Why Do Chihuahuas Dig: 10 Reasons & Prevention Tips

Why Do Chihuahuas Dig

It is in most dog nature to dig especially when they are bored, so why do Chihuahuas dig, read through to find out why!

We’ll look at some of the most prevalent reasons why Chihuahuas may decide to dig excessively.

We’ll also look at some typical methods for controlling excessive digging in Chihuahuas. First, let me try to address your question on why do Chihuahuas dig in a nutshell!

Why Do Chihuahuas Dig

Chihuahuas are little dogs that are known to be curious about their environment, and they can dig for a variety of reasons, including; boredom, separation anxiety, stress, excessive energy and play aggression.

You need to figure out what’s causing your Chihuahua’s excessive digging and take action as soon as possible.

The most straightforward answer is to keep your Chihuahua occupied and to never leave him alone for more than a few hours at a time.

Reasons Chihuahuas dig

Some of the most common causes for Chihuahuas excavating your fence or sleeping bed are as follows:

Irrespective of how you see digging in Chihuahuas, I see digging as one of Chihuahua’s behavior problems, that being said, let’s roll on!

1. Result of separation anxiety

When Chihuahuas are separated from their owners for an extended period of time, or even when they are not left alone unsupervised for an extended amount of time, separation anxiety develops.

Separation anxiety in Chihuahuas presents itself in destructive chewing, digging, nipping, barking, and self-isolation.

Leaving a Chihuahua alone at home causes separation anxiety, which may be addressed by giving a companion or employing efficient crate training.

Don’t overlook your Chihuahua digging up your fence or backyard when you get home; try to find out why your Chihuahua is digging if it’s due to separation anxiety. 

2. Result of too much stress

Chihuahuas are little dogs that might be anxious. This might be owing to their size or the purpose of the breed.

Knowing how to detect whether your dog is scared, apprehensive, or sad will help you avoid bad behavior and provide a happy, healthy life for your dog.

Although most stress indicators are clear, your dog’s stress communication might be subtle and surprising at times.

When a Chihuahua is upset, it will dig up your garden or fence to show the owner how unhappy it is.

3. Result of Boredom

A Chihuahua can become aggressive and nip, bark, or attack its owners when bored, lonely, or hungry.

They may begin digging your fence as a way to escape or to keep themselves busy if no one is available to keep them occupied.

Provide lots of mental activity to keep your Chihuahua from being bored or lonely.

4. Result of play aggression

Growling, snarling, flashing teeth, lunging, and biting, as well as excessive digging off the fence or in the backyard, are all indicators of play aggression in Chihuahuas.

It’s quite common among Chihuahuas since their owners constantly accept or support it as the proper behavior.

Play aggression in Chihuahuas grows over time and can cause major difficulties with your children and dog if not properly managed.

5. Result of curiosity

Chihuahuas are inquisitive tiny dog breeds who are always curious about what’s going on in their environment.

It’s possible that your Chihuahua is digging to see what’s in the hole in your fence or what’s in the hole.

Any mouse attempting to enter or leave the territory of your Chihuahua will be dug up by your Chihuahua.

6. Result of excessive energy

Chihuahuas are a little, lively dog breed that is always on the lookout for something to do with their excess energy.

If your Chihuahua doesn’t get enough walks, activities with you, or mental stimulation, he or she may dig up your yard to let off stress.

To keep your Chihuahua amused, you’ll need to create and stick to a regular routine that works for both you and your Chihuahua.

If you don’t find a way to occupy or burn off some of your Chihuahua’s energy, he may dig.

7. Chihuahuas dig to have fun

Excavating the fence or backyard may seem difficult to you, but your Chihuahua will appreciate it, they see it as fun.

Chihuahuas like digging all day because digging up frigid dirt and rolling about in it is fun for them.

If you offer enough instruction and mental stimulation, digging will not be an issue for you and your Chihuahua; simply tell them what to do.

8. Result of pending frustration

Frustration and despair are the leading causes of undesired behaviors in tiny dogs such as Chihuahuas, which can lead to digging.

Lack of mental stimulation might cause your Chihuahua to get irritated and despondent, leading to undesirable behaviors.

Changing meal times or diets can cause unwarranted stress and despair in Chihuahuas, and a frustrated and unhappy Chihuahua may bite.

9. Lack of care by owner

Another compelling motivation for Chihuahuas to dig is a desperate need to gain their owners’ undivided attention at any cost.

Your Chihuahua adores you and longs for your complete attention at all times; they despise being ignored.

Your Chihuahua will engage in a number of actions, such as digging, to gain your undivided attention.

By digging its bed, barking, whimpering, or howling, your Chihuahua may try to draw your attention.

When a Chihuahua is bored or feels ignored, he or she may act out in order to get their owners’ attention.

10. Result of hot weather

Chihuahuas are little dog breeds that are prone to heat exhaustion in hot weather and will seek out a cool location whenever possible.

Your Chihuahua may dig a cool and cozy place to sit if it’s sweltering outside, signaling that your backyard isn’t safe.

Chihuahuas digging holes in your fence or yard may be seeking a spot to cool down since it’s too hot outside.

As a result, if it’s hot outdoors and the air is stuffy, make sure they have access to a cool, shady spot.

How to prevent Chihuahuas from digging

Some techniques for avoiding or controlling Chihuahua digging include as follows:

1. Avoid all forms of curiosity

Chihuahuas dig to sate their curiosity, and rodents may pique a Chihuahua’s interest, prompting them to begin digging out their hole.

Chihuahuas dogs enjoy running after things, so if yours discovers a mouse in your home, you may expect him to dig.

Rats will keep your Chihuahua digging if they are let inside your home.

2. Distract Chihuahuas from digging places

Rather than shouting and screaming at your Chihuahua for digging through the fence, make it difficult for him to do so.

To keep your Chihuahua from getting too near to the digging regions, keep stuff out of his reach.

Pine cones may be used as a deterrent, or you can spray repellent on the area where your Chihuahua is digging.

One of the most frequent strategies to keep your Chihuahua from digging is to distract them.

Instead of yelling and punishing them, divert their focus away from digging.

3. Provide more exercise for your Chihuahua

The best way to keep your Chihuahua from digging is to walk or exercise him on a daily basis.

A tired dog will not have the energy to indulge in bad behavior. 

Lack of exercise is the leading cause of destructive behavior in Chihuahuas and other dogs.

Take your pet outside for a walk or run at least two to three times a day, for 10 to 15 minutes each time.

4. Provide interactive toys

If your Chihuahua likes to bury his toys, make sure he doesn’t take them outside.

When you’re done playing with them outside with a toy, bring it in.

Giving your Chihuahua chew toys is another technique to redirect his or her focus away from digging.

Provide a variety of exciting and amusing toys, such as chewable, to keep Chihuahuas occupied.

5. Desensitization

Use positive reinforcement to teach your Chihuahua that digging is a negative habit.

Positive reinforcement is more successful than negative reinforcement when it comes to teaching your Chihuahua.

You must use positive reinforcement to teach your Chihuahua that digging is not a desirable habit.

Desensitizing and counter-conditioning your Chihuahua is always a smart idea.

6. Give more mental stimulation

Because there aren’t enough things to do throughout the day, Chihuahuas become bored and begin digging in your yard or basement.

Why not use a variety of brain stimulation exercises to keep your Chihuahua busy during the day.

By concealing treats, you may create a treasure hunt for your Chihuahua, and you can keep them amused with a variety of unique and amusing toys.

I hope your question of why do Chihuahuas dig was answered with the information provided on this page!

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