How Do Beagles Act: Learn More About Beagles

How Do Beagles Act

People ask how do beagles act a lot and in this post we will outline how beagles act, so read through and find out more.

Beagles were originally bred for hunting hares, small birds, and rabbits.

But as time pass by, breeders and hunters saw how dedicated and affectionate beagles are and decided to keep them as a pet.

Today beagles are now seen as one of the most popular breeds of dogs that are used as pets according to good housekeeping.

If you really want to get how beagles act then you have to get a purebred beagle and not a beagle mix breed.

However, it is important to identify a purebred beagle to avoid getting a mixed breed and expecting to see the traits of the purebred.

There are different physical and biological means of Identifying a purebred beagle if you really want a purebred not a mixed breed.

How Do Beagles Act

Here are most of the common ways beagles act and what you should expect from your beagle from time to time as they grow;

Beagles Act Stubborn

Beagles act stubborn basically due to the fact that they were selectively bred to be a hunting dogs, and no matter what you do you can’t take that away from them.

If your beagle is acting stubborn don’t be scared it’s a look thing for beagles to act very stubborn.

However, with proper obedience training, you can still get a beagle to be less stubborn.

It is easier to start training a beagle from the puppy stages than to train a full-grown beagle.

Which a full-grown beagle will act more stubbornly than puppies.

Beagles Act Intelligently

Beagles are actually among the most intelligent breeds of dogs one can use for hunting. They are heavily blessed with intelligence.

Their intelligence is why they can track down a hare or birds without being too close.

If you actually want to check how intelligent your beagle is play a puzzle game with your beagle or hide-and-seek with your beagle.

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Beagles act Friendly

When a beagle sees a new dog or new people, the first thing on his mind is to go explore.

They love getting to know other dogs they will do whatever it takes to get to where their new friend is standing.

Beagles are social dogs, and they like interacting with other dogs of all breeds.

Sometimes they do fight, but mostly, they are just very curious.

Beagles bark excessively

Beagles are loud dogs, and it doesn’t take much to get them going.

They don’t always bay, but they are prone to making some kind of noise.

Whenever they see a cat, a squirrel, a stranger, or sometimes simply when they are playing hard, the inspiration will hit to make a little music to start barking.

It’s their claim to fame, and they work hard to live up to the reputation of being loudmouths.

Beagles bark unnecessarily for nothing, in short barking is part of their hubby, and they bark daily for fun.

Beagles love Adventures

Beagles love Adventures
Beagles love Adventures

Beagles are a curious and active breed of hunting dogs who love adventures with or without their owners.

Find time to walk your beagle at least 10 minutes every two days as this will help give your beagle the required exercise needed for proper growth and development.

Get a good leash and take your beagle to parks or visit other beagle owners as this is a very good way of socializing your beagle to avoid unnecessary behaviors.

Beagles Always want to run away

One way beagles act is that they always want to run away at any chance they get, therefore if you see your beagle acting this way it’s normal in purebred beagles.

This is the more reason you should make sure you beagle-proof your home to avoid your beagle giving you a surprise.

Beagles Act like Sniffers

Beagles like to sniff the ground, as do cats, other dogs, and people who happen to get too close.

Be prepared to put in the time and put in an incredible effort to train your beagles in the right kind of purring they can.

You are not born with manners, and it will only flourish if you are patient and consistently teach them better manners.

Let them smell squirrels or rabbits and compliment them.

It’s a natural instinct, and beagles are in the sky when they can track something on the ground.

Beagles act like they’re starving

Beagles have an insatiable appetite and this lead them to constantly scan the ground for something edible to eat.

Beagles eat so fast as if they are in a competition of eating, this will make them overweight as new beagle owners will continue giving their beagles food because the beagle is not slowing down.

Some owners have to use incredible restraint to avoid overfeeding their beagles, simply because it can be embarrassing to have a dog who acts like he is always hungry.

Beagles act Destructively

Beagles can be very destructive in nature especially when they are bored, one of the most important things to do as a beagle is to make sure you beagle-proof your home.

Always keep your valuable items away from the reach of a beagle, when going out do not allow your beagle to have access to where your valuable items are.

You can spend some cash and get chewing toys for your beagle so that they can have something to chew when bored.

Get as many toys as you can, if possible get a treat dispenser.

These toys and dispensers will help keep your beagles away from destroying your items.

There are many ways of handling a destructive beagle.

Beagles love Brushing Them

Shedding is a problem in Beagles but with proper care and attention, you can always control shedding in beagles.

Beagles love brushing them a lot provided you reward them for allowing you to brush them.

There are a lot of brushes you can use to brush your beagle but the most recommended brush comes in a grooming pack, in this pack you get nail trimming tools and different sizes of brushes.

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Beagles love Digging

Beagles dig for a variety of reasons such as boredom, to cool off in the freshly dug earth, or just because it’s fun to dig.

Whatever the motive, distract him from the flowerbed by making sure he has plenty of appropriate dog toys while out in the yard.

So if you see your digging in your backyard don’t be surprised, because it is in their nature to dig.

If you have the room, create an area where your beagle can be a beagle and dig to his heart’s content.

Beagles love rewards

Beagles love rewards
Beagles love rewards

The key to your beagle obeying commands is rewards, beagles love rewarding themselves for their obedience either during training or for not being aggressive.

Even though Beagles are very vocal, you can always get them to calm down with good rewards, get very good treats to reward your beagle.

Do not over reward your beagle, as beagles are prone to obesity, it’s recommended you give one to two treats at a time.

Beagles are affectionate and cheerful

Beagles are among the breeds of dogs that are very affectionate towards their family members and they love kids.

They get you going to be more and more affectionate towards their owners as they get older, even as they are not lapdogs, but they will love your kids.

They play a lot when offer toys and treats, most importantly they can be cheerful.

Beagles are not aggressive but can be very destructive when left alone for long.

Beagles don’t Make Good Guard Dogs

Beagles may be great hunting dogs, but they are not great guard dogs, and can not be used as a security dogs.

Even as Beagles are very vocal they easily make friends with strangers unnecessarily, they simply get confused when a stranger offers them treats.

Beagles love tracking And Chasing

Chasing is an act in beagles that no explanation is needed for how this behavior originated in beagles.

Because beagles will take any opportunity to get a taste of freedom by chasing anything they see.

Therefore, keeping a beagle on a leash and having a fenced-in yard is important for your sanity as well as the safety of beagles.

The National Beagle Club of America recommends that every beagle environment fence should be at least 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall and also suggests installing chicken wire or cement at the base of the fence to deter escapes through an excavated tunnel.

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