How to Socialize a Puppy: 8 Smart Tips To Use

How to Socialize a Puppy

People ask how to socialize a puppy in forums and groups and in this post we will outline the simple ways you can use to socialize a puppy.

Socializing puppies is very important because if you don’t or you fail to socialize them when they grow up you get a different result.

You get lots of benefits from socializing your puppy, some of the benefits of socializing puppies are as follows;

  • Easy control in the near future
  • Reduced barking
  • Less stressful visits to the animal hospital
  • Less aggression
  • Reduced fear and anxiety
  • Help in More Playtime & Exercise
  • Help build trust, confidence, and increase bonding
  • Learning the Basic commands
  • Reduce Risk of your dog Running Away
  • Makes Grooming easier
  • Help fight Behavioral issues
  • A less destructive dog

8 smart ways on how to socialize a puppy

Here are the 8 best smart ways of socializing puppies. Note that puppy socialization should start from three months old.

Taking your puppy to dog parks

Visiting the dog park on weekends with your puppy will go a long way in socializing your puppy because when you visit the park often, your puppy will start to understand how to adapt to meet new people.

On your way back branch to your puppy friend’s house and say hi to maintain their friendship with other dogs.

You can get a good dog cloth while you are going to the dog park just to make your puppy look great and special, this might also attract new friends for your puppy which will pay off in the long run.

Don’t forget to get treats to reward your puppy for a good behavior during your stay in the dog park.

It is important to note that you don’t take a puppy u you intend to use as a guard dog to parks, enhance they will become pet dogs and may no longer do their job of guarding the home.

This is to tell you that there is a difference in training a guard dog and a family pet dog.

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Puppy Classes

There is always a puppy class in every country, consider sending or registering your puppy in one of the classes for proper training and socialization.

Ask to know more about the puppy classes before sending your puppy.

Make sure other puppies and their owners look happy and relaxed during classes, also check or ask if the sessions are well controlled and planned, and the class size is small not more than 9 puppies per class, as this will help teachers or trainers gain control over each puppy.

The recommended age for the puppy class is from 4 weeks to 6 weeks. However, you can start whenever you are ready, but it will be nice and great to start within the stated time.

After 6 weeks your puppy might have started showing signs of less socialization so 4 weeks is cool.

Daily walks with your puppy

Daily Walks with your puppy servers two functions, to help in socializing your puppy and as a good source of daily exercise, therefore you gain in two ways so consider giving it a try.

This will also help your puppy to bark less at strangers when they grow.

While walking with your puppy along the street allow your puppy to greet people and make friends as this is a great way of socializing the puppy this will also help reduce how your puppy bark at night.

During your daily walks with your puppy do your best to make friends with your puppy.

Then find time to go with your puppy to the friends you made once in a while, this will help socialize your puppy when they grow.

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Visiting your family members with your puppy

Visiting other family members is another way of socializing your puppy which will pay you off in the near future.

Find time to take your puppy for a visit to your family members and on your way back take your puppy to see old friends.

When you visit other family members chances are that your puppy gets to see new faces and try to make friends with will increase his chances of socialization.

While visiting your other family members go with treats and reward your puppy for every good behavior, as this will help encourage your puppy to keep it up.

Make sure to tell your family members you visiting why you visited in the first place so that they can find time to help socialize your puppy while you are around.

Provide cartoon movies for your puppy

Watching other cartoon or dog training movies helps in shaping and socializing your puppy, this could be time-consuming but it is definitely worth trying.

Cartoon movies will help you in two ways, one is helping in socializing the puppy and the second is keeping them busy while you do other things.

There are lots of cartoons or dog training movies out there, be sure to ask other users or the seller which is better for your puppy.

Find the time and watch it alone and see if it will help socialize your puppy because some movies are made for guard dogs.

Generally, dogs love watching movies but pay attention to your puppy reactions when you play certain movies.

This will help you to select the very best series of movies that can keep your puppy busy.

I bet it will help you in the near future when you’re trying to train your dog on how to be alone.

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Visiting other dog owners with your puppy

Visiting other dog owners is a great way that helps in socializing puppies, but could turn bad because your dog might not like other breeds of dog which may lead to aggression or fight.

However, with proper planing between you and the other dog owner it can still be done.

Visiting other dog owners with your puppy comes with lots of responsibilities but it pays off in the long run.

Think of this as a good way of socializing your dog to meet other dogs which will help you along the line.

Your puppy will get to learn a lot of things during your visit to other dog owners. So be sure to pay close attention to what your puppy is learning, encourage your puppy to keep the good ones, and drop the bad ones.

Always reward your puppy for good behavior when the visit other dog owners.

Go camping with your puppy

Camping is not just made for humans alone as it will also help you in socializing your puppy. Camping help us make new friend so will your puppy make and meet new friends.

Always go for camping with treats and reward your puppy for good behavior.

Not all camping help socialize dogs. However, when you want to pick a camp location consider picking a location with friendly people who would love to have dogs around.

When camping don’t just stay alone waiting to make friends, just hang out and make friends, always watch your puppy’s reactions, and make corrections.

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Go on Vacations with your puppy

Dogs love vacations too, don’t deprive them of such wonderful opportunities. Vacations will go a long way to help you when socializing your puppies because your puppy will get to meet or make new friends and vacations also improve their chances of socialization.

Not all vacation locations will fit your puppy so make research on locations that allow dogs. While on vacation pay close attention to what your puppy is learning to enable you to make corrections on the way your puppy is going.

Go on vacations with good treats and always reward your puppy for good behaviors.

When you are coming back from vacation be sure to branch and visit your puppy old friends just to say hi, this will keep them in check.


Socializing your puppies has great future advantages that will pay off some day.

However, over socializing your puppy will give you a puppy that will play a lot.

Socializing puppies are not fantastic for people who want or who got a dog for the purpose of guarding their properties or home.

Using treats to reward your puppy is great but also comes with its own effects, of financial view or overweight in your puppy.

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