9 Common Ways To Tire Out a Puppy At Home

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Ways To Tire Out a Puppy
Ways To Tire Out a Puppy

This post will address some common ways to tire out a puppy that has too much energy which can become a problem for you and your puppy.

Some puppies are so energetic and active that if you leave them with such energy they start unnecessarily barking or being destructive.

When you tire out your puppy they will be less destructive, bark less, and sleep more.

So let’s look at ways to tire out a puppy at home.

Benefits of tiring out your puppy

Sleeping puppy
Sleeping puppy

Here are some benefits of tiring out your puppy:

  1. Puppies who exercise have stronger immune systems.
  2. Puppies who exercise have better breathing and more energy.
  3. Keep in mind that puppies who exercise have more muscle and less fat.
  4. Puppies who exercise are less likely to be obese than adults.
  5. Puppies who exercise have shorter snouts and less chance of developing allergies.
  6. Keep in mind that puppies who exercise have better socializing skills.
  7. A tired puppy is a less destructive dog.
  8. A tired puppy will sleep more.

Ways To Tire Out a Puppy

Here are some common ways to tire out a puppy:

Play the fetch game with your puppy

Let the puppy retrieve balls
Let the puppy retrieve balls

Play the fetch game with your puppy to keep him entertained and active. Start by throwing a small object, like a toy, across the room.

If your puppy jumps to catch the object, give him a treat. If he doesn’t catch the object, toss the object a little farther away and try again.

As your puppy gets better at the game, you can increase the difficulty by tossing objects further and further away.

Be sure to give your puppy plenty of positive reinforcement when he succeeds in catching the object.

Play hide and seek game with your puppy

Play hide and seek with your puppy is a great way to exercise and have some fun at the same time.

Start by hiding your puppy around the house, or you can hide anywhere and wait for him to find you.

Keep in mind that If your puppy gets too far away, hide somewhere else and let him try again.

The game will get faster and more challenging the more you play and this will definitely tire out your puppy.

Teach your puppy to run up and down a staircase

You may exercise or tire out your dog on any wooden stairs or concrete stairwells in your home.

For a simple workout, teach your dog to sprint up and down the steps indoors or outside.

Take care not to overdo things and practice caution to keep your puppy’s muscles from becoming sore.

If you don’t have a staircase, you may ask a local lumber shop to build your dog a 6- to a 9-step staircase.

You can always build a staircase with the aid of woodworkers.

Run up the stairs with your puppy, then stand on one end and ask your puppy to run up.

Keep practicing it until your puppy can run up and down the stairs with your command, then reward him.

This running up and down the stairs will definitely drain your puppy’s energy.

Teach your puppy to run from one post to another

You may train your puppy to run about or from one post to another to exhaust them.

You could have chosen a puppy with the idea of using it as a training and exercise buddy.

In order to train with your new puppy permanently, you may want to start early by training them to exercise with you.

Increase the duration or intensity of your exercise routine gradually while keeping an eye on your puppy to make sure he isn’t overexercised.

As your puppy gets older, a reasonable rule of thumb is to extend your workout by five minutes each month.

Running from one post to another with your puppy prevents boredom and depression in them.

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Teach your puppy to run through a tunnel

You may get a tunnel for your dog to help wear him out anywhere there are pet stores.

If you stand at one end of the tunnel, you can train your dog to run through it.

This is a quick and simple method to tire your puppy, but it shouldn’t be used excessively to avoid sore muscles.

You may even sprint through the tunnel and wait for your dog at the other end while asking him to walk with you.

Take your time studying this tunnel since you will need it in the future; I suggest this tunnel for your puppy.

Play tug of war with your puppy

Playing tug of war with your puppy is an excellent way to exercise and teach your dog obedience.

Tug of war is a fun and exciting game that will keep your pup entertained and mentally stimulated.

Start by setting up a small area, such as your front porch, where you and your puppy can play.

Have a toy or a small piece of furniture that your puppy can tug on, and set up a starting line a few feet away from the toy.

Give your puppy the toy, and tell him to “drop it”. He should drop the toy at the starting line, and you can start the game by pulling the toy back.

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Teach your puppy how to jump obstacles

Jump obstacles can be a fun way to exercise your puppy, and help him learn how to navigate around obstacles.

Start by teaching your puppy to jump over a low obstacle, such as a mat. Once he can jump over this easily, increase the height of the obstacle.

You can also teach your puppy to jump over a fence by attaching a piece of rope to the top of the fence and tying it to a post.

Once your puppy can jump over the fence, you can then teach him to jump over a higher fence by attaching the rope to the bottom of the fence.

Run around your house with your puppy

Puppy love is all around us! Whether we’re out and about or just running around the house, we can’t help but feel happy.

Here are a few tips for running around with your pup, start small – If your pup is still a little leery of new surroundings, start by just running around your house.

This will help them get used to the new environment and make them less likely to be scared.

You can use a leash – Even if your pup is just running around your house, it’s always a good idea to use a leash to keep them safe.

Teach your puppy to roll over many times

If you want your puppy to learn how to do a simple rollover, start by rewarding him when he does it correctly.

Start by putting your puppy on his back and tell him to roll over. If he does it correctly, give him a treat.

If he doesn’t do it correctly, tell him to try again and give him a treat if he does it correctly.

You can also start by doing the rollover exercise with your puppy on his back and then have him do it on his stomach.

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There are many ways to tire out a puppy, but here are a few:

  1. Take them for long walks around your building.
  2. Play games that require a lot of running, such as fetch or tug of war.
  3. Put them in a playpen and let them run around until they are exhausted.
  4. Let them run around the house until they are panting and sweaty.
  5. Throw them a large ball and let them chase it around.
  6. Play with them indoors in a small area, such as a room with a lot of toys.
  7. Let them play in a large garden if you have one.

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