Why Do Cats Leave Home For Days: 10 Top Reasons

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Why Do Cats Leave Home For Days
Why Do Cats Leave Home For Days

Cats are pets that love their privacy and when stressed may look for a quiet place, let’s discuss the question of why do cats leave home for days.

In this post, we will outline and discuss some of the most common reasons why cats leave home for days.

After reading this post, it is expected you understand the most common reasons why your cat may decide to leave home.

Why Do Cats Leave Home For Days

Here are some common reasons why cats leave home for days;

1. Cats leave home for days when they are on heat

When you fail to neuter your cat, what you get is a cat that what to mate when they are on heat.

When a cat is in heat, it will roam until it finds a mate. Until your cat is allowed out, she will scream and lament.

Consider spaying if this is the case and remember that strus occurs multiple times a year in cats.

When a cat is in heat, she will go outside to find a mate. This might take several hours or even days.

It is dependent on how long it takes to locate a healthy male. Your cat will lose interest in mating and come home after it is through.

2. Cats leave home for days when they find a better food source

Cats love to eat high scent food all the long and if you are the type that feeds your cat once a day your cat may seek other food sources.

Food is one of the key causes of female or male cats fleeing their homes for some days if they find a better food source.

Let’s say your cat has a better food source 10 blocks away from home, you don’t expect your cat to come home if he eats a variety of foods elsewhere.

Some always provide good quality cat food for your cat and regularly to avoid your cat trying elsewhere.

3. Cats leave home for days when they are trapped somewhere

Cats are pets that love to explore their environment and beyond, by doing this they can get trapped in people’s basements or garages.

This happens to people who keep outdoor cats, if your cat ever gets trapped then the cat will be away for some days.

During the winter months, a traveling cat will seek refuge from the rain, snow, severe winds, or cold temperatures.

Cats frequently seek refuge in surrounding garages and sheds, as well as under and inside automobiles.

Ask your neighbors if your cat hasn’t been seen in a few days. It’s possible that the cat slept off and was confined in a garage, vehicle, or shed.

3. Cats leave home for days due to reproductive purposes

Male cats run away from their owners for a variety of reasons, none of which are incompatible or dubious.

If a male cat is not well-managed, he may travel a long distance in quest of a female cat, causing him to get separated from his owner.

When a male cat reaches a certain age, he develops a sexual drive that must be controlled; else, he may quit the house and never return.

If a male cat escapes with a female cat into the woods and is not found and saved, it will become a wild cat.

4. Cats leave home for days due to hunting instincts

Another key reason why your cat is prone to straying away from home is that cats have a natural and deeply rooted hunting instinct.

Are you aware that your male cat has the ability to chase a mouse up to 20 meters away from your home?

If your male cat continues to chase the mouse, don’t count out the possibility of him being imprisoned and never returning home.

Because cats are natural hunters with excellent hunting instincts and the capacity to survive in the wild, you may expect to see your male cat engaging in hunting behavior on occasion, especially if you live near the woods or bush.

5. Cats leave home for days due to new family members

Cats are pets that hate noise or changes in their environment and could leave home for days if you have visitors who generate lots of noise.

Even the birth of your kid can force a cat to leave home for days and come once in a day to check if everywhere is calm.

Having visitors over the weekend can cause your cat to leave home for days until the visitors are all gone.

6. Cats leave home for days when they give birth

If your cat went away while in heat and reappeared a few days later, she’s most likely pregnant.

You would assume that resolving your running-away issue would be sufficient, but many cats also escape when it’s time to give birth.

Expectant cats will look for a quiet, isolated, and safe place to give birth, and if you have a busy household, they will flee.

She’ll grow increasingly focused on finding the right delivery location as her date approaches. They will depart if you are forced to leave your house.

7. Cats leave home for days when chased away by bigger pet

Cats are prone to wandering and may cross into predator territory, causing the predator to chase the cat protecting its territory.

The cat may find itself in a new environment while fleeing for its life, forcing it to calm down and find its way home, which might take days or weeks.

A cat hunting prey may as well lose track of home, and tracing home could take up to a week.

8. Cats leave home for days due to stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of cats fleeing their homes for days, and they may or may not return.

Cats escape when their abode becomes clouded or too noisy, or when the neighborhood becomes uncomfortable.

Establish a calm and quiet environment for your cat to protect them from a busy neighborhood or a noisy environment.

Too much stress can lead to undesired behavior in cats, as well as a cat fleeing from home for days.

9. Cats leave home for days when they are about to die

In the worst-case situation, your cats may wander off to die, away from the owner’s sight. Why do cats go off on their own to die?

Scientists believe this is a natural inclination since cats attempt to protect their bodies from being devoured by other animals.

Cats do not realize they are dying; they hide because they are afraid and want to be alone.

It’s heartbreaking to learn that you won’t be able to spend the last moments of your kitten’s life with them before they pass away.

However, it’s all part of the natural cycle of life, and your pet has relished every moment of it.

10. Cats leave home for days when they are distracted

Summertime is when cats are more prone to go missing since the weather is nice and they like to spend more time outside hunting insects and small animals.

Cats are known for their rapid reflexes, and I’m sure you’ve seen how many cats when startled by something, leap into the air and flee as quickly as they can away from whatever it was that scared them so badly.

If your cat is caught off guard and hastily dashes to an unknown location, they may go lost for an extended period of time, especially if they get stranded behind a busy road or crossing.

What to do if your cat leave home for days

If your cat wanders away from home for days, here is a list of things you should do:

  1. Look for any probable hiding spots for cats.
  2. Speak with the animal control officials in your area.
  3. Inquire around your area.
  4. Speak with local animal rescue groups.
  5. Make fliers and posters with images of your pet and distribute them across your neighborhood.
  6. Make contact with local animal shelters.
  7. Post on local social media platforms if possible.
  8. Publicize your business in local publications.
  9. Check with all of the area veterinarians.
  10. Consult with a pet detective.

With the information provided on this page, I hope your question Why Do Cats Leave Home For Days was answered!

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