Are Chihuahuas good with kids [11 Pros & Cons]

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Are Chihuahuas good with kids
Are Chihuahuas good with kids

Because Chihuahuas are little and delicate, many people wonder and ask are Chihuahuas good with kids, this is precisely what we will be addressing throughout.

We’ll go through some of the benefits and downsides of getting Chihuahuas if you have kids.

We’ll also go over how to teach kids how to care for Chihuahuas so that they can bond with them.

Before we go any further, let me address to your question in a few words on are Chihuahuas good with kids! 

Are Chihuahuas good with kids

Chihuahuas are delicate canines that may be injured by kids who are rough with them; Chihuahuas are known to snap at children under the age of 5 when they are mistreated, therefore, must be supervised and trained around kids. 

Bringing a chihuahua into a home with small children is not a smart idea. These dogs can get hostile and attack children.

While they may not be the best choice for families expecting a baby, they may work well with kids if training and socialization are taken carefully.

The truth is that Chihuahuas are best for families with kids who are above the age of 8 that can get involved in the training and grooming process.

Are Chihuahuas aggressive to kids

Chihuahuas are prone to snapping at youngsters, and they are delicate dogs that can be easily injured by a child who is harsh with them. 

Children aged ten and above get along perfectly with Chihuahuas as long as they are courteous and do not taunt them. Chihuahuas do not usually get along with small children.

Why do Chihuahuas bite children

Chihuahuas may bite children to protect what they perceive to be their property, such as toys, food, treats, water, beds, humans, and their homes.

A Chihuahua is more likely to bite another human or animal if that person or animal encroaches on their territory, which is known as territorial aggression.

Now I have answered your question, are Chihuahuas good with kids, let’s take a look at some cons of getting a Chihuahua if you have kids below 5.

Cons of bringing in Chihuahuas for kids

There are a few things to consider before getting a Chihuahua if you have kids below 8:

  1. Kids should not handle Chihuahuas because they are just too fragile.
  2. Chihuahuas sleep under blankets, and your kids might damage them if they sit on them by mistake.
  3. Strangers visiting your children may terrify or intimidate your Chihuahua.
  4. Chihuahuas can be commonly mistaken by kids as being strong due to their diminutive stature.
  5. Chihuahuas are notorious for their stubbornness, which may make training them difficult for kids.
  6. Chihuahuas can develop play aggression and mistakenly harm kids when playing.
  7. Loud noises can shock Chihuahuas, and your kids may like screaming or making loud noises.
  8. Chihuahuas are obsessed with the ball and will nip or bite your kids if they don’t get it.
  9. Chihuahuas need to be brushed on a regular basis, and long-haired Chihuahuas need to be brushed even more frequently.
  10. Because smaller children may not be able to keep up with Chihuahuas, more attention is required.
  11. For a number of causes, including inadequate socialization, chihuahuas can become aggressive and attack children.

These cons are not to discourage you from getting a Chihuahua if you have kids, but the truth must be told, we will still look at the pros!

How to integrate Chihuahuas with kids

Here are some educational guidelines or recommendations for Chihuahuas to be around kids in general:

1. Teach kids to never shout at Chihuahuas

Shouting at a Chihuahua is one of the first things you should teach your kids once you bring home your Chihuahua.

Chihuahuas are normally friendly dogs, therefore loud noises and screaming may be frightening to them.

Therefore, teach your children the value of never yelling or screaming at their Chihuahuas.

Non-essential barking, biting, aggressive behaviors, and nipping may result from yelling or screaming at Chihuahuas.

2. Teach kids how to pick up Chihuahuas

Educate your kids on how to pick up a Chihuahua dog until they feel confident.

Squat down and cradle the puppy from the side with one hand on the rump and the other on the tummy/chest area, softly yet firmly.

Make it a point to practice with your kids simultaneously.

When your children are carrying your Chihuahua, teach them not to run, spin, leap, or swing them around.

3. Educate kids when to let go a Chihuahua

Educate your kids to let your Chihuahua alone when it needs to eat, sleep, or do anything else.

Your puppy will need space to grow, and your Chihuahua will need to eat and relax, so educate your children to release go when it’s time.

If your children are always packed and eager to be near your Chihuahua, this may be a nice guideline to follow to allow your puppy to take some natural breaks and rest.

4. Educate kids not to share human foods

Garlic and onions are two of the most toxic foods for dogs, and they may be found in a wide range of cuisines.

A small amount can cause gastrointestinal irritation in Chihuahuas, but it has no effect on people.

