Do French Bulldogs Bark A Lot: 11 Barking Causes & Solutions

Do French Bulldogs Bark A Lot

People ask do French Bulldogs bark a lot in online forums and groups, so I took my time to study French Bulldogs and why they bark, so in this article, you will find out why people think Frenchies bark a lot.

French Bulldogs are adorable, lovable, cuddly dogs which is one of the reasons why they are extremely expensive to buy and maintain.

But what do they do when they are not playing or snuggling? Unfortunately, they do bark when they are bored and lonely.

So do French Bulldogs bark a lot? Yes, French Bulldogs do bark a lot even though they are generally seen as a quiet breed and are not known as a breed that barks frequently, French Bulldogs can bark due to different reasons such as fear, distress, anxiety, pain, seeking attention, and alarming the owner of a stranger.

Here are the three basic things you will learn from this post;

  1. Why Do French Bulldogs Bark A Lot?
  2. How To Train A French Bulldog Not To Bark.
  3. How To Stop A French Bulldog From Barking.

Most dog owners think of their pets as silent companions, but the reality is that some breeds bark a lot more than others.

With the amount of barking, you probably have an idea of the breed. One thing to keep in mind is that barking is a natural behavior for a dog.

It’s how they communicate with other animals. But it’s also a way for them to communicate with you.

French bulldogs are a favorite of many people. These small furry dogs are very lovable companions and they are energetic and playful.

However, that energy often leads to one thing: a lot of barking. Frenchies bark when they’re bored, when they’re excited, and when they’re just plain feeling rowdy.

The good news is that a lot of this behavior is manageable.

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. These dogs have a very distinctive look and are often the subject of memes.

French Bulldogs are also known for being very vocal. They bark a lot. How much, you ask? We’ve got you covered.

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So, Why Do French Bulldogs Bark A Lot?

Here are some top reasons why French Bulldogs can result to barking which are as follows;

French Bulldogs Bark For Fun or Excitement

The French Bulldogs’ constant barking when they hear someone coming home or approaching cars is a great way to bond with you.

You’ll hear his or her excited bark while you’re getting dressed or out for a jog. You might see French Bulldogs digging into the grass as they chase a stick.

Or a Frenchie that will bark and dive through the fence to see if the neighbors will play with him or her.

Barking is a great activity for the French Bulldog and a great way for you to interact with your pet.

Most French Bulldogs like to yell to be heard. And most French Bulldogs like to answer for themselves.

Always consider Fun when thanking about do French Bulldogs bark a lot.

Just shout at your dog. If he looks at you as if to say, “Are you talking to me?” just yell back at him, “Oh, hey! What’s up? What’s going on? What are you barking at?”

And if he does bark back at you, yell at him again. Maybe shout something like, “Shut up! I don’t want to hear that. I’ve had a rough day. I’m going to bed!”

You’ll have to shout, at least a few times until he stops barking. Maybe not, though. That might keep you up.

So do not shout at your French Bulldog when he’s barking, just ignore him and walk away.

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French Bulldogs Bark Due To Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in French Bulldogs describes a condition in which Frenchies exhibits distress and behavior problems when separated from their owner.

Separation anxiety in French Bulldogs typically manifests within minutes of the departure of the owners.

It is not fully understood why some dogs suffer from separation anxiety and others do not.

This is one of the biggest issues most dog owners face, and most times is attributed to lack of proper training.

However, Frenchie that suffers from separation anxiety ends up being aggressive and then results in unnecessary barking.

Do French Bulldogs bark a lot…. Separation Anxiety is the main answer to that.

How to handle separation anxiety in French bulldogs

Here are tips to solve separation anxiety in French Bulldogs;

  • A second pet should come in as fast as you can
  • Lots of new treats and interactive toys
  • Provide lots of hanging out or exercise
  • Start a new proper crate training regiment.
  • See an animal behaviorist
  • Hire a dog sitter
  • Train them to stay alone without following you around while you’re at home.

French Bulldogs Bark Due To The Presence Of A Stranger

If you live in a busy city or area, there may be a reason to believe that French Bulldogs bark a lot.

Let’s get a few things clear that French Bulldogs are not very good guard dogs, but they are definitely one of the best watchdogs out there.

This means that you will often encounter these barks if you do not practice and socialize them well!

The unsocialized French Bulldog would keep barking at the postal operator whenever he was around.

French bulldogs will always hang around telling their owners about strangers, even if they may not attack, but you will hear them if there are strangers around.

French Bulldogs Bark Because They Know You Hear Them

Your Frenchie’s bark will wake you up at night because he knows you always wake up.

A dog who barks for fun or to get attention, or a dog who barks to alert you, will probably wake you up.

