13 Ways On How To Tire Out a Border Collie

How to Tire Out a Border Collie

Border Collies are full of energy because they were selectively bred to be herding dogs so let’s discuss how to tire out a border collie!

There are many ways of tiring out your border collie which we will be exploring in this post so keep reading.

Having a tired border collie is the best way to have a well-behaved pup so let’s discuss…

How to Tire Out a Border Collie

It’s simple to overwork a border collie, which might cause long-term injury.

Multiply the number of months your border collie is by 5 minutes to figure out how often you should exercise him.

The “5-minute rule” is what it’s called. Maintain this time restriction for your border puppy’s exercise session.

This rule should not apply to border collies above 5 to 6 months of age.

Here are some common activities that will you tire out or drain the high energy of your border collie:

1. Playing the fetch game

This is one of the most effective ways of getting your border collie’s energy drained on a very good day.

If misused, this can be a very big problem for your border collie as it can cause muscle soreness which will be bad.

You can use a ball, sturdy rope, or stick and keep your border collie busy.

Throw the rope, stick, or ball and ask your border collie to retrieve it. You can also ask your border collie to heel or sit before throwing the ball.

5 to 8 rap depending on the age of your border collie is good enough to drain his energy, also the distance covered should be considered.

Do not over-stress them with too many raps to avoid muscle soreness. You can search on YouTube to see how to play a fetch game.

2. Set up a barrier for your border collie

You can set up a small barrier in your backyard and let your border collie jump over the barrier back and front.

You can also teach your border collie to run around the barrier and not jump over it, after which you can stand on one end and ask your border collie to go on a run.

Remember to take it easy on your border collie until he learns to run around the barrier or jump over the barrier, then always reward him each time he gets it right.

Here is our recommended barrier or agility setup for your border collie that won’t require lots of space.

3. Set up a tunnel for your border collie

There is this tunnel sold in pet stores everywhere you can get one for your border collie.

You can stand on one end of the tunnel and call your border collie to run through the tunnel.

This is a simple way to tire out your border collie but should not be abused to avoid muscle soreness.

You can also run with your border collie and ask him to go through the tunnel while you wait for him at the other end.

Take your time to master it as you will need it going forward, here is my recommended tunnel for your border collie.

4. Teach your border collie to run on a staircase

Do you live in a house that has concrete slab stairs or wooden stairs, you can use that to tire out your border collie!

This is a simple exercise, just teach your border collie to run up and down the staircase either indoors or outdoors.

Be careful not to overdo things to avoid muscle soreness.

If you don’t have a staircase you can talk to a local wooden shop close to you to produce a 4 to 6 step staircase for your border collie.

5. Start a mental obedience training

Not only do border collies need physical activities or exercises they also need mental stimulation activities.

You can start by teaching your border collie some basic commands or training.

You can do rollovers, sit, climb, heel, etc. All these commands will help your border collie stay mentally and physically fit.

Ask your border collie to rollover 3 times in a row and reward them. Always be calm when teaching them any tricks.

6. Teach your border collie to climb up and down the sofa

This should be a simple way to tire out your border collie, don’t make things complicated.

Hold treats in one hand while you ask your border collie to climb or jump on the sofa up and down up to 6 times or more.

Again do not misuse it or overdo it, always know when to stop.

Make sure your border collie understands that it is just for exercise reasons and not everyday stuff.

This must not be a sofa it can also be a lower height table or chair and can be done indoors or outdoors.

You can use your hand to point at where you want them to climb up and down then reward them.

7. Setup daily training sessions

Less assume you have some spare time you can set up daily training sessions for your border collie.

This should be a simple task around your house or outside.

During this session, you practice all you have taught your border collie to help them get better at commands.

This includes stopping, running, heel, going, lying down, pawing, etc. You can use that opportunity to teach your border collie new tricks.

8. Set up a tug of war game with your border collie

Play tug of war with your border collie as a way to tire them out with a long, durable rope toy.

Clothing, particularly socks and shoes, should not be used for tug of war, since your border collie can ingest them.

As your puppy associates chewing with a game, this might foster bad behaviors like chewing on clothing.

To practice the “let go” command, play tug of war with your border collie and give him a little treat if he listens correctly.

9. Set up a hide and seek game

Because your Border Collie puppy has a good sense of smell, activities that include finding food and toys will appeal to their urge to discover prey.

You may play games with your puppy indoors or out by concealing a treat or a piece of dog kibble and letting him discover it.

This is also an excellent time to practice instructions such as remain and come.

Hide behind a door or a piece of furniture and yell out your puppy’s name to play hide and seek.

They’ll strive to locate you, and you may reward them with praise or a little treat if they do so successfully.

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10. Start daily walks

Daily walks are very important for border collies.

Border Collie puppies are extremely energetic and were bred to be working dogs in the first place.

Therefore they have a strong desire to work and obey commands.

While it is great to exercise your puppy outside, daily walks can help drain your border collie.

Border Collie pups are energetic and can exercise for an hour or more every day.

Although there is no fixed amount of activity that they require, a reasonable rule of thumb is that your puppy requires five minutes of exercise twice a day for every month of age.

11. Set up a swimming session

Swimming is a fantastic cardio activity for your Border Collie, and many of them like it.

You may take your border collie puppy swimming at a dog-friendly location such as a beach or pond.

Keep an eye on your border collie puppy and observe any standards or restrictions that apply in that region.

Although some border collie are natural swimmers, you may need to train them to swim.

When most Border Collies are good swimmers, you may buy a doggy life jacket to assist them float while swimming.

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12. Running along your border collie

You may have purchased a Border Collie puppy in the hopes of having a training and exercise companion.

Early on, you may begin training your new puppy to exercise alongside you so that they can become lifetime training partners.

Increase the duration or distance of your exercise program gradually over time, keeping an eye on your puppy to ensure he isn’t overworked.

As your puppy gets older, a reasonable rule of thumb is to increase your workout by five minutes per month.

Taking your border collie for a run can prevent boredom and depression.

13. Visit dog park

There are lots of dog parks around, you can ask neighbors for a close location.

This should be one of your last option on how to tire out a border collie.

Make sure your border collie is on a leash while you are heading to a dog park, allow your border collie to explore the environment and get use to it.


Which ever method you are using to tire out your border collie, make sure you do it in moderation.

Don’t overdo things as it can bounce back on you, don’t over exercise your border collie.

There are ways to keep your border collie busy while you are away.