Allowing your Chihuahua to nibble on your child’s food may result in begging, which is tough to avoid even with intensive training.

As a result, your children should be educated not to feed their own food to the Chihuahua.

5. Establish rules

Make certain that you set and follow precise home rules. Allowing your Chihuahua to eat from your child’s plate is not a smart idea (or vice-versa).

Ensure that children under the age of eight are not allowed to play with Chihuahua toys without your supervision.

Pet toys are not subject to the same safety regulations as children’s toys, and therefore might be fatal in the hands of children.

Make sure you follow your home rules to the letter, regardless of what they are.

6. Invite kids during grooming

Chihuahua puppies and adults benefit greatly from grooming, you can also invite your kids to join the grooming sessions.

You should educate your children the basics of brushing depending on their age and your lifestyle or daily routine.

There’s no reason why your kids can’t help you groom your Chihuahua, especially when it comes to combing and washing his coat.

You’ll have a helper who can take up these chores once your child is older, so the early you teach your kids how to brush your Chihuahua the better.

7. Teach kids how to properly pet Chihuahuas

Begin by rubbing the dog’s chin or chest softly. Scratching is OK as long as your hands are kept away from the dog’s face or head.

Demonstrate to the child that light petting or scratching of the neck and back is OK if moderate petting/scratching of the chin/chest is acceptable. Make a 180-degree turn in the direction of the fur.

If the Chihuahua backs away, snaps, growls, or displays appeasement gestures or terrified body language, stop touching him.

8. Educate kids how to handle Chihuahuas

Your children will want to squeeze a Chihuahua since they are little and cuddly, but Chihuahuas are not toys.

Teach your children how to properly care for and treat their Chihuahuas, as well as how to respect them as living beings.

Chihuahuas, like people, have desires, feelings, and pain, which your children should be aware of.

Your children should be able to play with dogs without being pushed or restricted.

Pros of getting Chihuahuas for kids

Here are some of the most prevalent reasons to buy a Chihuahua for your children:

1. Chihuahuas help kids get more exercise

Your kids will get more exercise with a Chihuahua because Chihuahuas enjoy running around with children.

Kids also require activity to keep healthy and happy, and Chihuahuas only require a minimal amount of exercise, so buying a Chihuahua for your children is a win-win situation.

To avoid harm to your Chihuahua, educate your kids on how to properly handle and play with a Chihuahua.

2. Chihuahuas can help socialize kids

Chihuahuas are notorious for following kids around the home while they play, which may help kids learn how to socialize with other canines and kids.

It’s pretty unusual to see a Chihuahua welcoming kids at the front door if they’ve been properly taught.

Chihuahuas nearly seem to be able to express gratitude to the kids with whom they play or who feed them!

They can also assist your children in making new friends and maintaining old ones.

3. Chihuahuas can help kids develop trust and patience

Chihuahuas may improve a child’s self-confidence while also teaching them responsibility.

Chihuahuas also educate your children on how to care for them, instilling in them a sense of trust and patience.

Small dogs, such as Chihuahuas, have a hard time embracing children at first, but with time, your children will warm up to your Chihuahua, resulting in true human trust.

Having or living with a Chihuahua requires patience, which your children will undoubtedly learn from you.

4. Chihuahuas help teach kids to be responsible

Caring for a Chihuahua’s needs is a major responsibility that requires time, humility, and effort; this may benefit children who are involved in Chihuahua’s care.

If your children are taught to get up in the morning and care for their Chihuahuas, this will reflect in their personalities as they get older.

Because they started on time, your children will learn to be accountable for everything around them and their behaviors throughout time.

5. Chihuahuas help kids with depression or stress

When children are worried or sad, bonding with them is a terrific method to help them, and chihuahuas may provide that bonding.

Stressed children might relax if they have a little dog to keep them company, such as a Chihuahua.

Chihuahuas enjoy springing all over children and playing with them, which may be comforting to children who are scared.

Chihuahuas may be able to assist your kids to cope with melancholy and stress, but they must be socialized with them.

Depressed children may experience anxiety, but this can be alleviated if they have a little dog roaming about them searching for attention.

6. Chihuahuas may help keep kids busy

While you are gone or engaged in other things, Chihuahuas can keep your kids amused and busy.

Because Chihuahuas are so fascinating and interesting, children may forget they have other things to do when playing with them, such as schooling work.

Chihuahuas frequently follow their favorite children around the house. If kids do not pay attention to them, they will make undesirable noise.

With all the above information provided on this page, your question are Chihuahuas good with kids will be resolved!

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