Can French Bulldogs Eat Watermelon: How To Feed & 7 Benefits

Can French Bulldogs Eat Watermelon

I’ve always considered myself a dog person. And that is why I am answering the question: can French Bulldogs eat watermelon in this article?

Everyone knows that French Bulldogs are very susceptible to heat exhaustion, we also know that water intake can regulate high temperatures, we also know that more than 95% of watermelon is made up of water.

So, Can French Bulldogs Eat Watermelon? 

Yes, French bulldogs can eat watermelon because French bulldogs are prone to heat exhaustion and watermelon contains more than 95% water, which can help French bulldogs regulate hydration and heat exhaustion, and watermelon also serves as a good main food source for calcium, potassium, and vitamins A, C, B6, and B1.

Therefore, watermelon is very safe for French Bulldogs because the fruit does not contain toxic substances for dogs.

Watermelon is full of valuable nutrients that are essential for the health of your French Bulldog.

Yes! French bulldogs are prone to some health challenges as well as digestive problems, so it’s smart to know what foods to avoid.

Even though watermelon is safe for French bulldogs, keep an eye on them for any signs of gastric distress afterward.

A little introduction!

The French bulldog is a small, compact, square-bodied, short-faced dog. It was originally bred in England in the 1800s.

Since then there have been lots of pros and cons for the French Bulldogs.

The French bulldog’s temperament is often described as placid, patient, and good-natured.

These dogs are very playful, and they like to chase around both children and adults. They also have behavior problems you need to correct through training them.

They are known as Frenchies or Frenchie for short. A lot of people get confused about whether or not French bulldogs can eat watermelon.

The answer is yes!

According to The American Kennel Club, the watermelon fruit contains only about 50 calories a cup and 92 percent water, so it’s great for hydration on a hot day for dogs. It also has no fat or cholesterol, so it’s pretty much guilt-free.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Watermelon skin?

Watermelon is not toxic to French Bulldogs, but the skin and rind of watermelon can be very difficult to chew and digest.

If the French Bulldog has eaten the bark of watermelon, do not worry as it will likely recover, but avoid continuous feeding of watermelon skin or bark as it increases the risk of disease and internal blockages.

Can French Bulldogs eat watermelon with white seeds?

No, watermelon white seeds are not toxic to French Bulldogs, but the mature black seed can be toxic to French Bulldogs, however, if your dog has eaten a few of the white seeds, not to worry.

Although too many watermelon seeds can cause intestinal blockage, it’s best to remove them before sharing watermelon, which is quite healthy for your dog (in moderation).

Watermelon white seeds are really just immature black seeds. They’re soft and almost translucent because they are only just beginning to grow and develop.

The seeds are infertile, so they won’t sprout into a watermelon plant if you planted them. They are, however, so soft that they aren’t a bother to swallow along with the flesh.

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Preparing Watermelon For The French Bulldogs

Here’s the easiest way to make watermelon for your French Bulldog before we go any further and how to feed them.

Do not buy a watermelon that has been sliced ​​unless you are sure that it is clean and that you are sure it is fresh and without preservatives.

Buy a scoop full and healthy watermelon, wash and rinse the dust, wash your table knives and cutting boards.

Cut the watermelon halves vertically, remove the seeds where you cut them, and return the balls to your refrigerator.

Fill the watermelon rind or cut it with the rind from the watermelon flesh and then reduce it to cubic dimensions for your Frenchman to easily consume.

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Ways To Feed French Bulldogs With Watermelons

There are several ways to feed your Frenchie watermelons that are safe and of good quality, and at your own pace are as follows:

For your Frenchie pup, you can use a blender to make a watermelon puree, which will make it easier for you to avoid unnecessary choking for your pup or even an adult.

Second, you can also cut the watermelon into small pieces and use it as a treat or treat during your Frenchie practice and training.

Third, you can also cut the watermelon into very small sizes and give it to your Frenchie before or after a workout to keep them hydrated.

You can also cut the watermelon into very small sizes to avoid suffocation and then mix it with your Frenchie diet.

Lastly, you can also mix or combine watermelon with other healthy fruits for a fun smoothie or fruit salad that will keep your Frenchie healthy and happy.