If the dog is barking to keep you from leaving or barking to alert you to a pest on the porch, the barking will likely keep you up as well.

Barking can also be the last thing you hear at night. Maybe a dog or other dog is barking at the window for you to come outside.

And maybe a dog is barking to warn you that he sees someone at the door. Or maybe a dog is barking and chasing a squirrel.

Or maybe a dog is barking at the possum in the tree behind the yard.

Maybe a dog is barking at another dog or a bird or a raccoon. That’s why French Bulldogs bark.

French Bulldogs Bark Out of Fear

Every living being lives in fear until a thing or two helps it overcome it. Even humans fear too, so why would Frenchies not fear?

Things differ slightly from the French Bulldog perspectives, in that they are a small breed that is afraid of anything larger than its size.

Let’s look at an example, you failed to properly socialize your Frenchie with other dogs.

Then you have a neighbor two blocks from your house, that has a German Shepherd (GSD), your neighbor walks around your house with GSD every day.

When your Frenchie sees the GSD, how do you think they would react? This is solely on you as the owner who failed to do his or her work.

Common things that may instigate fear in your French Bulldogs are as follows;

  • Fireworks
  • Thunder
  • Darkness
  • Gunshots
  • Loud noises
  • Movements at night
  • Bigger dogs

One of the simple ways to help your Frenchie overcome fear is early and proper socialization, as well as introducing your French Bulldog to its object of fear.

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French Bulldogs Bark To Protect Themselves From People

Sometimes dogs are barking at people, not barking at other dogs, and sometimes dogs are barking to protect their owners from people.

A barking French Bulldog can be barking at people to warn the owner about someone, just like dogs will bark at other dogs to warn other dogs.

French Bulldogs are constantly alerting other dogs to their location. Dogs have to bark at other dogs.

Most French Bulldogs will bark at people they don’t know to alert other dogs that the person’s there.

French Bulldogs as a great watchdog can be so anxious they will sometimes bark at strangers, just like some people will suddenly get so nervous or anxious they will suddenly start yelling and screaming or yelling or screaming at people. French Bulldogs do this too.

Some people are so anxious they’ll start yelling or crying. French Bulldogs do this too.

One reason French Bulldogs might bark at people they don’t know is to warn other dogs of a person, just like some dogs might bark at people when they hear the noise of another dog barking.

Some people get so anxious, they won’t stop or yell when a dog barks.

Some people start to bark at dogs they don’t know, just like they might start to yell or cry at someone they don’t know when they hear the sound of a dog barking.

French Bulldogs Bark Because They Want Attention

Let’s face it, every dog ​​barks or bites when they need attention, and the Frenchies are no exception.

French Bulldogs were primarily and selectively bred as companion dogs that stay with their owners throughout the day.

Thus, they depend on their owners for everything, such as love, food, water, medical care, and more.

If you’re not very careful, trust that the cute little puppy you thought you knew would change overnight, these changes most often result in barking, chopping, or jumping at you.

Just create a daily routine for them in that way they get what they need before asking or in your absence.

Or they may not start unnecessary barking when in need of your services.

French Bulldogs Bark Out of Pain or Illness

Remember we said that French bulldogs are not known to be aggressive, but could become aggressive if need be!

So pain and illness are one of the needs be that should force your French Bulldog to bark unnecessarily, however, this can be controlled by regular medical check-ups.

Therefore, always check out unnecessary pain or illness when your French Bulldog starts barking unnecessarily. Or lookout to see if your French Bulldog ate the wrong food.

French Bulldogs Bark To Protect Themselves From Other Dogs

Barking also a good way of protecting your dog from other dogs.

He might be barking at other dogs for fun, but if he is barking at dogs because they’re coming into his yard to bother him, you might yell at him to let the other dogs know to stay out of his yard.

If other dogs don’t understand you’re shouting at the dogs, they’ll try to get into your yard, and your French Bulldog will bark to keep the dogs away.

Some people might get mad at dogs for barking at them.

A few might even call the police to report dogs barking, or even to tell the police to come to their homes and yell at the dogs or get into the yard.

But most people will just want to yell at the dogs to keep them from barking or attacking, as some people do with dogs when they get angry.

So bear in mind that the presence of other dogs might influence how often your French Bulldog barks.

French Bulldogs Bark Due To Loneliness & Boredom

Your Frenchie may resort to barking out of boredom because French bulldogs are highly social and thrive on human touch and care.

When alone for long periods of time, they get anxious and can bark as a sign of unhappiness.

Imagine sitting at home all day long doing nothing. French Bulldogs also feel the same when they are bored.

French Bulldogs Bark Due To Changes in Weather

It is important to note that when in a normal environment, changes in the weather are never a reason for your French Bulldog to result to bark, but Frenchies may result barking when their temperature rises.

