13 Hacks on How To Discipline a Border Collie

How To Discipline a Border Collie
How To Discipline a Border Collie

Border collies can develop behavior problems if you don’t properly train them, so let’s discuss how to discipline a border collie!!!

In this post, you will learn ways you should follow to get a well-disciplined border collie, and also I will highlight some wrong ways to discipline your border collie.

I will try to keep things as simple as possible so keep reading…

How To Discipline a Border Collie

Here are some typical techniques to positively discipline a border collie:

1. Develop a pack leader mentality

To be well-behaved and at peace in your care, your border collie will require discipline.

As soon as you bring your border collie home, establish house rules, show your authority, and be consistent, especially with his food schedule.

Rather than penalizing your border collie, choose to correct their bad behavior. After the crime has occurred, punishment will be useless.

Also, attempt to exhibit alpha physical characteristics. When your cat opposes or disobeys you, you must manage your emotions and behaviors since dogs interpret body language.

You must instill in your border collie the sense that he should obey you rather than the other way around.

2. Provide your border collie rules to follow

You must teach your border collie all he needs to know about his new home, including the rules, constraints, and boundaries, from the day he arrives.

Say “no” and gently take your border collie away from the table when it disobeys your home rule, such as not allowing it to sit beneath the supper table during meals.

It’s critical that you and your family members be on the same page when it comes to enforcing your border collie home rules.

Make a list of pet-related house rules and post it someplace everyone in your family can see it to avoid sending your border collie mixed messages.

List of rules your border collie should follow:

  • There should be no jumping on things or people.
  • Outside the potty area, there is no going potty.
  • There should be no sort of begging.
  • There will be no leaps from television stands.
  • There won’t be any furniture scratching.
  • No food shall be eaten on the floor.
  • Please don’t go into the restroom with me, and so forth.

3. Communicate with positive energy

Keep in mind that border collies can feel your energy and tell whether you’re scared or nervous.

Because Border Collies are intelligent and demanding, this will always be perceived as an invitation to take command.

You may stamp your authority and address undesirable habits by combining your emotions and actions with stated directives.

Your border collie must realize that you are serious about obedience and will not beg for it.

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4. Make a clear stop word or stop sign

Even though border collies are smart it’s important to remember that border collies aren’t human beings who can understand a vast range of word combinations.

Simply create a stop sign or utter “NO” before or during the unpleasant conduct to use the stop word.

Make sure your border collie understands what “NO” means and how it relates to “stop.”

It’s simple; don’t make it more difficult by mixing long remarks since your border collie might not know when to stop.

If you say “NO” often when with a firm tone and mean it, your border collie will learn to associate it with bad behavior and stop doing it.

Ascertain that your border collie understands and associates your stop word or sign with the cessation of their undesirable behavior.

5. Insist on good conduct at all times

When your border collie refuses to obey your commands, it’s vital to keep your firmness and insist on doing the right thing at all times.

In the long run, switching modes or action plans may assist, but being consistent and focused provides faster outcomes.

Positive behavior should be praised heavily in order to foster solid bonds that your border collie will seek out in the future.

Praise, caressing, food, and your border collie’s favorite toys may all be used to encourage good behavior.

Trainers may utilize clickers, which generate a characteristic sound followed by a treat when a border collie performs something exceptionally well.

6. Make corrections in the act

Punishing your border collie after the fact is futile since the penalty will be disconnected from the conduct you’re punishing.

Stop your border collie from doing something it shouldn’t, or right before it does something it shouldn’t.

Correcting your border collie as soon as possible can help it make the connection, however, it may take a few repetitions for the rule to sink in.

You can keep your border collie from eating or putting the shoe in its mouth by saying “no” and removing it for example.

7. Learn to control mealtimes

Border collies should be fed the same quantity of food at the same time every day for both discipline and health reasons.

Ask your border collie to sit before placing its food dish in front of it to demonstrate your instruction.

Say “no” and hold on to the food dish until your border collie sits, from there you can learn to control your border collie.

Reinforce this guideline at mealtime to teach your border collie that eating requires calm and well-behaved behavior.

Ensure that your border collie feeds at regular intervals and that mealtimes are kept under control.

8. Put your border collie on a 60sec time-out

Give your border collie a time-out if it is being hyperactive, bothering another pet, or disregarding your orders.

For your border collie to remember what it’s missing and not adjust to its new surroundings, the time-out should be held in a drab, disagreeable location.

The timeout for border collies should not exceed 60 seconds, this will change their state of mind.

It may be necessary to repeat the technique multiple times before your border collie realizes that its time has come due to certain behavior.

Give your border collie a timeout when they’re doing something wrong rather than after they’ve done something wrong.

9. Use positive reinforcement

Striking or yelling at your border collie gives off negative vibes and fosters bad behavior.

Instead of correcting negative behavior, use a positive reward, such as assigning a pleasant activity to your border collie.

This change will allow you to rectify undesirable behavior while also fostering new, more desirable conduct.

If your border collie is chewing on one of your child’s favorite toys, for example, give it its own chew toy.

10. Constantly reward submissive behavior

Rewarding submissive behavior will benefit both you and your border collie.

Teaching your border collie to regard you as the alpha should be a pleasurable process.

While it’s vital to reward positive behavior, don’t compel your border collie to show affection.

Grooming and praising your border collie is one way to show him that you care.

Touching, caressing, and holding your pet’s paws on a regular basis will assist him in gaining control while also allowing him to enjoy cuddling time.

11. Make corrections with a firm tone

Because Border Collies are stubborn, employing a soothing tone to get them to quit will not work.

Make sure your border collie knows what different voice tones indicate and how to respond to them.

Therefore, if you want your border collie to stop doing anything, use a firm voice.

Say something loud like “ouch” or a similar expression to surprise your border collie and stop any harmful conduct.

This is particularly useful for border collies that are aggressive toward humans and may bite or grip your arm or leg.

12. Be consistent in making corrections

Consistency in making corrections is another fantastic approach to discipline your Border Collie and keep his attitude in control.

You should aim to keep the same type of corrections for poor conduct as a general guideline.

Maintaining consistency in giving corrections helps ensure that your border collie identifies undesirable behavior with consequences, which will help him avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Always strive for consistency in your responses and corrections.

Try correcting your Border Collie right after he makes a mistake, so he’ll know what he’s being punished for.

13. Teach your Border Collie to wait

It’s useful to teach your Border Collie to wait in a variety of settings, especially when visitors come.

Put your Border Collie in a sit and teach it to wait instead of storming the front door in enthusiasm.

When your visitors are securely inside the door, unleash your Border Collie.

Wrong ways to discipline border collies

Here are some typical mistakes to avoid when it comes to disciplining your border collie:

  • Never discipline your border collie by slamming its mouth into its feces or pee.
  • As a kind of punishment, don’t shout at your border collie.
  • As a punishment, do not scold or strike your border collie.
  • It is not a good idea to pull your border collie’s tail.
  • Keep your border collie’s water bowls clean; don’t leave them untidy as a punishment.
  • As a punishment, never let your border collie alone in the house for too long.
  • Your border collie should never be euthanized for any reason.
  • As a kind of punishment, don’t let your border collie alone in the dark.

By Aiguo Kai

Aiguo Kai is one of the authors and editors of Pet Creeks, he is focused on teaching and providing useful information about pets. Especially dogs, he enjoys writing and sharing his 10 years of experiences with dogs so far.