Do Ragdoll Cats Eat a Lot: 7 Reasons & 5 Solutions

do ragdoll cats eat a lot

Ragdoll cat owners always ask do ragdoll cats eat a lot, and that is what we will be discussing in this article, so read through.

Ragdolls are large, with males weighing up to 18 pounds. Some go as high as 24 pounds.

So do you think Ragdolls really eat a lot, that’s an easy question to answer: No, they don’t!

In fact, many of them have sensitive stomachs and might not digest certain foods well.

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Do Ragdoll Cats Eat a Lot

Ragdoll cats are medium and lighter than larger cats, so they require less food in general, therefore they should eat calories of around 250-300 calories per day, as they are typically medium eaters.

A good question to ask is, “Do Ragdoll Cats Eat a Lot?” It might not be what you are thinking.

However, the answer to the question really depends on why you are asking it. If you are wondering if your cat eats too much, then the answer would be no.

They are typically medium eaters. If you are wondering how many calories they should have per day, then the answer would be 250-300 calories per day.

If you are wondering how much they should weigh, then the answer would be 7-13 pounds for males and 6-11 pounds for females.

Not all cats are alike, and the Ragdoll is one of the exceptions. If you’re considering adopting a Ragdoll, you’ll want to know how they eat.

Though it varies by individual, many Ragdolls are known for eating very little. This may be due to their genetics or their temperament.

Larger cats require more food, but the quality of the food also matters.

Because maize isn’t as satisfying for a carnivore as it is for an omnivore, lower quality with fewer animal-based proteins typically implies they’re famished more often.

Energy levels, age, and even gender can all play a role. If you’re concerned, a parasite test may be done at a veterinarian’s clinic.

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Why ragdoll cat might eat more than usual

Here are some common reasons why your ragdoll cat might eat more than usual or required:

Ragdolls might eat more if they are pregnant

It’s natural for a pregnant cat’s appetite to increase. Pregnancy is a demanding procedure for the mother cat, requiring a lot of energy and nutrition.

Pregnancy exhausts women and takes a toll on their entire bodies; as a result, they require additional energy.

As a result, the unborn kittens’ development needs an increase in the food supply.

When there are more kittens on the way, the mother cat will need a lot more food, which will make her hungry at different times throughout the day.

Ragdolls might eat more if they have intestinal parasites

Intestinal parasites are commonly referred to as worms; these worms eat a substantial part of the nutrients consumed by a cat’s diet.

Your ragdoll may eat but still feel hungry since it is feeding parasites and receiving relatively few nutrients for itself.

Eating fleas or being outside can cause worms in Ragdoll cats, but they can be cured with medication.

Your veterinarian will need to examine your cat’s excrement under a microscope to see what kind of parasites it has.

Although many monthly worm treatments include deworming medication for intestinal parasites, they do not protect your cat from all types of worms.

Ragdoll cats might eat more if they have diabetes

The pancreas does not create enough insulin in a diabetic cat, and the cat is unable to use the sugars generated by digestion for energy.

Your cat will be hungry even if it eats because its body lacks the energy it needed.

Insulin injections may be required for a diabetic cat. The animal’s appetite will return to normal once the sickness is under control.

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Ragdoll cats might eat much if they have Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the cat’s blood has an overabundance of thyroid hormone.

The thyroid hormone is mostly utilized to control the metabolic rate of cats.

A high metabolic rate indicates that the cat’s body absorbs and digests food more quickly than usual.

This means that the cat swiftly expends all of the energy it consumes by eating.

The cat will get increasingly hungry and might lose weight as a result of its failure to meet those energy demands.

Hyperthyroidism is a disorder in which the thyroid gland of a cat becomes overactive, leading them to be always hungry.

Simple blood tests conducted by your veterinarian can diagnose a cat with this illness. It can be treated with medication.

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Ragdoll cats might eat more due to poor food value

Ragdoll cats may eat excessively if their food is nutritionally inadequate.

Low-quality kibble can make your cat hungry again shortly after they’ve eaten.

Their age might also play a role, therefore, as Ragdoll cats get older, their capacity to absorb proteins and lipids deteriorate.

They require more energy at the same time, so your senior cat may begin to eat more to satisfy the demands of their body.

Ragdoll cats might eat more due to anxiety or depression

There’s a good reason why your ragdoll cat is eating excessively. Ragdoll cats tend to eat more when they are upset or bored.

Anxiety, sorrow, and boredom are all potential causes of overeating.

Therefore, consult your veterinarian if you believe any of these diseases are causing your cat’s eating issues.

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Ragdoll cats might be eating more due to their age or growth rate

Ragdolls are large cats who eat a lot more than domestic cats.

Ragdoll owners, particularly kitten owners, may criticize their ragdolls’ voracious appetites without realizing the changes in their bodies.

Kittens are most sensitive to hunger while they are under the age of 18 months in most situations.

Ragdoll kittens will eat and drink anything that comes their way.

Ragdoll kittens develop quickly at this time of their lives. They are usually hungry due to their fast development.

Between the ages of 18 and 24, this uncontrolled hunger typically goes away, although some kittens are able to break the habit considerably sooner.

How to help your ragdoll cat eat less

They may suggest that you lavish more attention and enthusiasm on your cat to help them avoid food cravings.

Consult your veterinarian first if your ragdoll cat is eating excessively.

They can assist you in determining why your cat is eating excessively, addressing any medical concerns, and providing suggestions on how to discourage them from eating excessively.

Here are some tips you should consider:

Pay attention to how much your ragdoll is eating per day

Keep track of how much food your ragdoll cat consumes on a daily basis.

It’s possible you’re not even aware of how much you’re overfeeding them.

To provide them food, use measuring scoops and stick to the portion size advised by your veterinarian or on the box.

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Pay attention to your ragdoll cat stress level

Give your ragdoll cat plenty of attention if he or she is lonely or stressed.

Some cats beg for food because they know they’ll get your whole, undivided attention if they obtain it.

Set aside 15 to 20 minutes each day to play with your cat to help de-stress your home.

Pay attention to the quality of food you’re giving your ragdoll

Pay attention to the nutritional value of the food you feed your ragdoll cat and always talk to your vet.

Even if your ragdoll cat consumes a large amount of food, he or she may not be getting all of the nutrients he or she requires.

Change to higher-quality cat food that has the vitamins and minerals your ragdoll cat requires to be healthy.

Use the right feeding plate or bowel

Use a slow-feeding bowl with lumps that make it more difficult for your Ragdoll cat to reach the food, forcing them to consume it more slowly.

This can also provide bored kitties some much-needed excitement.

Be consistent in your measurements

Fill the food dishes just when they’re empty, and don’t allow your ragdoll cat free-feed. Stick to a strict feeding schedule instead.

Adult ragdoll cats only need to eat once or twice a day in order to be healthy.

Limit the number of times you refill the bowl each day and do it only at specific times.

How often do Ragdoll cats eat?

The nutrition of a Ragdoll cat is the same as any other cat breed; however, Ragdolls eat 5–8 times more frequently than the typical cat.

When these cats are hungry and need food, they will meow for it.

They are generally food-obsessed, as seen by their happy demeanor when food is provided.

I hope your question Do Ragdoll Cats Eat a Lot has been answered!!!

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