Can Pugs Eat Apples: 3 Ways To Offer, Pros & Cons

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Can Pugs Eat Apples
Can Pugs Eat Apples

Apples are great treats for dogs, but pug owners always ask can pugs eat apples and that is exactly what this post is all about.

I will be highlighting the potential benefits of offering apples to Pugs and some drawbacks of overfeeding apples to pugs.

I will outline and discuss some common ways you should be offering apples to pugs and I will answer some questions regarding pugs and apples.

Can Pugs Eat Apples

Vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and antioxidants are abundant in apples which means apples can be very beneficial to pugs if given in moderation as part of healthy snacks.  

Apples are high in fiber, especially apple peels, which aids digestion while helping pugs maintain a healthy weight.

Apples are high in fiber and low in protein, making them ideal for light snacks, incentives, and post-workout snacks.

Let’s look at some common questions about pugs and apples.

Can pugs eat apple seeds

The seeds and core of an apple should not be fed to pugs because they contain a small amount of cyanide and can cause choking, apple flesh is a better choice for pug than apple seeds.

Pugs should avoid eating apple seeds since they might create gastrointestinal blockages and harm the pugs

Because apple seeds and core are difficult for pugs to digest, they should never be given to them.

It’s preferable to not feed your pug any apple at all rather than a full apple with seed and core.

Can pugs have apple products with artificial flavors

Apple flavors contain preservatives or compounds that may harm pugs by producing gastrointestinal problems or agitation; as a result, apple flavors should not be given to pugs.

It’s recommended to avoid giving pug apples altogether and instead use artificial apple tastes or canned apple flavors instead.

Sugary or chemical-laden canned foods can cause indigestion in the near term, as well as diabetes or obesity over time.

Can pugs eat applesauce

Pugs may eat pure applesauce, but because it typically has added sugars, choose unsweetened applesauce and serve it sparingly.

Freeze the applesauce in ice cube trays to enjoy with your pug after a long walk or on a hot summer day.

Can pugs eat apple skin

Although apple skin is safe for pugs to eat since it has no toxic ingredients, it is advisable to give your pug apple meat rather than apple skin because apple skin is more difficult to digest.

If you have to give your pug both the meat and the peel of an apple, cut the fruit into extremely little pieces to avoid stomach problems.

Apples should be cut into slices or small cubes so that your dog may consume them effortlessly.

The apple will be simpler for your dog to digest if it is peeled, and the quantity of fiber will be reduced.

Can pugs eat green apples

Green apples are OK for pugs to consume, and they’re really a healthier option than red apples.

Green apples have a lower carbohydrate and sugar content than red apples and have somewhat more vitamin A, which is a vital component for your dog.

Are pugs allergic to apples

Although pugs are not allergic to apples, each pug is unique, and some pugs may be sensitive to foods that other pugs deem safe.

As a result, offer your pug merely a little slice of apple and monitor his reaction throughout the day.

Sudden diarrhea, vomiting, excessive paw licking, restlessness, itching, and ripping are all symptoms of an apple allergy in a pug.

If you see any of these symptoms, contact your veterinarian right once and stop giving your Pug apples.

How much apple can a pug eat

Pugs should have no more than 3 to 5 slices (25 to 45 grams) of apple each day due to their size, which is an acceptable amount considering apples should account for just 10% of their daily calories.

Apples should never be used as a substitute for high-quality dog food since they are fruit and not a meal.

Simpler ways to offer apples to pugs

To begin, wash the apple fruit under running water to eliminate any pesticide residue on the apple skin.

Remember to wash your hands and the knife you’ll be using to chop the apple before proceeding to the popular methods to present.

To keep things easy and safe, here are a few standard methods for delivering apple slices to your pug:

1. Add apple slices to other edible fruit mix

No single food has it all, regardless of what humans know and eat; this also applies to dog food, however, you might argue that wet dog food is better than dry dog food.

However, because wet dog food is more expensive than dry dog food, why not attempt to make your pug’s dry dog food more valuable?

Giving your pug fruits and vegetables treats every now and then is a typical approach to add value.

You may give your pug a nutritious fruit combination, such as very few pieces of watermelon, apples, and strawberries, as long as you follow the 10% guideline.

Place these healthful fruits on a dish for your pug, but remember to keep everything in proportion.

In small amounts, you can cut some healthy fruit and veggies like bananas, pineapple, mango, etc. And give your pug in moderation once in a while.

2. Give apple slices as rewards

Again, don’t overdo it, and remember the 10% rule when it comes to dog treats.

Even with adequate socialization and training, we all know that pugs can be difficult to deal with. Pugs also like performing things for the sake of being rewarded.

Wash and cut an apple into five equal halves, choose one, chop it up to the size of regular snacks, and use it as a reward.

You may use these apple slices to teach your pug a new trick or to praise him for doing something good, like not barking excessively.

Most pug behavior issues may be resolved with adequate obedience training, which will include rewards, such as apple slices.

3. Add a few apple slices to pug kibbles

First and foremost, you must do it in moderation, no more than twice a week, and always remember the 10% rule when feeding your pug treats.

If done correctly, adding apple slices to your pug’s diet is a fun and healthful habit.

Wash the apple and chop it into four equal halves, removing the seeds and core.

Depending on the size of the apple you bought, one of the equal parts should be fine for your pug.

Cut one of the apple halves to the size of your pug dry food on your cutting board for easier eating.

If you like, you may remove the apple skin and feed only the apple meat, which will make it simpler for your pug to chew it with the dry food (kibbles).

Obviously, this isn’t something you should do every day; correctly combine the apple slices with your pug’s food so that it doesn’t pick up the apples and eat them.

Potential benefits of offering apples to Pugs

Here are a few of the most well-known advantages of giving apples to pugs in moderation:

  1. Apples can support digestion in pugs.
  2. Apples can supply extra phosphorus to pugs.
  3. More antioxidants can be provided by giving apples to pugs.
  4. Apples can supply extra calcium to pugs.
  5. Apples can supply extra vitamin to pugs.
  6. In moderation, apples can provide extra nutrients to pugs.
  7. Apples can help pugs have healthy teeth and gums.
  8. Giving apples to pugs in moderation can help their immune system.
  9. Apples can help pugs have better eyesight.
  10. Apples can support weight control in pugs due to its fiber content.

Side effects of offering too much apples to pugs

The following are some of the most common adverse effects of overfeeding your pug with apples:

  1. Acid reflux can occur in pugs that consume too many apples.
  2. Pugs who eat too many apples may have intestinal problems.
  3. Your pug will get diarrhea if you give him too many apples.
  4. If you overfeed your pug apples, you may have stomach ache and vomiting.
  5. Blood sugar levels in pugs might spike if they are overfed apples.
  6. Obesity in pugs can occur if they eat too many apples.
  7. Apples might get feeble if they eat too many apples.

With the information I provided on this page, I strongly believe your question Can Pugs Eat Apples was answered!

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