How Do Cats Keep Cool: 9 Ways cats keep cool

How Do Cats Keep Cool

Some cat owners keep asking how do cats keep cool and this is exactly what I will be discussing in this post.

It is much easier to keep your cat cool than when cats do it themselves.

Here are some common ways you can keep your cat cool:

  1. Allowing your cat play with ice cubes.
  2. Giving your cat ice treats.
  3. Providing cooling mats for your cats.
  4. Providing ice packs in cat beds.
  5. Providing wet towel for your cat.
  6. Circulate cool air around your cat.
  7. Make sure your cat has plenty of water.

However, this post is about how cats keep themselves cool.

So let’s take a look at some common ways cats keep themselves cool.

How Do Cats Keep Cool

There are various ways for cats to stay cool. One is by means of their fur, which serves as insulation against both heat and cold.

Additionally, their fur aids in heat reflection away from their body.

Cats may also stay cool by panting, which also helps them control their body temperature.

Additionally, cats have sweat glands in their paws, which aids in heat loss.

Let’s break it down…

Common ways cats keep cool

Ways cats keep cool
Ways cats keep cool

Here are some potential ways cats keep themselves cool:

1. Cats keep cool when they pant

When it’s hot, cats will pant to get rid of the heat.

Cats pant to stay cool even though they don’t sweat as humans do. 

When a cat pants, air flows over its wet tongue, evaporating the water as it goes, keeping them cool.

2. Cats keep cool by grooming themselves

When it’s hot, cats will groom themselves to cool down.

Cats are excellent at maintaining their personal hygiene and temperature.

They maintain their fur clean and healthy by licking it, which also helps them stay protected from the sun and spreads natural oils throughout their coat.

Additionally, grooming aids in getting rid of any debris, dust, or parasites that can be stuck to their fur.

3. Cats keep cool by licking other cats

Cats lick their fur to cool down.

The majority of cats constantly lick themselves to stay cool and comfortable in warm weather.

A cat’s saliva evaporates as it licks its hair, assisting in bringing down body temperature.

Licking not only helps them cool themselves off but also gets rid of any dirt, dust, or parasites that could be on their fur.

Cats do it naturally to be clean and in good health.

In hot weather, your cat may lick itself more frequently than normal in an effort to remain cool.

Unless the licking gets extreme or your cat starts to bald, there is no need for concern. Then, it can be afflicted with heat.

4. Cats keep cool by sleeping in the shade

When it’s hot, cats will sleep in the shade to stay cool.

Cats are experts at taking naps in the sun, and resting in the shade is one of their favorite methods to stay cool.

Your cat is probably simply taking advantage of the warmth if you observe them dozing off in the sun.

However, if they are lying down in a shaded area, they are attempting to keep cool.

Cats frequently look for the coolest location in the home to snuggle up in when it’s hot outside.

They could even locate a space outside under a tree or a shrub.

If your cat like the sun, you may keep them cool by giving them a shaded area to rest in.

5. Their coats keep them cool

Amazingly, your cat has a fur coat. In addition to keeping her warm in the winter, it also keeps her cool in the summer.

Therefore, despite the fact that you might believe that shaving your cat in the summer will benefit her, you’re actually harming her.

Your cat’s coat serves as a thermal regulator, which means it is intended to maintain your cat’s body temperature at a constant level regardless of the weather.

Additionally, her coat protects her protected from the sun and keeps her delicate skin nourished.

6. Cats keep cool by drinking more water

During the hot sun, cats drink extra water to stay cool.

Cats can control their body temperature and prevent overheating by drinking enough water.

All cats need to drink water, but in the summer when it’s hot, it becomes much more crucial.

When they don’t have access to enough water to drink, cats are susceptible to dehydration.

In cats, lethargy, loss of appetite, and dry mouth are signs of dehydration.

Offer your cat lots of water if they exhibit any of these symptoms.

You might also try introducing some wet food to their diet to help them consume more water.

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7. Cats keep cool by conserving energy

Cats can stay cool by using less energy.

They will seek for a shaded area to lie down in when it’s hot outside, and they frequently pant to assist control their body temperature.

Cats will also groom themselves to help stay cool since the saliva on their fur evaporates as they are groomed, keeping them cooler.

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8. Cats keep cool by sleeping more

Most people believe that cats’ propensity for napping is a sign of laziness.

However, the reality is that cats sleep a lot because it keeps them cool.

Cats frequently sleep for extended stretches of time when it’s hot outside.

This is because they produce heat while they are awake and do not produce heat while they are asleep.

If you’ve ever seen your cat napping in the sun, it’s because they’re attempting to absorb as much heat as they can.

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9. Cats keep cool by avoiding hot surface

Your cat may be relaxing on the cold tile floor or in a shaded area if it’s hot outside.

Cats have perfected the art of staying cool in the heat by avoiding scorching surfaces.

Your cat begins to pant in hot weather to assist herself cool off when her body temperature increases.

She regulates her body temperature by sweating on her paw pads as well.

Give your cat a shaded area to rest in and make sure she has access to cold, fresh water if you want to assist her remain cool throughout the summertime.

Additionally, you may place a cold, moist towel in her bed.

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What temperature is too hot for cats

Although various cats have varying levels of heat tolerance the average temperature range for cats should not be more than 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most cats are most susceptible to heat exhaustion, heatstroke, sunburn, and other potential consequences for 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit

Even though this temperature range lacks a clear-cut solution since various cats have varying levels of heat tolerance.

However, if your cat is acting strangely, panting profusely, or appears sluggish, it’s probably too hot for them and you should shift them to a cooler area.

You should always err on the side of caution and provide them a nice, cozy area to relax if you are unsure.

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How do cats keep cool in the summer?

Here are some common ways cats keep cool in the summer:

  1. They use their tongues to lick their fur.
  2. They pant to cool off.
  3. They fan themselves with their tails.
  4. They climb up and hide from the sun.
  5. They sleep in the shade.
  6. They groom themselves to cool down.
  7. They lick water droplets from leaves to cool off.