17 Top Border Collie Pros And Cons You Should Know

Border Collie Pros And Cons

The border collie is one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs, let’s discuss some common border collie pros and cons you should know before getting one.

Border collies are a good breed of dog that is not for everyone, so I am making this post to provide an insight on border collies.

Border Collie Pros And Cons

Here are some of the most common border collie pros and cons you should know before getting one:

1. Border collies are highly territorial


As one of the best herding dogs border collies are known to be highly territorial in nature.

Even though they are highly trainable, you might require lots of energy and time to socialize them with other pets.

The border collie loves herding other pets and this can become a problem for first-time owners.

To control their territorial nature, they need early socialization and obedience training.

2. Border collies require lots of daily exercises


Border collies are high-energy dogs that require lots of exercise to stay happy and healthy on a daily basis.

This could be an advantage for those who can keep up with walking their border collies for 50 to 60 minutes daily.

The Border collie is not the typical dog that you can leave at home with full of energy.

When left alone with lots of energy they can wreck your house, so if you are the type that can’t give your dog daily exercise then border collie is not for you.

3. Border collies chase things a lot


Chasing things that move is one of the common behavior issues border collies have.

This might quickly become a problem if you ignore the initial signs of your border collie chasing down things.

Border collies love chasing down things that move maybe because they are herding dogs.

To stop this might require lots of leashes or recall training and good socialization.

Border collies might get into trouble from chasing things, so you should be prepared to deal with it.

4. Border collies are faced with some health issues

Check with your veterinarian to determine whether your border collie’s heart and blood pressure levels are monitored on a regular basis.

Due to its genetic type, the border collie has several unique health risks that you should be aware of before bringing one into your household.

Hip and eye disorders in Border Collies should be investigated. Epilepsy, deafness, and renal atrophy are all common in this breed.

They must have their ears checked on a regular basis to avoid infection, and their teeth must be cleaned on a regular basis.

Here are some common health challenges associated with border collies:

  1. Hip dysplasia
  2. Epilepsy
  3. Collie eye anomaly
  4. Osteochondritis dissecans
  5. Progressive retinal atrophy
  6. Elbow dysplasia
  7. Seizures

5. Border collies are prone to separation anxiety

Border collies are active dogs that require regular mental stimulation activities and exercises, if you are not ready to offer that stay away from this breed.

Separation anxiety is one of the common problems border collies has, this happens when you leave them alone for too long with much energy.

They can bark unnecessarily, scratch furniture, or even become aggressive when you leave them alone for too long.

Border collie separation anxiety is a significant issue for some owners who did not conduct an adequate study before to purchasing a border collie.

6. Border collies do shed

Border Collies are known for having a long double coat that keeps them warm in the winter but sheds more frequently than other breeds.

When it comes to finding the right pet, we’ll always have to deal with shedding, and Border Collies are notorious for losing their fur and leaving it all over the place.

This might be an issue if you have allergy-prone family members, or if you can’t imagine anything worse than dog hair on your furniture.

There are lots of things that cause border collies to shed most of the time, there are also ways to control shedding in border collies.

7. Some border collies nip


Border Collies’ herding instincts cause them to nip at people and other animals if they believe no one is listening to them.

Compulsive gazing can be unsettling at times since it appears as if the dog is guarding something they don’t want you to know about.

Tiny bites on the heels or back paws are a frequent result when small children or other pets fail to listen to the dog.

8. Border collies are not good apartment dogs


Border collies require large space and are not good for people who live in small homes.

Because of their energy levels and active nature you should never get a border collie if you don’t have enough space.

9. Border collies make good watchdogs


Border collies have great hearing and eyesight, making them excellent guard dogs.

Your border collie will bark ceaselessly to alarm you if a stranger enters the house or trespasses.

They’re said to be excellent watchdogs.

With these pups around, you won’t have to worry as much about burglars and crooks breaking in unnoticed.

Border collies are excellent security dogs and excellent watchdogs, barking if a stranger enters the domain.

10. Border collies are good for sports lovers


Are you a sports lovers who love walking, hiking, or running then the border collie is the perfect breed for you.

This breed can work all day long because of their too much energy level, this can be a great advantage for sports lovers.

11. Border collies make great pets for singles


If you’re single, are you looking for a canine companion? If this is the case, border collies are the breed for you.

They’ll show you all the love, attention, and embraces you’ve ever wanted.

Because of their deep attachment to their owners and families, border collies are becoming increasingly popular.

If you live alone and need a dog to keep you company, the border collie is the breed for you.

12. Border collies are affectionate towards their owners


Few dogs, if any, can match a border collie’s loyalty; in fact, border collies sometimes beg their owners for attention.

Cuddles is one of the most common methods for a border collie to express its love for its owners; if a border collie loves you, it will want to be with you at all times.

When Border Collies learn that their owner is leaving to work, they become concerned and begin barking excessively to attract your attention.

This breed understands your distress and desires to help you feel better.

They are affectionate, however, they will express their displeasure with being held quickly.

13. Border collies are easy to groom


Do you want a dog with long fur that won’t take up a lot of your time grooming? Border Collie will be good for you.

Border collies have short or long coats that are easy to maintain and may not require expert grooming.

All you’ll need is a full set of good grooming products and the will to groom your dog yourself.

14. Border collies can get along with other dogs


Border collies were developed to be herding dogs, and this trait has been passed down through generations through selective breeding.

Border collies are one of, if not the best, dog breeds for getting along with other energetic dogs because of their friendly nature.

Border collies like playing, and having a second dog in the house make life much easier for them.

Due to their size, border collies are not suitable for toy dogs, but they are ideal for other energetic canines.

15. Border collies are playful


Border Collies enjoy having a certain amount of time to play, especially playing fetch games with owners.

This is the breed to get if you want a dog that can play fetch with you for hours on end wherever.

They also enjoy playing with frisbees or anything else you can throw that allows them to demonstrate their catching abilities.

Because they are very driven to learn new acts and behaviors as a method to keep active.

Border collies are therefore frequently seen participating in shows, agility trials, and other similar activities.

16. Border collies are smart and intelligent


Border Collies have a high degree of intellect that will surprise you if you have never owned one before.

There is currently no other breed that is as adaptable in terms of learning ability like this one.

It takes some effort to teach dogs how to execute certain acts, but if you offer the right indications, the dog will remember them.

They can learn to do practically everything, which makes them such a wonderful companion.

17. Border collies are quick to learning


Anything that causes the Border Collie to ponder will be welcomed with open arms.

They’ll be delighted to pick up new tricks to show off to your pals.

It is widely acknowledged that no other breed is as adaptable to learning as the Border Collie.

While it may take some time to teach a precise trick, with the appropriate signal, they will remember it flawlessly.

These canines are fantastic companion dogs since they can learn practically everything.


If you are lazy then border collies are not for you, on the other hand, if you want a dog that will keep you busy all day then a border collie is definitely the best for you.

If you are always away don’t get a border collie because they need lots of mental stimulation and attention.

I hope this post gave you a clue on border collie pros and cons.