This is because French Bulldogs are prone to heat exhaustion, and do not do well in hot weather or environment.

Most Frenchies are calmer when they are in a cold environment.

And may result in unnecessary barking or nipping when their temperature rises, so be careful how and where your Frenchie stays in a hot season.

How To Stop French Bulldogs From Barking A Lot

Barking is a big problem to most French Bulldogs owners, so here are some tips that will help you control barking in French Bulldogs;

Always Remain Calm When Your Frenchie Bark

Calling or shouting at your Frenchie to stop barking all the time sends the wrong signal, and that means you are telling your French Bulldog to keep barking.

Calmness, love, compassion, and trust are the basics you need to grow your Frenchie. Your French Bulldog will stop barking once you calm down.

Provide Lots of Exercises And Stimulation

One of the main reasons French bulldogs bark is a sedentary lifestyle and boredom.

Give your Frenchie something to handle and they’ll be too busy to remember to bark.

A 10 minute walk a day is fine, but not in a hot environment, holding it in or just playing an extraction game for a while, it will drain the energy.

Too much energy in French Bulldogs will force them into unnecessary behavior and encourage barking, so take it or borrow it.

There are tons of toys out there that will mentally stimulate your Frenchie, so be sure to check them out.

Ignore Your French Bulldogs When They Bark

French bulldogs always like to bark because they want your attention. When they finally get the attention they need, even when told to shut up, they have succeeded already.

As a result, they bark for attention as often as they want and can get out of control from time to time. So try to ignore them when they bark for attention.

Remove The Sources or Causes Of Barking

You can always get rid of the bad things that drive your Frenchie people crazy or introduce them to the things that drive them crazy.

Suppose your Frenchie goes crazy at the sight of the postman, then call the postman and introduce your Frenchie.

This way your Frenchie can see that the postman is not a threat and feel comfortable with the postman.

Use the same steps for other things that will set your Frenchie fire up.

How To Train French Bulldog Not To Bark

Here are tips on how to train a French Bulldog not to bark which are as follows;

Proper Obedience Training

Whenever your Frenchie is barking, and you want them to stop, the first thing you can do is to use a “quiet” command.

Remember this involves waiting for them to stop for a moment and then saying “quiet”, then “good boy”, then rewarding them with a treat.

A quiet command with a reward will help you train your French Bulldog to stop barking.

Be Sure To Always Provide Exercises And Stimulation

One of the main reasons French bulldogs bark is a sedentary lifestyle and boredom, so always give your Frenchie something to handle, and they’ll be too busy to remember to bark.

A 10-minute walk a day is fine, but not in a hot environment, holding it in or just playing an extraction game for a while, will drain the energy.

Too much energy in French Bulldogs will force them into unnecessary behavior and encourage barking, so take it or borrow it.

There are tons of toys out there that will mentally stimulate your Frenchie, so be sure to check them out.

Provide And Maintain The Same Daily Routine

Maintaining a daily routine is a simple key to achieving most of the training and path you want your French Bulldog to take.

The importance of maintaining a daily routine is that at every point in time your Frenchie has something doing to keep him busy.

Always stick to what is working for you on a daily basis. Feed when it’s time, play when it’s time, sleep when it’s time, etc.

Provide Early And Proper Socialization

Do you want a service dog that can handle other people or animals? Then it starts with the initial socialization.

The main benefit of early French Bulldog socialization is that it brings calm, confidence, and love to your Frenchie.

When you have a French Bulldog who socializes well, then you have a dog that is around with other dogs, as well as a dog that greets visitors.

Ways of Socializing French Bulldogs

  • Visit other dog owners with your Frenchie as often as you can.
  • Take your French Bulldog to dog shows
  • Visit dog parks
  • Invite your neighbors who own other pets
  • Go camping with your Frenchie
  • Take your French Bulldog to puppy classes
  • Watch your favorite TV shows with your Frenchie
  • Play records of dog movies for your French Bulldog.

Do French Bulldogs bark at strangers

Yes, French Bulldogs will bark at strangers if they are not properly socialized with humans or other animals, French Bulldogs can bark at strangers for different reasons such as fear, distress, anxiety, threat, seeking attention, and alarming the owner of a stranger.

French Bulldog barking at night

Yes, French Bulldogs can bark at night for different reasons which are as follows;

  • Poor socialization
  • Fear
  • Total darkness
  • Loud sound
  • Illness
  • Hunger
  • Presence of a stranger
  • Presence of creepy animals (snakes)
  • Another dog barking
  • Seeking attention
  • Lack of enough exercises during the day
  • Boredom
  • Separation anxiety

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