Parts Of Watermelon To Avoid

Under no circumstances should you give watermelon seeds or watermelon rind (watermelon bark) to your dog, as they both contain high molecular weight structures that can be difficult for your dog to digest and, as such, can cause unnecessary health problems.

Since they are indigestible, they can block your puppy’s digestive tract unnecessarily and this will be a bad experience for your French.

Keep in mind that a watermelon seed or two may not make much difference, but ingesting a lot of watermelon seeds can cause a blockage in the digestive tract.

Some adult French Bulldogs may be able to pass semen without much trouble, but younger French bulldogs are particularly at risk of becoming constipated.

How much watermelon is safe for a French Bulldog to eat?

Watermelon contains a large number of vitamins, such as vitamins A, B6, and C. These are great, but only in small amounts like a moisturizer and breakfast conditioner.

Think of it as a delicacy or treat, not a whole food. I do not recommend that any dog ​​ingest more than 10% of their daily calories in the form of snacks or treats, and I consider the watermelon to be a treat or reward food.

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Major Benefits Of Feeding French Bulldogs With Watermelon

Watermelon has many advantages when it comes to the French Bulldogs. Also, remember not to feed your Frenchies skin or seeds.

Here are the general benefits of watermelon for French bulldogs;

Watermelon Supports Healthy Skin And Hair In French Bulldogs

Watermelon contains two very important vitamins, vitamins A and C, which are known to be essential for healthy skin and hair.

Vitamin C helps the French Bulldogs body produce collagen, a protein that keeps French Bulldogs skin plump and your hair healthy.

Vitamin A is also important for skin health as it helps build and repair skin cells.

Without enough vitamin A, your puppy’s skin can look dry and flaky.

While most commercially available dog foods contain vitamins A and C, you should still treat your pup with watermelon.

Watermelon Helps Your French Bulldogs Fight Sunburns

Lycopene protects your French Bulldog from oxidative damage to lipids, proteins, and DNA. Lycopene is found in good quantity in watermelon.

Lycopene is a strong singlet oxygen quencher (reactive oxygen species) and a powerful antioxidant that can help protect cells from damage, suggesting that it may have relatively stronger antioxidant properties than other major plasma carotenoids.

Watermelon Keeps French Bulldogs Hydrated

French bulldogs are prone to heat exhaustion and cannot withstand dehydration. Interestingly, watermelon contains up to 89% water, which will help keep your French Bulldog hydrated.

French Bulldogs love watermelons not because they taste great but because of the water content as it makes them calmer.

Watermelon Relieves Muscle Soreness In French Bulldogs

Watermelon juice has some potential as a recreational drink or post-workout treat for your French Bulldog.

Citrulline may be partly responsible for its effectiveness in relieving muscle pain. That’s why we advise you to give your French watermelon after training.

Watermelon Improves Digestion In French Bulldogs

It’s important to note that watermelon contains a lot of water and a good amount of fiber, both of which can be very important for your French Bulldog’s digestion.

The fiber found in watermelon can increase or increase the volume of your French Bulldog stool, while the water keeps your Frenchie digestive tract efficient.

Watermelon Supports Heart Health In French Bulldogs

Watermelon has several components that are healthy for the heart, including lycopene, citrulline, and citrulline, which are known as amino acids that can increase nitric oxide levels in the body.

Nitric oxide is known to widen blood vessels, which lowers blood pressure.

Watermelon Support Prevention Of Cancer In French Bulldogs

Several compounds in watermelon, including cucurbitacin E and lycopene, have been studied for their potential to prevent cancer.

Watermelon appears to reduce cancer risk by reducing insulin-like growth factor (IGF), a protein involved in cell division.

High levels of IGF have been linked to cancer. Cucurbitacin E, found in watermelon, has been studied for its ability to inhibit tumor growth.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Artificial Watermelon Flavor Products?

There are many products that contain artificial watermelon colors or flavors, and to mention them, you shouldn’t give a French person anything that isn’t homemade watermelon.

A lot of sugary products that contain watermelon or something with a fake watermelon flavor don’t seem like a good idea for your Frenchie.

They are usually full of sugar, chemicals, or other substances that can make your dog sick.

Always remember that too much sugar or chemicals can cause indigestion in the short term and diabetes or obesity in the long term.

Artificial sweeteners like xylitol can even be toxic to dogs, so opt for watermelon that you make yourself.

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