French Bulldog Barking At Night: 14 Causes & Solutions

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French Bulldog Barking At Night
French Bulldog Barking At Night

People talk about French Bulldog Barking at night in forums and groups, so I decided to dig deeper to find out the simple reasons why French Bulldogs bark at night.

So in this article, we will be discussing all the 14 common causes of French Bulldog barking at night and provide solutions to most of them.

So, why do French Bulldogs bark at night? French Bulldogs bark at night for different reasons ranging from fear, distress, presence of other dogs, anxiety, loneliness, pain, poor socialization, seeking attention, and alarming the owner of a stranger.

French Bulldog barking at night

Here are some common reasons why French Bulldogs keep barking at night and some ways to correct them;

Poor socialization

Yes, poor socialization is the root cause of most bad behaviors in French Bulldogs, which also includes unnecessary barking at night.

If you are very sure your Frenchie is well socialized, then be rest assured that the level of unnecessary barking will be very low.

A poorly socialized French Bulldog will quickly start to bark once they hear other dogs barking or barking for long because of movements around your neighborhood.


Here are simple ways of socializing your French Bulldog which is as follows;

  • Visit other dog owners with your Frenchie as often as you can.
  • Take your French Bulldog to dog shows
  • Visit dog parks
  • Invite your neighbors who own other pets
  • Go camping with your Frenchie
  • Take your French Bulldog to puppy classes
  • Watch your favorite TV shows with your Frenchie
  • Play records of dog movies for your French Bulldog.

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French Bulldogs are prone to fear maybe is due to their size or just because they were selectively bred to be companion dogs and not guard dogs or hunting dogs.

Barking and hiding at night is a clear sign that your Frenchie is living in fear, this is very bad for you and your dog, dogs bark at ghosts.

It could be the presence of another animal that is getting your Frenchie fired up. Try to find out what is going on when your French Bulldog is barking and falling back.


One simple solution is to socialize your Frenchie with other dogs or pets, another solution is to introduce the object of fear to your French Bulldog.

If It’s someone, then let your French Bulldog get to know the person, or better still try to eliminate any object of fear in your Frenchie.

Total darkness

Even humans get fired up when it’s totally dark around them, the same thing applies to French Bulldogs.

French Bulldogs don’t enjoy the darkness and can start barking when it is dark and there is also movement.

Just don’t let your French Bulldog stay too long in the dark.

Loud sound

Loud noises or sounds can keep your French Bulldog awake all night. Most of the loud noises are what you can’t control.

If it’s within your reach, then make sure you and your Frenchie stay away from loud sounds at night.

Loud noises include;

  • Fireworks
  • Thunder
  • Darkness
  • Gunshots
  • Loud gathering
  • Movements at night


Sick French Bulldogs are always prone to barking and whining be it day or night, so be patient with your French Bulldog if he’s barking at night due to illness.

French Bulldogs are prone to some health challenges associated with them that always make them uncomfortable.

They can also get sick from eating certain foods that are bad for French Bulldogs. Always go for medical check-ups from time to time.

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This is not common but could also be a reason why French Bulldogs bark at night, it’s very simple to correct.

Presence of a stranger

If you live in a busy city or area, there may be a reason to believe that French Bulldogs bark a lot.

Let’s get a few things clear that French Bulldogs are not very good guard dogs, but they are definitely one of the best watchdogs out there.

This means that you will often encounter these barks if you do not practice and socialize them well!

Presence of creepy animals (snakes)

Being a good watchdog, French Bulldogs are always sensitive to their environment and would not like to have creepy animals or rodents around.

Most nights, you wake up and your Frenchie is barking on a particular spot or location, then when you check the spot you are not seeing anything.


Creep proof your home to avoid unnecessary creeping animals around your neighborhood or house, as most of these creepy animals can hurt your Frenchie.

Another dog barking

French Bulldogs are very vocal when it comes to other dogs stepping into their territory especially when they are not properly socialized.

When your neighborhood dogs start barking at night, be rest assured your French Bulldog will join the bark.

French Bulldogs are very territorial and because they are good watchdogs they will always detect the presence of other dogs or pets.


You can always socialize your Frenchie to accept other dogs and to remain calm when other dogs.

Do not get fired up or start shouting at your French Bulldog when they bark at night. Just try to distract your French Bulldog.

Seeking attention

Let’s face it, every dog ​​barks or bites when they need attention, and the Frenchies are no exception.

French Bulldogs are primarily and selectively bred as companion dogs that stay with their owners throughout the day.

In this way, they depend on their owners for everything, such as love, food, water, medical care, and more.

Unless you’re very careful, trust the cute little pup you think you know will change overnight. Most of the time, this change results in barking, chopping, or jumping at you.


Just create a daily routine for them, so they get what they need before they ask or when you’re not around. Or they stop barking when they need your services.

Make sure he or she potty before you go to bed or leave a doorway for him to go do his business outside without waking you up at night.

Lack of enough exercises during the day

This is a major reason why French Bulldogs stay awake at night while they are supposed to be sleeping because they are not guarding dogs.

Frenchies are full of energy, and they always look for how to burn off the energy, without it, they will not be relaxed to sleep at night.


10 minutes daily walks or a 10 to 15 minutes fetch game will be just enough exercise for your French Bulldog.

Get lots of interactive toys for your Frenchie to keep them busy all day long, these will help burn built energy and allow them to sleep like a baby at night.


Again, your Frenchie is bored at night because he can’t get enough exercise to burn lots of pilled energy.

If they can’t sleep, they will be bored and will start unnecessary barking and whining which will affect your sleep.

Keep them busy during the day so that they will be burned out at night and not disturb your sleep.

Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety in French Bulldogs describes a condition in which Frenchies exhibits distress and behavior problems when separated from their owner.

This is one of the biggest issues most dog owners face, and most times is attributed to lack of proper training.

However, Frenchie that suffers from separation anxiety ends up being aggressive and then results in unnecessary barking.

How to handle separation anxiety in French bulldogs

Here are tips to solve separation anxiety in French Bulldogs;

  • A second pet should come in as fast as you can
  • Lots of new treats and interactive toys
  • Provide lots of hanging out or exercise
  • Start a new proper crate training regiment.
  • See an animal behaviorist
  • Hire a dog sitter
  • Train them to stay alone without following you around while you’re at home.


Separation Anxiety leads to depression in French Bulldogs, so when your French Bulldog chose to bark at night, be sure is not happening due to depression.

Depressed French Bulldogs are prone to barking, whining, and aggression.

By Samuel Akira

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