not always simple to determine if your hamster is happy or not, but you may make an informed estimate by looking for these indications.