Reasons For Dog Microchip Registration

Reasons For Dog Microchip Registration

Reasons for dog microchip registration is exactly what we will be discussing in this article, so read through and educated yourself on reasons for dog microchip registration.

National Dog Awareness Week is an annual campaign in the United States in early March which is designed to educate the public about how to keep their dogs safe and help find lost dogs.

Reasons for dog microchip registration

Just like a human with a driver’s license, there are many reasons for dog microchip registration.

With a registered dog in many cases, a lost or stolen dog can be returned quickly and easily.

The registration can also protect the family dog from injury or possible death if they are lost or stolen.

The dog doesn’t have to have tags to be registered. Some places do a scan of the dog that is a lot like a fingerprint.

The owner’s name and contact information are entered into the microchip.

This allows the authorities to identify an owner or a family member or a close family friend who can identify the lost dog.

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Cost of a Dog Microchip

You must be at least 18 to purchase a microchip for your dog. The fee for getting a microchip for a dog on average is about $15 to $45.

As a registered dog, the owner receives an annual electronic microchip registration card.

The dog owner can use this information to add to or update the information on the microchip.

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Two Locations to Purchase a Microchip

There are two places to get a microchip: the United States Humane Society in your local area and the Humane Society in west Texas.

If you do not live in the United States, then you need to ask:

  • Animal control department
  • Dog breeders
  • Other dog owners
  • Online dog forums in your city
  • Ask local shelters
  • Ask local rescue groups.

There are many different brands of microchips and registration cards. Different microchip companies have different policies about what to do when a microchip is lost.

The microchip company’s recommended policy is to contact the owner to see if they are the registered owner.

If not, they would contact the microchip company, which would then contact the owner.

This policy allows for the microchip company to know who the owner is when the owner calls the microchip company to make contact with them.

Most microchip companies will register a pet who has been lost within minutes of it being found.

The lost dog will be scanned, the registration card will be used and if they were registered the owner is contacted immediately.

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How Microchipping is been done

How Microchipping Is Been Done
How Microchipping Is Been Done

The microchip company will tell the owner to take the dog to their veterinarian to have the microchip implanted.

The veterinarian injects a small amount of liquid into the dog’s back between the shoulder blades. The dog wears a collar with the registration sticker.

After a few days, the microchip company will contact the owner by telephone or e-mail to let the owner know that their dog is now microchipped and an emergency contact is in the microchip company’s database.

The microchip company will pay to have the dog scanned again as a part of the registration process.

If the dog is found with a microchip, the microchip company will continue the registration process to make sure the registration information is current.

If the dog is found without a microchip, the animal cannot be registered unless the microchip company finds out who the owner is and they pass that information along to the owner.

Dogs who are adopted or taken in by a rescuer or an animal shelter should have a microchip implanted as part of the registration.

It is never necessary to remove an animal’s collar or tags after the dog has been registered.

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Procedures to follow if your Dog is lost

If your dog is lost or stolen, always follow the procedure from your microchip company.

Have your dog microchipped, take your dog to the veterinarian. If your veterinarian doesn’t have a working ultrasound machine, you may want to use a microchip company that has one available.

If the veterinarian does use ultrasound and can’t find your microchip in the animal, get the microchip company to scan your dog at no charge.

If your microchip is not registered and your dog has no tags, the animal must be scanned again after it is placed into the shelter to make sure they have a microchip.

Returning a dog to its owner is never an easy task. You want the best outcome for your animal.

Microchipping may not be the most effective way to locate your dog, is only a way to identify your dog, but if you are the owner, and it is available to you, then please take advantage of it.

If you have a dog that goes out often you should consider using a good tracking system or device to always locate your pups.

Get a Microchip Today!

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